TNA Impact Wrestling Results – January 31, 2013

– We are in Manchester, England for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Todd Keneley reminds us tonight is Open Fight Night and the first one to ever take place in the U.K. Dixie Carter promises a major announcement and Kurt Angle faces off with Mr. Anderson in a cage.

But first, Bad Influence, in kilts and face paint, are out to start the show. Tonight’s Throwback Thursday in the minds of Kazarian and Daniels and they want to throw it back to the 13th Century. They pay homage to “the real warriors of the UK, the Scots.” The crowd is displeased. Kaz says Daniels should be TNA World Champion and introduces him as a “King Christopher Daniels.”

Daniels is handed the mic and is upset with Jeff Hardy keeping the belt. He claims Jeff Hardy’s face paint was poisonous and blames that on his loss. The only reason he’s even alive is because Frankie Kazarian saved him. Daniels says it won’t be his last chance to be champion and he promises to bring the title when TNA is in the U.K. again.

Daniels and Kazarian go on for a while when Magnus returns. Fans chant Magnus’ name as he soaks in their admiration. He finally speaks and says Daniels isn’t the champion because Hardy beat him fair. Magnus calls the pair “disrespectful muppets” which gets the fans chanting that for a bit. Magnus volunteers to fight Daniels tonight. Daniels shoves Magnus, Magnus punches Kazarain. Bad Influence double team Magnus until he’s able to throw Kaz out of the ring. Magnus lands a big boot on Daniels and clotheslines him to the outside as well.

Magnus grabs the microphone to address the Aces and Eights. Tonight is Open Fight Night and Magnus wants Devon one on one.

Magnus vs. Devon

We return from break as the referee rings the bell. Magnus connects with a clothesline after pounding him over the head. Devon is sent to the outside after ducking a clothesline where Magnus joins him. Magnus slams Devon’s head against the guard rail. He repeats the gesture on another side. He does it once more before slapping Devon. Magnus finally rolls Devon back inside. Devon kicks the ropes while Magnus is entering, causing the big man to fall to the mat. Devon’s arm collides with Magnus’ chest with a clothesline. Devon then chokes Magnus with the middle rope.

Magnus fires back with some punches to the face but Devon rakes the eyes. He takes Magnus down with a snap mare and lands a leg drop. He taunts Hulk Hogan by doing his ear cup pose, brother. Magnus is up and hits some punches but Devon takes him out with a rolling elbow. Devon corners and chokes his opponent. Another snap mare take down, this time Devon applies a shoulder claw after.

Magnus is up to his feet and punches his way off. He runs the ropes for momentum but is stopped by a Devon clothesline. The TV Champion body slams Magnus and climbs the turnbuckle. Devon comes down with a headbutt but Magnus rolls out of the way. Magnus connects with multiple clotheslines. Devon avoids a shot but Magnus comes back with a knee to the face. Devon is knocked down by a lariat and he begins clapping the fans behind him. Driving sit down slam takes Devon out when the Aces and Eights come in for the DQ.

Winner: Magnus (DQ)

– Magnus throws Mike Knox and Doc out of the ring and avoids any real damage. He leaves the ring with the approval of his home country fans.

– A video package highlights the Impact Wrestling debut of Joseph Park.

– We’re back from break with Bully, Brooke and Sting. Bully has been trying to contact Hulk but the Hulkster hasn’t replied. Sting says Hulk told him he’ll be there. Bully uses Brooke’s phone to text Hulkster

– But who gives a crap, Joseph Park is in the center of the ring and the fans are cheering. Joe says he’s scouted hours of video and made copious notes on his opponents. It’s been a tough decision. Robbie E’s music hits and Park is upset. “I didn’t pick him.”

Robbie E wants to know if this is a joke. He says the last thing Joseph Park is “is a wrestler, bro.” He then calls him a hamster, like everyone else in the United Kingdom. Robbie E tries to run down the UK some more when he gets a nasty state from his partner, Robbie T. E then apologizes and says everyone in the UK EXCEPT T is a hamster.

Joe Park shows Robbie E his notes. E rubs them against his rear end and smells it for some reason. He says tonight is Open Bro Night and Park should fight him, bro. Park agrees.

Joseph Park vs. Robbie E

Robbie E avoids a grapple and teases Park. He lands a kick and tries an irish whip. Park stands his ground and sends E into the ropes. Robbie E tries a crossbody but he merely bounces off Joseph Park. E attacks Park in the midsection and boots the downed lawyer. Robbie uses the ropes for momentum but he gets hip tosses. He’s arm dragged on his second attempt. Park lands a body slam. He goes for a splash but E gets out of the way. Robbie begins kicking Joe Park on the mat. He drops down and attacks the head. Robbie goes up top as Park gets to his feet. E connects with a second rope clothesline. E goes up against and lands a fist drop. The pin gets two.

Robbie E measures Joseph Park as the big man gets up. Park avoids a corner strikes and being to Park up. He lands a shoulder block. Another one. A clothesline. He Parks up some more, brother. He misses a corner splash but catches Robbie E and lands a belly to belly suplex. Park is surprised at his strength. The big man climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air. He comes down with a big splash that gets him the W.

Winner: Joseph Park

– Todd Keneley tries to ruin everything by saying “court is dismissed” but fails as Joseph Park is elated inside the ring. Park goes to the outside and high fives everyone in the front row. Awesome.

– Hulk Hogan is in the house.

– But it doesn’t really matter because Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are in the ring. Aries says the two of them are the most valuable members of the roster and they keep on being robbed. One by one, they vow to collect all the gold. He says he’s going to get the Knockout Championship, then they’ll go to the TV title and so on and so forth. They decided to set their eyes on the easiest title to obtain and that is the Tag Team titles. Roode chimes in and calls Chavo and Hernandez a pair of wankers. This brings out the champs.

Chavo is mad because of what Aries and Roode said. He says Aries and Roode have to be a tag team to get a shot. Aries brings up that Hernandez was beat by Roode (with a bulldog). Chavo brings up that tonight is Open Fight Night and challenges one of them. Aries decides to take on the challenge.

Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero

Aries knees Chavo but he fires back with a back body drop. Aries lifts Chavo over his head and drops him on the top rope. He goes to the apron and comes in with a springboard senton. Chavo gets the knees up and returns the favor with a springboard strike of his own, this one successful. Chavo connects with an uppercut and chokes Aries with his boot in the corner as we get sent to a commercial break.

We’re back with Aries rolling out of the ring. Chavo connects with a baseball slide that sends Aries into Roode. Guerrero then springboards out of the ring and onto Roode. Meanwhile, Aries returned inside and he comes flying out onto Chavo with a suicide dive. Aries elbows Chavo against the head and covers. Two count. He slams Guerrero’s face against the top turnbuckle and chops him. He chokes Chavo with his boot in the corner as Roode cheers Aries on. Snap mare take down from Aries is followed up by a big back elbow from the top rope. Another cover, another two count.

Chavo is pounded in the abdomen area. Chavo fires back with multiple strikes of his own. He tries something but Aries stops it with a knee. A big kick by Aries is followed up by a pin that gets a one count. Aries lifts Chavo and boxes his ears. Chavo throws some punches but Aries takes him down by his head and applies a chinlock on the mat. Fans are clearly behind Aries. Aries sends Chavo over his head with a backdrop and covers, two count.

Aries stomps on Chavo’s head and climbs the turnbuckle. He taunts Chavo and comes down with a big frog splash that looks nicer than anything Chavo has done. Chavo rolls out of the way and he connects with multiple shots to the head. Chavo knocks Aries down with a dropkick and beats him in the corner with punches. Chavo sends Aries flying with a back drop. Aries gets out of the Three Amigos but Hernandez fires back with a big attack. He covers and gets a two.

Chavo goes back to the Three Amigos and gets all three. Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle and connects with the frogsplash. Roode comes in to disrupt the referee. Hernandez tries to chase him off but further distracts the ref. Aries attacks Chavo with a big dropkick. Brainbuster gets the win for Aries.

Winner: Austin Aries

– Bully Ray is in the back and upset because Hulk Hogan hasn’t replied to his text. Brooke tells him the Hulkster is here and the pair walk to the ring.

– Kurt Angle is preparing for his cage match with Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff. Joe says Angle and Anderson will be one on one. Garrett and Wes tell Kurt they have his back and Joe puts them in their place. He promises to handle it. Brisco wants to know what his deal is. Angle asks the pair of future legends to take a break and he returns to his prematch preparation.

– A really long video package highlighting the Brooke/Bully/Hulk saga plays. That’s followed up by two-thirds of that pair, Brooke and Bully, coming out in front of the fans. Bully Ray says his love for Brooke got him suspended. They’re family now and they have a common enemy in the Aces and Eights so Bully needs Hulk. Bully believes Sting can help Hulk Hogan lift the suspension and he gets everyone to chant Sting’s name.

This brings out Sting. Sting says he’s happy to be in the UK but he doesn’t believe he has the power to bring Hogan out to lift the suspension. He says the only people who can get Hogan out are the people and encourages everyone to get a chant going for Hulk Hogan. They chant for 30 seconds or so when the Hulkster finally decides to join the party.

Sting says they have a warzone going on and TNA needs Hulk to make things right with Bully Ray. Hulk says there’s no doubt about it, Stingmon. There’s a way going on. He says he’s always done the right thing and brings up how he did the right thing during Brooke’s wedding. Hogan says that when his family is on the line, brother, he always does the right thing, brother. He reinstates Bully Ray.

He says he goes crazy when he confuses business and family and he’s a little bit confused right now. Because of this, he’s going to do the right thing for business and makes a match between two members of the Aces and Eights and the team of Sting and Bully Ray. He also announces that it’s a tables match. Bully and Hulk shake hands to end the segment.

– Velvet Sky is on her way to the ring but Dixie Carter’s major announcement is next.

– Dixie Carter is on the screen with a pretaped announcement. Beginning in March, Impact Wrestling is going to go on the road.

– Velvet Sky is upset she isn’t the Knockouts Champion and calls out the two people responsible for that, Jesse and Tara. The pair come out, assuming it’s a handicap match when they finally arrive. Sky says she has a partner and introduces James Storm.

Velvet Sky and James Storm vs. Tara and Jesse

Jesse and Storm kick the match off. Godderz shoves Storm but Storm shoves him back. He lands multiple blows to Jesse’s face and takes him out with a shoulder block. He hip tosses Jesse across the ring and whips him into the corner. Jesse tries to counter but Storm catches him and drops him on the top rope. Godderz is taken out by Storm but Tara distracts the Cowboy. This allows Jesse to attack from behind. Jesse corners Storm and attacks him with kicks. He goes for a cover, gets a one count.

Jesse works over Storm’s elbow as Keneley and Taz argue. Jesse snapmares Storm to the mat and connects with a legdrop. The cover gets two. He tries another cover, gets another two count. Jesse tries to send Storm over his head but the Cowboy escapes and lands closing time.

The women are tagged in and Velvet connects with multiple clotheslines. She spins Tara with a headscissors takedown and lands a russian legsweep for a two count. Tara knees Sky and sends her into Jesse. She rolls Tara up and gets a two count as Tenay tries to connect Stacy Keibler to Impact Wrestling to the Super Bowl. Jesse tries to interfere in the match but Storm takes him out with Closing Time. Tara argues with Storm but Velvet Sky kicks her. Double underhook facebuster on Tara gets the victory.

Winners: Velvet Sky and James Storm

– I have no idea what Tenay was trying to do with Stacy Keibler.

– Lots of downtown as we get an update on Jeff Hardy (they’ll have more info later), a recap of the Bully/Hulk stuff and an interview where Hulk calls Bully an okay guy. Also, a package highlighting the history between Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson. They had a cage match at Lockdown 2010.

– IN THE BACK, Samoa Joe was taken out. Garrett Bischoff, Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco check on him and ask for assistance.

Ken Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

Anderson quickly attacks Angle when he enters the cage. Wes Brisco is in Angle’s corner. Anderson, in jeans, a vest and shirt, covers and gets a one. He works over Kurt some more in the corner. The ref pulls him off. Anderson tries a suplex but Kurt gets out of it. Angle is knocked down by an Anderson elbow. Pin gets two.

Anderson chokes Angle against the rope as the fans chant “YOU SOLD OUT” to Mr. Anderson. Angle lands a punch but he’s taken down by an Anderson knee. Angle creates separation, climbs the ropes and nails Anderson with a missile dropkick. He follows that up by a barrage of clotheslines. German Suplex by Angle and the straps are down. Anderson escapes the Angle Slam and connects with the Fireman’s Carry rollthrough for a two count.

Anderson guides Angle’s face against the steel. He stomps on Angle before repeating the slam against the cage. Anderson tries the cage strike once more but Angle reverses and sends Anderson into the cage. He lands the Angle slam but only gets two, as we get sent to a commercial break.

We’re back with Angle stomping on Anderson’s arm. Anderson rakes the eye and strikes with a clothesline. Anderson begins climbing the cage for an escape victory but he’s stopped by Angle at the top. Angle brings Anderson back on the top rope and they trade punches. Anderson drops down and crotches Kurt against the top rope. He covers, gets a two count.

Anderson knees Angle in the midsection. He switches to punches to the head. Anderson lifts Angle into the corner and trades off between stomps and punches. He finally settles on choking Angle with his boot, which is broken up by the ref. Anderson begins another ascent up the cage. He’s stopped by Angle who begins pounding the back of Angle’s head. Kurt connects with a huge Angle Slam off the top rope taking both men out. Big TNA chant from the fans.

Angle rolls Anderson over. He gets a two count.

Anderson connects with the Mic Check out of nowhere. He covers and gets a two count of his own. He tries another pin, he gets another two count.

Anderson tries to climb out of the cage a third time but Kurt Angle stops him. He takes Anderson out with a powerbomb but only gets a two. Kurt holds onto the leg and applies the Ankle Lock. Anderson tries to reach the ropes but Angle drops down and holds onto the submission. Anderson taps out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

– Suddenly, a masked member of the Aces and Eights climbs into the ring. Wes Brisco unlocks the door to save Kurt. Angle commands Brisco to lock the door and he corners the Aces and Eights member. The masked man unmasks and it’s GARRETT BISCHOFF. Wes Brisco is stunned as Kurt asks if he knew about it. Angle charges Garrett but he’s stopped from behind by a Wes Brisco chop block. Wes takes off his shirt to reveal an Aces and Eights vest and the pair double team Angle.

Todd Keneley says Kurt Angle was a father figure to Brisco and Bischoff. We get another replay of the turn. Garrett connects with a modified DDT and the pair celebrate over Kurt Angle to end the show.