TNA Impact Wrestling Results – December 6, 2012

– Todd Keneley welcomes us to the last episode of Impact Wrestling before Final Resolution. Out to start the program are the trio of Bobby Roode, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Neither in wrestling gear. Tenay reminds us this trio will square off against the team of AJ Styles, James Storm and Jeff Hardy.

Kaz kicks us off. He calls tonight Throwback Thursday because in the ring is the best part of the most dominant stable in wrestling history: Fortune. This gets a “You Suck” chant from the Cast Members in attendance. Kaz says that’s the past. He lives in the future, a future where the three men in the ring will experience something none of the crowd ever will. Victory.

Kaz hands the mic off to the It Factor. Roode says everyone makes guarantees but his guarantees become reality. He will be World Champion when Final Resolution comes to a close. Roode says he’s made an important investment into the World Heavyweight Championship and Jeff Hardy will find out it pays to be Roode. This incites another “You Suck” chant.

It’s Daniels’ turn and he guarantees his match with AJ will be the last one ever. The winner will be the best man forever and the loser will be AJ Styles. Fans chant “AJ” and Daniels says “that’s right, that guy’s going to lose.” Daniels calls AJ out. Daniels’ request is obliged and AJ is out on his own.

Styles says he knows Daniels better than Daniels knows himself. Daniels is jealous because Styles has earned the right to be the Face of the Franchise. AJ says Daniels couldn’t beat him if it was Daniels’ best day and his worst. Daniels says every time he’s called AJ a loser, AJ knew Daniels was right. Daniels brings up all the losing AJ has done this year. That’s what losers do, says Christopher Daniels. Styles’ worst nightmare is finding out Daniels is better than him and in three days, that nightmare becomes a reality.

AJ says Daniels talks too much and he takes him down. He starts punching him when the numbers game takes over. James Storm and Jeff Hardy make the save and the bad guys leave the ring.

– Keneley, Taz and Tenay break down Austin Aries’ foray into the love life of Brooke Hogan. A replay of last week’s show-ender plays. Tenay says Aries is angry because Bully Ray’s interference costed him the X Division title.

Aries is in the back now. He says revealing the Bully-Brooke stuff wasn’t about either of them, it was about Hulk Hogan. Aries’ plan was to win the X Division title, hold on to it until Destination X and become World Champion again. Aries is mad and he wants Bully Ray at the pay-per-view.

– Samoa Joe is making his ring. Keneley lets us know Joe’s match with Devon is up after the commercial break.

We’re back with Devon making his entrance from the Secret Yet Visible Aces and Eights Entrance. Todd reminds us Devon never actually lost his title.

TNA Television Title: Devon vs. Samoa Joe©

Joe takes Devon into the corner. Devon shoves him off and the two circle the ring. Another grapple results in Joe in the corner. Joe blocks a punch and pounds Devon. Cheapshot gives Devon the momentum but Joe reverses a whip into the corner. He nails his back attack-enziguri combo. Forearm takes Devon down. Big knee to Devon’s neck. Joe tries something but Devon ducks and holds the ropes sending Joe crashing to the outside. Devon joins him and slams Joe’s face into the steel steps. The two men return inside the ring where Devon attempts a pin that gets a two.

Joe shakes his challenger off and gets some jabs in. He rushes off the ropes for momentum but Devon catches him with a rolling elbow for another two count. Big splash in the corner brings Joe to the mat. Devon lands a splash that gets two. He goes up top for a headbutt but Joe rolls out of the way. Challenger and Champion trade blows until Joe dodges multiple punches. They trade some more until Joe gets an inverted atomic drop. A big boot is followed up by a Senton. Two count.

Devon staggers to the corner where Joe misses an attack. Devon tries to take advantage but Joe is there with the ST-Joe. Joe latches on the Coquina Clutch when a random female jumps on the apron. Hebner is distracted allowing the Director of Chaos to nail Joe in the back with a hammer. Devon takes the pin and wins the belt.

Winner and NEW Television Champion: Devon

The blonde that distracted Hebner is joined by more girls. The girls, Doc and Devon embrace outside the ring with their newly acquired gold.

– Brooke Hogan is walking backstage. She says she’s happy some contracts got done. “Let me know when you get here,” she says, indicating someone is debuting tonight.

– D Lo Brown and Al Snow are backstage. Snow says he couldn’t remember last week and saw a doctor. He remembers showing up to the Impact Zone but nothing else until he woke up Friday morning in a hospital. D Lo says they’ll get to the bottom of this.

– Mickie James is out to cut a promo. Tenay and Keneley marvel at her success since returning from injury. James says she feels great to be back as the fans chant “Welcome Back.” James says she wasn’t satisfied with her life. She made a pact and that pact will come to its conclusion when she dethrones Tara and becomes new Knockouts champion.

Tara and her boytoy Jesse Godderz are out to interrupt. The ladies trade barbs as Tara walks to the ring. Tara says she’s had an amazing year while Mickie’s year has been nothing. She brings up her KO title win, her relationship with Jesse and the destruction of Miss Tessmacher. The ladies start insulting when former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky makes her return.

Sky takes Tara’s mic away and says she missed everyone. She thanks Brooke Hogan for letting her back onto the Impact Wrestling ship. Velvet wishes both James and Tara luck but gives both of them warning of her intentions on winning the Knockouts Title in 2013.

– Robbie E is in the back angry at his iPad. He’s trying to pay his car insurance and it’s not working. Robbie T says it’s easy and does it. That was awful.

– A video package for something that’s going to debut on January 3rd plays. I’d have more details but that Direct Auto ad was pretty bad.

– We’re back with the Robbies in the ring. Keneley laughs at E’s problems with his iPad.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

E and Chavo kick us off. Chavo goes behind, snapmare takes E down. Chavo kicks the back. E is lifted but brought back down with a back suplex. Guerrero tags Hernandez in. They double team whip E into the ropes. Hernandez catches him with a bearhug. He releases it with a Belly to Belly suplex. Chavo is tagged in. Hernandez slams him to the mat and Guerrero gets an attack. E gets some punches but Chavo fires back with a forearm. Robbie T distracts Chavo and the two corner Guerrero. T tagged in and he pounds Guerrero to the mat. Scoop slam. Robbie T holds Chavo and tags in E. Sidewalk slam from T is followed up by a flying forearm from E. Chavo kicks out after two.

Robbie E wastes no time and applies a rear chin lock. Guerrero elbows out but Robbie nails him. Robbie E tries something but Chavo counters into a release Northern Lights Suplex. Hernandez is tagged in and comes flying in with a shoulder block. He takes Robbie E out with a big forearm. Backbreaker gets a two when Robbie T breaks the pin. Robbie T tries a powerbomb but Guerrero connects with a dropkick to the head. Hernandez clotheslines T out of the ring and sends E face first into the turnbuckle. Hernandez lands the pounce and tags in Chavo. Guerrero nails the frogsplash for the victory.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

– The celebration is ended early when Joey Ryan comes out. He distracts Chavo and Hernandez while Matt Morgan comes from behind with a clothesline that takes both men out. Ryan says “when you’re dealing with the Big Morgan and the Big Organ, size matters.” He raises the tag team title belt in the air ending the segment.

– The Aces and Eights clubhouse has music that sounds like their theme song for some reason. Devon and Doc are celebrating with the women that brought the TV title to the Aces and Eights. Devon says they need to throw a dart when the VP says they already have a hit for tonight. He pulls out an envelope with money and says that was dropped off with a set of instructions. After the break, Kurt Angle versus the Director of Chaos.

– A replay of Wes Brisco’s Gutcheck ceremony greet us back from commercial. That leads us to Kurt Angle’s lockerroom. Brisco, Angle and the Immortal Garrett Bischoff are celebrating their recent luck. Angle says Doc is dangerous. Garrett and Wes assure Angle they have his back.

– Chavo and Hernandez are back. Guerrero says they won’t beat Ryan and Morgan from behind but up front. Guerrero’s pandering is hilariously cut off by a production miscue. I’ve never been happier to hear Kurt Angle’s music.

The Director of Chaos makes his entrance when we return. Todd Keneley reminds us of the path of destruction Doc has caused.

Kurt Angle vs. The Director of Chaos

Angle attacks the second Doc enters the ring. Doc tries to shove him off but Angle keeps his press on. He chokes Doc with his boot causing the ref to end that. Angle drags Doc to the center of the ring and drops an elbow on his knee. Doc holds on. Angle gets up and drops another elbow. Doc does the same. Angle releases his hold and pounds Doc on the face. He goes back to the knee. Angle measures Doc and connects with a chopblock. He goes back for more when Doc cuts him off with a clothesline. The Director of Chaos lands multiple kicks to the head-chest area of Angle. He comes down on the knee and we get a USA chant.

I wonder where Doc is from.

Doc gets a knee to Angle’s face. He clotheslines Angle out of the ring and follows him. Doc whips Angle into the steel steps. Chaos sends Angle back inside and clubs him over the back. Angle is whipped into the corner but blocks a Doc strike with a boot. Angle goes up top and comes down with a second rope missile dropkick. Angle dodges a punch and counters with a German Suplex. He holds on and gets German #2. He releases on number three and tries the Angle Slam. Doc avoids and takes Angle out with a big boot for a two count.

Angle gets the Ankle Lock out of nowhere. Doc moves him off and tries another clothesline. Angle dodgers and nails the German. He tries to go for three but Doc holds onto the ropes after number two, which I guess negates the damage German One and Two did. Doc gets the lowblow and nails a huuuuuuuge clothesline that gets two. Doc tries a chokeslam but Angle rolls out and into the Ankle Lock. Doc rolls out of that. Angle rushes Doc but runs into a chokeslam. Angle kicks out after two.

Angle gets an elbow up at a Doc charge. The Angle Slam connects and the straps come down. Angle turns Doc over for the Ankle Lock when a masked Aces and Eights member comes in and causes the DQ.

Winner: Kurt Angle (DQ)

– More members of the Aces and Eights are out. Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff rush the ring to chase the bad guys off. Angle says the Aces and Eights like to run in pacts. Joe, Angle, Wes and Garrett challenge any four members of the Aces and Eights to a match at Final Resolution. “You’re Dead,” says Devon.

– We’re in the back with Hulk Hogan. Hogan is on the phone with someone. We learn Joseph Park is on the line. Hogan says he wants to see Park’s work at OVW before anything else happens.

Bully Ray enters the room. He’s angry Hogan let RVD fight Austin Aries. He wants Aries. Hogan laughs, which insults Ray. Hogan says the wrestling universe doesn’t revolve around Bully Ray. Hogan rejects Ray’s request. Bully Ray says by the end of the night, Hogan’s answer will be yes. He is taking over Hogan’s show.

– James Storm and Jeff Hardy are conversing in the back. Storm warns Hardy about Bobby Roode’s intricacies. Storm doesn’t want Hardy to fall into the same trap he did. Now we get inner-monologue from Jeff Hardy’s head. This is the worst thing ever.

– Kenny Kash, Zema Ion and Kid Kash are introduced by Christy Hemme.

Number One Contender’s Match: Kenny King vs. Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion

Kash punches both King and Ion. Ion and King take turns dropkicking Kash until they deliver a double dropkick. King gets a quick pin on Ion that gets one. Ion and King trade counters until King takes Ion out with a neat spin kick. Ion knees King and runs into the ropes for momentum. Kash pulls Ion out of the ring and goes to the apron. King knocks Kash off and taunts. He runs for a suicide dive but Ion cuts him off inside. Two count.

Ion boots King but he’s taken out from behind by Kash. Kash chokes Ion with the ropes and clubs him across the face. King takes Kash out with multiple clotheslines. A scoop slam is followed up by a springboard legdrop that gets two. King is hammered from behind by Zema Ion. Ion delivers a shoulderblock to the cornered King. He twists the arm and whips King to the opposite corner. Ion gets a boot to his face. More counters are traded between Ion and King until King gets a T-Bone suplex. Kash is in and dodgers two King clotheslines. He jumps to the outside where he nails the hurricanrana on Zema Ion. King springboards to the outside with a body attack that takes out Kash. Ion returns to the ring as the ref begins to count everyone out. He comes out with a suicide dive that takes both competitors out.

Ion takes King into the ring and goes up top. King cuts him off and joins Ion on the turnbuckle. Kash nails a powerbomb while King has Ion’s neck. Kash gets the pin. Two count. He holds on and locks on the Boston Crab. King takes Ion out but he’s cut off by Kash. Kash dodges a clothesline and hurricanranas King out of the ring. He takes Ion out and gets a two count. Kash climbs the turnbuckle. Ion throws Kash out of the ring. King comes in and nails the Blockbuster. Royal Flush gets Kenny King the win.

Winner: Kenny King

– Bully Ray is on the phone. He’s mad at Hulk Hogan. Ray says he’s going to the ring and taking over the show.

– Our 1.3.13 promo is back. The road to hell is going to be paved or something.

– Bully Ray is in the ring with a steel chair. He cuts his music off and says he’s not going anywhere until he gets his match with Aries. Ray says he wants to fight Aries and Aries wants to fight him. The people want to see Aries/Ray. Ray sits in the center of the ring when Austin Aries’ music hits.

Aries has his own chair. He reminds Ray he’s already beaten him. He believes Ray is pretending to want to fight Aries because of Brooke Hogan. Ray dares Aries inside the ring. Aries sets his chair on the ramp and sits down. He wants to take over the show.

Enter Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he’s been nothing but business for 30 years. He’s not letting Aries and Ray push him around so he’s not making the match. Hogan says Ray has to leave or he’s either going to fire or kick his ass. Ray kicks the chair out of the ring and stands face to face with Hogan. Aries eggs them on with a “FIGHT, FIGHT FIGHT” chant. Brooke Hogan runs to the ring and Aries narrates her arrival.

Brooke separates the two and asks Hogan to stop. She accidentally calls Bully “Mark” and says he might be right. Hulk is making this too personal. Hogan gets mad she called him Mark and asks Aries if he really wants the match. Hogan says Brooke, Aries and Ray have made this personal and makes the match.

– We return with hype for Final Resolution.

– Bobby Roode, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are out first. Kaz and Daniels are in Zubaz and fannypacks for…reasons. Tenay asks “isn’t it Throwback Thursday?” AJ Styles, James Storm and Jeff Hardy are out after.

Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Bobby Roode vs. James Storm, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy

Storm and Kaz start us off. Kaz shoves Storm. Storm shoves back sending Kaz to the mat. Kaz fires back with a slap but Storm gets one of his own. Thesz Press from Storm. Flying forearm to a cornered Kaz. Storm lands another forearm. Hardy is tagged in and the faces double team Kaz with an elbow. Hardy lands a kick as Styles and Storm trade words on the outside. Kaz tags in Daniels. Daniels whips Hardy who counters into a headscissors. Mule kick from Hardy. Hardy knocks Kaz and Roode off the mat and whips Daniels’ arm. Styles is tagged in but Daniels runs and tags Kaz in.

Kaz reverses a whip but Styles counters into a headscissors. Big right hand from AJ. AJ slams Kaz’s face into the turnbuckle. He chops Kaz’s chest and tags Hardy in. Flying forearm from Styles to Kaz. Poetry in Motion from Hardy and AJ gets a two count sending us to a commercial.

We return with Kaz controlling Hardy’s body. He sends Hardy head first into the heel corner. Hardy tries to crawl away but Kaz drops down and holds him. Hardy forces Kaz to the corner and makes the tag. Styles comes in and Hebner didn’t see the tag. Roode is in now and double teams Hardy with Daniels. Daniels tags Kazarian back in. Kaz whips Hardy into a Daniels elbow. Daniels is tagged back in and comes down with a boot to the chest. Pin gets one.

Roode is tagged in now and he screams at Hardy. Vertical suplex gets a two count after Storm breaks it up. Roode drags Hardy to his corner and brings Daniels in. Daniels kicks the downed Hardy. Daniels whips Hardy into the corner. He knees the Champ multiple times until he takes Hardy down. He lands an elbow drop. Kaz is tagged back in. Daniels lifts Hardy while Kaz comes in with a neckbreaker. That gets a two count.

Kaz distracts the referee as Roode gets a cheapshot on Hardy. Daniels gets two shots. Kaz chokes Hardy with his boot as Roode distracts Hebner. The ref forces Kaz off allowing Roode to nail Hardy on the outside. Kaz tags Roode in. Roode slowly walks around the ring. Hardy tries to crawl again but he’s stopped. Roode applies a rear chin lock. Hardy gets to his feet and elbows Roode. Roode cuts Hardy off with an elbow. Roode kicks the stomach area of Hardy.

Daniels gets the tag and he drains Hardy. Hardy sends Daniels to the corner with a shoulderblock. Hardy tries to get the tag but Daniels holds on. Roode is tagged back in and punches Hardy in the abdomen. Roode measures Hardy and climbs the second turnbuckle. Hardy gets to his feet and Roode comes down. Twist of Fate by Hardy. Kaz and Styles are tagged in. AJ takes on Daniels and Kazarian. He takes Kaz out with a suplex that gets two. Roode comes in but gets Closing Time from Storm. Storm does the same to Daniels. Kaz and Styles are paired off as Daniels whips Storm into the steps on the outside. Roode joins Kaz and whips AJ into the corner. AJ blocks attacks from both men. He tries the reverse DDT but Kaz shows resistance. Styles holds on, grabs Roode and gets an inverted DDT on Kaz and a DDT on Roode.

Daniels makes the save after the pin. He sends AJ on the apron. Apron tries a springboard attack but Daniels cuts him off. Daniels tries something but Styles counters. Storm sends Daniels to the outside and the two stare down. Kaz tries to attack but Hardy gets the Twist of Fate. Hardy covers and gets the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and James Storm

– Storm and Styles trade some words and leave the ring. Hardy holds both his belts in the air when he’s taken out by the Aces and Eights. Devon grabs the World Title and admires it as the rest of the A&8s take shots at the Champ. Storm comes back with a steel chair and the Aces and Eights storm off. Bobby Roode stares from the ramp with a smile. He claps as the Aces and Eights show a thumbs up. Keneley says this was Roode’s investment.