TNA Impact Wrestling Results – January 3, 2013

– The holidays are over so it’s time for a LIVE edition of Impact. Inside the ring is Jeremy Borash. In his hand, an envelope with the winner of TNA’s 2012 wrestler of the year. First, he introduces the five finalists: Bully Ray, James Storm, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy. Borash starts to announce the winner when both Roode and Aries start walking down the ramp. Hardy is named the 2012 Wrestler of the Year and he shakes hands with James Storm and Bully Ray. He passes by Roode and Aries and enters the ring.

Hardy says he’s the World Champion but this means the same amount. Roode cuts him off. He bashes Hardy for saying the votes of the people mean as much as the World Title. Nothing was more important to Roode than the title when he was champ. He didn’t care about “the morons.” Roode goes on until Austin Aries speaks. He says the voting was rigged. He was the longest reigning X Division title and beat Roode, also averaged 4 stars per pay-per-view match. They start arguing when Hardy says he’ll take them both on and makes that match for the next PPV. He wants the heels to think of 2012 as the “Year of the Enigma.”

Roode and Aries stomp on Hardy. Roode holds Hardy down for an attack but Hardy gets out of the way and Aries strikes Roode. Hardy lays Aries out with the Twist of Fate and raises the Wrestler of the Year trophy in the air.

– The backstage interviewer tries speaking to James Storm when Kazarian and Daniels break it up. They berate Storm for having a less than average 2012 and Storm tries too hard to fake laugh. He’s the only person that could ruin the segments of Kaz/Daniels. “I’ll kick you right in your Twitter and punch you in your Facebook.” He spits in Daniels’ appletini and leaves, asking them to decide which of the two fights him later tonight.

– We come back from break with James Storm in the ring with Earl Hebner. Bad Influence is out as Tenay and Taz wonder who’ll fight Storm tonight. Kaz is wearing an awesome KAZAMANIA shirt. Kaz is the choice.

James Storm versus Kazarian

Kaz attacks Storm from behind and chokes him with his shirt. After multiple forearm shots, Storm fights back. Kaz stops him with a knee and sends him over the ropes. Storm skins the cat and avoids a Kaz clotheline. Thesz Press is followed up with punches. Clothesline from Storm. He tosses Kaz to the outside and springboards to the outside on him. He chases Daniels inside the ring allowing Kaz to clothesline him out of nowhere. They brawl on the outside until Kaz gets back in. Daniels gets some cheap shots while Kaz distracts the ref. Pin gets a two.

Kaz wears Storm down with the headlock until Storm breaks out. Kaz takes him out with a hairpull. Storm gets to his knees where Kaz messes with his hair. Storm strikes with the Closing Time. Storm lifts Kaz and pounds him in the face. Russian legsweep from the Cowboy. James Storm climbs the turnbuckle and comes down with an elbow drop for two.

Daniels causes another distraction which allows Kaz to get a dropkick on Storm. Kaz knocks Storm out with the TKO but only gets a two count. Another Closing Time out of nowhere from Storm to Kaz. He gets the fans charged by clapping and sets up for the Last Call. Daniels distracts Storm but Storm gets rid of him. Kazarian tries to leap off the turnbuckle for an attack but Storm kills him with a nice Last Call on the counter for the win.

Winner: James Storm

– The Aces and Eights are with Ken Anderson. They need an answer from him. Anderson says he’s having fun and everyone should chill while he thinks a while longer. The Director of Chaos chimes in and wants to know “what the fuck” it’s going to be because Sting is coming back. He needs an answer. Anderson says they aren’t going to show Sting an ounce of fear and gives Doc the hammer. Devon asks the Prospect for his bat and Prospect doesn’t know where it is.

– We return with Kenny King calling Kid Kash a legend. Kenny King says there’s an X Division tournament and calls it “the Kenny King showcase.” This week will be Kash versus Christian York and next week will be King versus Zema Ion.

– A return package for Sting plays.

– The Aces and Eights music plays and the Director of Chaos is out alone. Professor Chaos takes a mic from So Cal Val and shows off his hammer. He taunts Sting by asking where he is. He wants the Stinger to join the party. It’s 1.3.13 and Sting has been telling everyone Doc is a marked man. Chaos says he doesn’t feel that way but still wants Sting out. “Stiiiiiiiiinger.” Doc’s smile disappears as he looks at his hammer. He gets angry and calls this bullshit. Sting is wasting everyone’s time.

A baseball bat falls from the rafters and Doc snaps further. We get sent to a commercial with Doc saying “come on Sting,” over and over.

– We’re back with an interviewer and Brooke Hogan. Hulk and Brooke haven’t spoken since last week’s show.

– A graphic for King/Ion appears on screen. I guess the Doc stuff is being postponed because we get a shot back inside the ring with Kid Kash already inside.

Kid Kash vs. Christian York

Kash clothesline Christian to the mat. He chops but York fires back with a clothesline and a dropkick. Kash retreats to the outside where he pulls York out with him. He chops York and returns inside. He springboards to the outside with a hurricanrana. More chops from Kash happen before he sends York back in. Kash tries to springboard inside but York counters with a dropkick. Kash sends York on the apron where he gets enziguri’d. York sends Kash into the ropes but Kash holds on. York lands a big boot. Nice half-nelson suplex. York tries a suplex but Kash reverses and lands one of his own. Kash clubs York across the face.

Kash sets York up and climbs the turnbuckle. He comes down with a moonsault but falls on York’s knees. York gets a low kick. More kicks from York to Kash. Roundkick takes Kash to the mat where York goes for the pin. Two count. Kash quickly strikes with a jawbreaker. York blocks a strike and puts Kash on his knees. He lands a flatliner and pins. Two count.

Kash gets a roll up out of nowhere. Two count. He avoids a York attack and lands a kick. Kash tries the backslide but York rolls through and gets the Moodswing neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Christian York

– My 2012 Worst Wrestler of the Year (not that anyone cares) Chavo Guerrero is on the screen. He says he’s not afraid of anyone. Him and Hernandez are dominant. Hernandez whistles as Chavo says Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan aren’t even on their radar.

– Christy Hemme appears to be wearing sun-glasses inside the ring. During Hernandez’s entrance, Taz and Tenay bring up the history between Matt Morgan and Hernandez. It’s Morgan’s time to enter and he’s out with an arm sling. He says he won’t be 100% until Genesis. He volunteers Joey Ryan to take his place tonight. Ryan oils up and rolls inside.

Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan

Super Mex boots Ryan on an Irish Whip. He sends Ryan down with a body slam. Over the shoulder backbreaker from Hernandez. Hernandez tries to follow up when Morgan grabs his leg. Ryan misses a clothesline and gets tossed across the ring with a big shoulderblock. Matt Morgan comes in and gets a discuss clothesline to cause the DQ.

Winner: Hernandez (by DQ)

– Chavo Guerrero tries to do something but he gets a Carbon Footprint to the face. Tenay says Morgan is trying to impress Hulk Hogan as Joey Ryan talks trash above the bodies of the tag team champions.

– Hulk Hogan is on his way to the ring and is scheduled up after the break.

– Kurt Angle is having a pregame speech with megaprospectlegendsuperstars Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff. They want to be by the cage tonight but Joe gets pissed off. Angle tells them to lay low and watch the show. Angle’s New Year Resolution is to unmask every member of the Aces and Eights. Joe is with him.

– Mickie James and Tessmacher versus Tara and Gail Kim is announced for later tonight.

– Video package for the Bully Ray-Brooke Hogan love angle plays.

– Hogan wants to cut the crap and get down to business. He calls both Bully and Brooke out, brother. The pair come out together with Brooke initially placing her arm around Ray’s in a caring way. Hulk says Bully has been claiming respect for months. The Hulkster has seen Ray talking about the old school, jack, and trying to help the new dudes but something just didn’t seem right. “What’s the truth, brother.” Hogan says there is a code of ethics and Ray owed it to him to tell him what was going on. Now that the Hulkster knows what’s going on, he wants to know why.

Rays says Hulk Hogan is right. They are brothers and he should have told Hogan about Brooke. “The heat is on me.” Hulk says he’s been telling everyone Ray is no good and doesn’t belong in this business. This isn’t about Brooke, it’s about Hogan and Ray. If this were 20 years ago, and it was a title belt, they would’ve been to war, brother. Hogan says since Ray broke the code and brings up lawyers and whatnot. He then suspends Ray for being in a consensual relationship with a woman above age. He then berates Brooke and tells her to “get the hell out of [his] ring.”

This is really bad. Ray asks if the Hulkster is serious. Ray grabs Brooke by the arm and they leave the ring together. The Hulkster’s music plays to end the segment.

– In much better news, we’re back in Louisville, Kentucky with Joseph Park training. Danny Davis puts over Park’s dedication. Park says he’s watched taped and talks about Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Abyss. Park does a sweet arm drag as he talks about his potential. Davis says there is something there.

Park barges in to Davis’ office and the two share some kind words. Davis says Park has impressed him and he feels good about Park’s prospects. They shake hands and the big man leaves the room.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher

Tessmacher and Kim kick us off. Kim sends Tessmacher into the corner. Tessmacher leaps on the turnbuckle and strikes Kim. A monkeyflip sends Kim across the ring. Tara distracts Tessmacher with a cheap shot and is tagged in. Tara wipes Tessmacher’s face across the top rope. She chops Tara in the chest and whips her. Mickie James tags herself in as Tessmacher takes Tara down with a snapmare takedown. James kicks Tara and dropkicks Gail Kim out of the ring. Tara and Kim argue outside. James grabs Kim and Tessmacher grabs Tara and they send the two heels into each other. The heels are rolled back inside the ring but double team Mickie. Tara covers and gets two. Tara applies a headlock as we get sent to a break.

Mickie James avoids a splash from Tara and clotheslines Kim to the canvas. She tries to tag in Tessmacher but Tara gets the leg. She’s successful anyways. Tessmacher’s forearm collides with Tara’s face multiple times. She places Tara in a sitting position and sets up for the Stinkface. Jesse Godderz pulls Tara out of the ring. Gail Kim lands a shot to the back of Tessmacher’s head. Tara comes back inside and chokes Tessmacher. She sends Tessmacher across the ring by her hair. Mickie James still hasn’t made it to her feet. Tara with the backbreaker. She covers. Two count.

Gail Kim is tagged in and comes in with multiple boot strikes to the abdomen. She taunts Mickie James into the ring causing a distraction. This allows the two to double team Tessmacher. Gail Kim sends Tessmacher from a fireman’s carry hold into her knee. Two count. Kim connects with a forearm and admires her work. The pin gets another two count. Tessmacher is whipped to the corner and Kim charges with a lot of speed. Tessmacher gets out of the way and Gail Kim is sent to the outside. Tessmacher slowly crawls to Mickie James but James is attacked from behind by Kim. Kim smashes Tessmacher’s face against the turnbuckle. She tags in Tara who comes in with a flip leg drop from the apron. Two count.

Tara snaps Tessmacher’s head into the mat. She lays her out with a body slam and tries the standing moonsault. Tessmacher gets her knees up and begins crawling towards James. Tara cuts her off but Tessmacher strikes with a hair pull slam. Both women crawl for their partners and bring them in. James with the Thesz Press punching combo. She dropkicks Tara to the outside and elbows Kim. She sends Kim to the mat with a rope aided headscissors takedown. Big neckbreaker is broken up by Tara. Tessmacher spears Tara and slams her head into the mat. Jesse guides Tara away from the action as Kim and James recover inside. Tessmacher flies with a crossbody onto the champ and Jesse. Kim once again misses a shoulder block into the turnbuckle. Mickie connects with a boot to the midsection and spikes Kim with the Mickie-DT for the win.

Winners: Miss Tessmacher and Mickie James

– Doc is in the back preaching anonymity to the Aces and Eights. The VP says the masked members need to guard their masks with their lives.

– ODB is in the back with her thoughts on the Aces and Eights. She says Sting will take care of them and gives us an update on Eric Young. She says he’ll be back someday.

– Austin Aries and Bobby Roode want some of Hulk Hogan’s time. They don’t want a triple threat but the Hulkster says it’s official and it’ll be under elimination rules. Next week, Roode and Aries will team up against Jeff Hardy and his choice of partner.

The Aces and Eights versus Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

The Director of Chaos cuts Angle from entering the ring by striking him from behind. He locks Joe in the cage with Devon and the Prospect. The bell rings as Doc slams Angle’s face against the steel steps. Joe fights both Aces and Eights off and sends the Prospect into the corner. He avoids a Devon splash which causes Devon to collide with Prospect. Joe enizguris Devon to the mat and tries to open the lock. The refs stop him for some reason. Joe goes back to the A&8s. Joe dodges a Prospect clothesline and Prospect strikes Devon. Joe attacks Prospect with a high knee and chokes him with his boot. He tries the face wash but Devon cuts him off with a forearm.

Devon and Prospect double team Joe with punches. Joe finally succumbs to the numbers game and falls to the mat. He tries to fight back with elbows and forearms but Devon gauges the eye. Prospect gets a big boot in the corner and the two watch Joe fall in the corner. Joe slaps Devon but Prospect comes in with blows to the head. Devon boots the door which Angle was trying to open while Prospect lands a chop to Joe. Devon connects with a headbutt that sends us to a commercial break.

We are back with Joe trading blows to the face of the Aces and Eights. Joe elbows a Devon clothesline off. He climbs the turnbuckle and strikes with a kick. Prospect tries to account but Joe sends him across the ring with a suplex. Kurt Angle begins climbing the cage when the Director of Chaos stops him. Kurt hits the ankle and grabs the key. He opens the lock and enters the fray. Clotheslines for Prospect and Devon. Devon reverses a whip but Angle strikes with a forearm. Angle elbows Prospect and goes up top. He flies off with a missile dropkick. Angle works over the mask when the Director of Chaos distracts him. Doc slams the door against Angle’s face and Joe chases him off. Prospect and Devon attack Joe from behind. They double team whip him into the corner. Prospect connects with a big splash. Angle is cut open badly across the forehead. Devon lands a big splash on Angle. The Prospect easily takes Angle out with a sideslam. Devon goes up top and comes down with a headbutt. Angle rolls out of the way. Joe takes Prospect out with a double leg dropkick.

Kurt Angle is really bleeding badly. Angle gets the Triple German combo to Devon as Prospect and Joe recover in corners. Prospect tries a punch but Angle ducks and gets one German on the big man. Joe slams Devon’s face against the steel. Angle does the same. Angle measures Prospect and Joe gets him with an atomic drop. Angle lands the Angle Slam and the win.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

Angle tries to unmask but Devon stops him. Doc comes in and attacks Joe from behind. More members of the Aces and Eights rush inside the cage. Fans are chanting Sting as we see Ken Anderson staring from outside. The gang beat up Angle and Joe until they chase off a referee. Sting slowly walks to the ring with a baseball bat and begins cleaning house. The Aces and Eights begin retreating and eventually, only one remains inside. Joe, Angle and Sting surround the member and Sting attacks him with his bat. It’s unmasking time. Angle takes the mask off and it’s the artist formerly known as Mike Knox. The show ends with the Stinger’s music playing and the A&8s hurrying out of the Impact Zone.

  • sunil kumar bhargava

    Tna impact wrestling is becoming more interesting week by week, as aces & rights are becoming weaker and weaker. Thanks to sting efforts by convincing such to nominate Hogan as general manager.