TNA Impact Wrestling Results – June 5, 2014

We start off with a look at last week when MVP’s crew went on another rampage before being taken out by Samoa Joe, who hadn’t been seen since Lockdown. We then go to MVP and company looking for Samoa Joe, and apparently they can’t find him because he’s headed to the ring…not like it’s the most conspicuous place in the building or anything!

Joe says that if MVP wants to see him, he can come out to the ring and see him right now. Kenny King starts running his mouth, but Joe tells MVP that if this is his mouthpiece, he can start by kissing his ass. MVP tells Joe he’s wasting his time, but Joe yells at MVP that he vouched for him, but he came in here and abused his absolute power absolutely. MVP says he booked Joe into the Gauntlet for a shot at the World Title, he did his part, and Joe didn’t do his. Joe says he’s right, and suggests he face MVP and his buddies tonight. MVP says he knows Joe isn’t that stupid, so Austin Aries comes out and says it looks like MVP has his tail tucked between his legs, so MVP has an idea: Joe can face Aries tonight, and if he wins, he gets his full time contract back in TNA, but if Aries loses, he’s done. So both men’s careers are on the line, and MVP wishes both men the best of luck.

Brutus Magnus finds Bram backstage and says he shouldn’t be overconfident when he faces Willow, because he’s not the Jeff Hardy Bram thinks he knows. Magnus says he made Hardy that way when he beat him for the World Title, and Bram says he was proud of Magnus when he did that, but then he got lazy and complacent. He wants to bring that Magnus back out, and if that doesn’t happen, then it’s more opportunity for him. Bram leaves and Magnus looks angry that his BFF pointed out what a wuss he’s turned into.

Bram vs Willow

They go at it right from the moment Willow gets in the ring and Bram handily gets the advantage of that exchange. He knocks Willow to the mat after a hard whip into the corner, but Willow dropkicks Bram into the corner and hits the springboard basement dropkick. They go out to the floor where Bram whips Willow into the ring steps, but Willow recovers and takes Bram out with a clothesline off the apron. Willow now sends Bram crashing into the steps, but Bram nails Willow and tosses him back into the ring and then grabs the crowbar. He goes after Willow, but Magnus runs into the ring and tells him to stop. Gee, I wonder where this is going. Sure enough, Magnus takes the crowbar and nails Willow with it to cause a DQ.

Winner: Willow by DQ

Bram is on cloud nine as Magnus just destroys Willow with the crowbar, and continues beating him mercilessly even after Willow is motionless on the mat.

The Wolves are in MVP’s office with their feet on his table and they say they’re the Wolves and MVP is a sheep in wolves’ clothing. MVP says they should respect him because he got them their TNA contracts, but since everyone knows Davey is a better technical wrestler than Eddie, and Eddie is tougher than Davey, he’s going to make them fight each other tonight and will strip them of the title if they don’t do it. Oh yeah, and the match is up next.

Ken Anderson is backstage dressed as a sheriff cowboy and is carrying around a six pack yelling how he likes beer.

Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards

Kenny King comes out to watch the match as the two former ROH World Champions, who faced off in one of the greatest ROH matches ever at Best In The World 2011, begin what will probably be a three minute match with a stupid finish. They do some basic mat wrestling before going to a Greco Roman knucklelock. They continue with the even Steven wrestling until Davey stops and clutches his ribs. Eddie stops to check on him, but King gets a microphone and tells them that if they don’t fight, he’ll go tell MVP and those titles are going back to the Bromans. Eddie takes Davey down and puts him in a surfboard, Davey reverses to a pinning combination and gets 2. They trade wristlocks and Davey rolls Eddie into a cross armbreaker. Eddie counters out to the Achilles Lock, Davey counters to a small package for 2, and they trade waistlocks until Eddie victory rolls Davey for the win in about three minutes.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Kenny comes down and says no way this match is ending that quickly, and he didn’t see anyone get punched or kicked. He tells them to do what they’re told, and when they don’t do it, he says those belts are going bye bye. The Wolves attack King and give him the Alarm Clock, and King heads for the hills.

MVP runs into Dixie Carter, who doesn’t think MVP has things under control. MVP says he knows what he’s doing better than Dixie, so maybe she can pour herself a glass of Merlot and watch his main event. MVP walks off and Dixie goes “…it’s Cabernet.”

We look back at last week when Brittany tried to make out with Madison and got blown off, then we go to Madison’s locker room where Brittany apologizes and says she’s there for her tonight if she needs her. Madison says she wants Brittany to do nothing tonight and walks off on the disappointed looking Brittany.

The Bromans are backstage and Robbie E freaks out over the Menagerie because he had a bad experience with a clown at this third grade birthday party. Hmmm, I have a feeling we may not see him for a few months.

MVP finds Brian Hebner backstage and says he wants a clear cut winner tonight, no DQs, no countouts, he wants a clear winner by pinfall or submission.

Samoa Joe says MVP kept putting him in stupid matches for a shot at the title and refused to give him a clean, one-on-one match like he wanted, but now he knows what MVP’s about, and that’s why he went home. Austin Aries walks in and says he and Joe are a lot alike, except he saw MVP for what he really was right off the bat, and he got sent home for calling him out. They both got punished, and tonight, one of them is going home for good, and for as much respect as he has for Joe, he has to do what it takes to keep his job. Joe says not to worry, because he will too.

The Bromans come out to face the Menagerie, and Jessie and DJ Z have to talk Robbie E out of another breakdown. The Menagerie comes out and Knux says that they’re a lot alike, except they have Rebel. They go back and forth with BS I won’t bother to recap, then the Freak picks DJ Z up off the DJ podium and presses him above his head while Knux and everyone lay Jessie and Robbie out and dump them to the floor. The Freak drops DJ Z on top of them to bring this ridiculous segment to an end.

Eric Young and Bully Ray are outside the building trying to talk Brian into being a fair ref tonight, and Brian says he has a family and needs to put food on their table and he’ll do his best, but he has to do what he has to do. He walks off, and Bubba says that in that case, they’ll do what they have to do too.

We check back in with Gunner and Sam Shaw at the psych ward, and this week they’re playing Go Fish. Absolutely riveting television.

Contract vs Contract: Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries

This battle between two former ROH World Champions, who had one of the most legendary matches in ROH history at Final Battle 2004, will probably get five minutes and have a stupid finish. Seriously, if anyone believes for a second that this is either man’s last match in TNA, just find some spackle to close the hole in your head right now. Joe takes Aries down and beats him up in the corner, then quickly tries to put him up for the Muscle Buster. Aries counters to a sunset flip for 2, then they trade shots in the middle of the ring, Aries goes for a roaring elbow, and Joe ducks and gets the Kokina clutch. Aries backs Joe into the corner to break and goes for a brainbuster, but Joe blocks that and gives Aries a gourdbuster. Joe hammers Aries with a big kick and goes for the Muscle Buster again, Aries fights his way out, and drops Joe’s throat across the top rope before hammering him with forearms, punches, and chops. Aries charges Joe, Joe counters to the STJoe, Aries rolls through, rolls Joe to the mat, and gets the Last Chancery. Eric Young runs out and pulls referee Brian Hebner out of the ring, and as they argue, Joe gets out of the hold and gets Aries in the choke. Hebner and Young are still arguing on the floor as Bully Ray comes out, tells Hebner he’s sorry, and knocks him out cold.


Boy, can I call them, or what? Young gets a mic and tells Hebner he’s sorry, but this is about Aries and Joe’s families and jobs. MVP comes out and asks them if they think this is a game and if he won’t fire them, but Bubba says that MVP has a God complex and is ruining this place. Well there’s the understatement of the week. He suggests himself, EY, Aries, and Joe taking on MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, and EC3 in an eight man First Blood match. MVP says this isn’t happening, but the overzealous Kenny King grabs the mic and says he’s on.

Sheriff Ken Anderson is still going around backstage being a drunk sheriff.

Sheriff Ken Anderson comes out to James Storm’s old music and is still doing his drunk sheriff thing and asks if everyone saw Ken Anderson outdrink him and whup his ass in a parking lot last week? James Storm comes out and asks if he thinks this is funny, then says he’s closed for business tonight. Anderson says his bar is open 24/7 and serves 109 different types of ass whipping, then he goes after Storm and they brawl on the floor. They fight around ringside and head into the ring where Storm knocks Anderson out cold with the Last Call. He crouches over Anderson and says that if he wants to be a cowboy, then he can bring his boots to Slammiversary.

Back to the psych ward. Gunner comes in with Shaw’s sketch book and asks his permission to look through his drawings. Shaw says “…okay.”

We come back from commercial as Gunner and Shaw are going through the sketchbook, and they come to a half finished drawing of Gunner. Shaw says he’s not done with that one yet, and Gunner asks him to finish it…for him.

Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

Madison goes right after Angelina and doesn’t let up, taking her down and going for a quick cover for 1. They wind up out on the floor and Angelina works Madison over out there until Brittany comes out to ringside. Gee, I wonder if Brittany’s going to turn on her. Madison gets up and yells at Brittany that she said not to do anything, and she gets back in the ring and gets kicked in the ribs by Angelina. Angelina lets herself get distracted by Brittany and gets caught with a couple of rollups, then Madison boots Angelina in the face a couple of times and does that humping bulldog thing. Velvet sprays her spray thing in Madison’s face right in front of BRittany, who obediently did nothing. Angelina quickly rolls Madison up and gets the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

MVP and his crew find EC3 backstage and tell him not to mess this up for them. EC3 says he’s undefeated, so MVP goes “Oh, that’s right. After you.” EC3 rolls his eyes and walks off.

Madison Rayne finds Brittany backstage and asks her why she didn’t help when she saw Velvet spraying in her eyes, and Brittany smirks and says she did was Madison told her to: she did nothing. Madison gets pissed and smacks the wall.

It’s main event time!

First Blood Match: MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley & Ethan Carter III vs Eric Young, Bully Ray, Austin Aries & Samoa Joe

Aries and King start the match off, and Aries almost immediately gets King in the Last Chancery. EC3 tags in and gets dragged to the babyface corner and worked over. Bully Ray tags in and goes nose to nose with MVP. They trade blows until Bubba puts him on his back with a boot ot the face. MVP comes back with some kneestrikes to the ribs and tags out to King, who is quickly smacked up by Joe. Lashley tags in and goes at Joe as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Joe and EY are working Lashley over until Lashley backdrops EY into next week. MVP tags in, mounts EY, and pummels him with shots before Lashley tags back in to do more of his own. EC3 takes a beating from MVP’s team for a bit until EY tags Joe in so he can clean house on EC3 and snap him over with a powerslam. Lashley comes in and spears Joe, EY missile dropkicks Lashley, and this turns into a CHIKARA match as one guy after another comes in and hits a big spot. EC3 goes for a Stinger Splash on Bubba, but Bubba moves and grabs his chain. He punches EC3 in the face and busts him open for the win.

Winners: Eric Young, Bully Ray, Austin Aries & Samoa Joe

And I bet TNA will still claim EC3 is undefeated since he didn’t get pinned or submit.

Speaking of EC3, we go backstage after the celebration by the babyfaces to find MVP, King, and Lashley beating the crap out of EC3. Dixie comes in and yells at them to stop, and she says that there’s a fine line between business and personal, and MVP just crossed it. MVP says that power has never been seized without some blood spilled, and Dixie says that in that case, he better prepare to bleed.

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    Dixie gonna get her company back lol

  • michael corleone

    I just watched Impact and I was pleased that TNA promoted the Great Muta returning, not to mention the New York Tapings & Slammiversary! Very happy about that. Lets hope they continue doing this on a weekly basis.