TNA Impact Wrestling Results – March 20, 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling – March 20, 2014

Earlier today: Bully Ray apparently had a meeting with Dixie Carter. We’ll find out the details of the meeting later tonight on Impact.

The show opens Eric Young and Abyss fighting backstage. Abyss gets the upper hand. ODB tries to fight Abyss off. She distracts him and Young takes advantage. Abyss again fights back and hits Young with what appears to be a pipe. He chokes Young with it and then continues to beat him. Young fights back as they move to another area backstage. Abyss throws Young into a bunch of chairs. Abyss grabs a chain but Young gets it from him and whips him with it. Young punches Abyss with the chain around his fist as they battle into the arena. They work their way to the ramp and Young continues to whip Abyss with the chain. Abyss fights back with some right hands. Abyss tosses Young and the chain into the ring. Young hits a baseball slide on Abyss. He then hits a suicide dive out of the ring. Young grabs a chair but misses. Abyss tosses Young into the ring steps. Abyss throws Young into the ring again, grabs the chair, and gets in the ring. Abyss sets up the chair in the middle of the ring. Young fights back, hits the ropes, but Abyss plants him face first into the set up chair. Abyss chokes Young with his own shirt in the ring. Abyss grabs the chain and wraps it around Young’s neck. Young bites Abyss to get free. Young hits multiple right hands. Young hits the ropes and charges, but Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam. Abyss grabs the chain again and chokes Young while he’s stuck standing in the ropes. Abyss chokes Young out. ODB comes out to check on Young in the ring. Young comes to, but is hurt.

Ethan Carter III’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he enters the arena to take on EC3. We head to commercial break.

Ethan Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley

The match begins with Carter attacking Lashley, with Lashley getting the upperhand. Lashley takes down Carter and then hits him with a suplex. Lashley held the suplex for awhile. Lashley kicks Carter in the corner. Lashley tosses Carter from the corner to across the ring. Lashley charges Carter, but EC3 rolls to the outside. Lashley follows him, but Carter hits him with a back kick. EC3 has control on the outside and tosses Lashley into the ring. Carter climbs to the top rope, but Lashley throws him off. Carter recovers and takes control of Lashley in the corner. Carter puts Lashley in the corner chest first and punches him. Carter goes to a front face lock. Lashley fights back, but Carter forearms him in the back. Carter hits the ropes and runs into a spinebuster from Bobby. Bobby charges EC3 in the corner with Carter rolling out of the ring. Lashley clotheslines him on the outside. Back in the ring, Lashley hits a corner clothesline and follows it up with ten stomps. Carter is alsmst whipped into the ref and Carter low blows Lashely with his leg so the ref can’t see. Carter bails out of the ring again and starts to walk away. Willow blasts him from behind and then throws him into the ring steps multiple times. Tenay and Tazz build up Willow’s merciless approach. Willow grabs a chair and puts it on EC3’s leg. Willow stomps on the chair and drops an elbow on Carter. Willow climbs a ladder he had set up, but EC3 crawls away and up the ramp.

Winner: Ethan Carter III (By Disqualification)

Earlier today, Bully Ray says that Dixie Carter is “busy” while he waits outside her Nashville office. He says that he’s going to play her game and wait, even though she asked him to come speak with her. In another area backstage, Samoa Joe tells MVP that he’s upset because of what MVP let happen at Lockdown. He says that he’s frustrated that Young is going to the hospital when he’s supposed to be taking care of Abyss during the title match tonight. Joe says he wants the title. MVP says he’ll find someone to be chained to Abyss and that he’ll fix the situation. Joe tells him that every time he tries to fix something, it seems to get worse. Angelina Love is asked about a Beautiful People reunion tonight. She says we’ll all find out tonight. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial where backstage, EC3 is asking Magnus where he was to help him when Willow attacked him. Magnus is mad about EC3’s tone. They argue. EC3 tells Magnus that his family and Magnus’ business relationship is terminated. Magnus says that he’s aware and that he already got what he wanted from the Carters. Magnus tells EC3 to find a seat to watch the championship match. EC3 says good luck and leaves.

In the arena, Gunner makes his way to the ring in street clothes. Gunner tells the crowd that he’s proud of his Lockdown match, his service to his country, and the fans. He says that he was trained to fight for what he wants. He thanks his father, who is sitting in the front row of the audience. He gets out of the ring and tells his dad that he wouldn’t be where he is without his or their family’s support. He says that one day he’ll be world champion. He tells his dad that he loves him and they share an embrace. James Storm’s music hits and he walks toward them, drinking a beer. Storm says that he finds it rude that he brings his dad to the show without introducing them after everything he’s done for Gunner. Storm introduces himself and makes fun of Gunner’s dad for crying in the video package about Gunner. Storm tells Gunner’s dad that his deceased father is probably in heaven thanking God that he’s dead. Gunner attacks James Storm. Storm ends up hitting the Last Call Superkick on Gunner. He picks Gunner up and handcuffs him to the ropes. Storm slaps Gunner and then pulls his dad over the rail hard. Storm grabs Gunner’s dad by the throat and yells at Gunner. Gunner’s dad turns toward Gunner and Storm breaks a beer bottle over the old man’s head.

Backstage, Gail Kim says that she brought in Lei’D Tapa for protection and she cost her the title. Kim says that if Tapa doesn’t beat her tonight, she’s done with her and Tapa is done with Impact Wrestling. We head to commercial break.

Back from break where the BroMans and DJ Z approach Sanada and Tigre Uno. They tell them that they want to be done with the match quickly because they have places to go. Uno says something in Spanish and the three don’t understand. Same happens with Sanada. DJ Z tells the BroMans that they’re saying ridiculously great things about them. They make odd gestures to tell Uno and Sanada that they want to win fast.

Back in the ring, Tapa waits for Kim to enter. Kim’s music hits and she heads to the ring.

Lei’D Tapa vs. Gail Kim

Kim tries to slap Tapa but is caught and thrown around the ring. Tapa grabs Him and headbutts her repeatedly. Kim reveres an irish whip and tries to knock down Tapa with running forearm shots. Tapa catches Kim and slams her. Tapa picks up Kim but she reverses into a choke. Tapa breaks the hold and throws Kim to the mat. Tapa charges Kim in the corner but misses. Kim kicks Tapa and works the leg. Kim hits the ropes, but Tapa lifts Tapa up and drops her. Tapa goes for the cover and only gets two. Kim kicks Tapa’s leg multiple times. Kim keeps control of Tapa. Kim hits the Eat The Feet on Tapa, goes for the pin, and gets the three-count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Backstage, Angelina Love makes her way toward the entrance way. We go to commercial.

Back from break, where MVP is trying to talk Willow into being chained to Abyss. Willow says that he has no interest in playing games. He says he’ll strike when it’s his time.

Angelina Love makes her way to the ring to find out Velvet Sky’s answer about reuniting the Beautiful People. Love grabs a mic and calls out Sky to give her answer. Velvet Sky’s music hits and she heads to the ring. Sky tells Love that this is really hard for her. She tells Love that she was a mentor to her and that Love helped her a lot when she got into wrestling. She says that there were also some bad times where Love seemed to hold her back. Love says that she’s sorry that people looked at her as the leader. She says that one is a very lonely number and they need each other to watch each other’s backs. Sky says that she’s learned that there aren’t many people to trust. Sky says that the Beautiful People are back. They embrace. Love says to hold on. Love says that they’re missing a third piece of the puzzle. She calls for Madison Rayne. Rayne heads out and gets in the ring. Love asks Madison if she wants to be a part of the reunited Beautiful People. Love says Rayne’s name unenthusiastically compared to her’s and Sky’s. Rayne says that she isn’t beneath her. Love tells her that new people need to pay their dues. Rayne says that she doesn’t need to do their dirty work or pay dues. She says that she’s not interested and leaves.

Backstage, Magnus says that he’s not concerned about his title match and that he’s focused. He says that he’s confident in his business partner, Abyss. Joe approaches Magnus and tells him that he’s going to make him tap out tonight. Joe talks trash and the two are separated.

Back in the arena, DJ Z introduces the BroMans. The BroMans make their entrance. Sanada and Tigre Uno make their entrance next. Robbie E tells Sanada and Uno that they need to lay down for them so they can make it a quick match. They don’t lay down and Uno grabs the mic. He says no. Uno and Sanada fight the BroMans out of the ring. The BroMans say they’re leaving. The Wolves’ music hits and they attack the BroMans on the ramp. Uno and Sanada hit baseball slides on the BroMans. We head to commercial break.

World Tag-Team Championship Match: The BroMans (c) vs. The Wolves vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno

Back from the break. The Wolves double team Robbie. Sanada and Uno double team Jessie. The Wolves face off with Sanada and Uno. They trade blows. Uno is bounced and the Wolves hits Sanada with a double team. They strike Sanada but are tripped by Uno when they hit the ropes. Uno hits a splash on both Wolves. Robbie tags himself in through Sanada. Edwards gives him a hip toss. The Wolves double team Robbie. Uno tags himself in through Edwards. Robbie takes control of Uno and tags in Jessie. They double team Uno. Jessie press slams Uno while Robbie tags in. Robbie hits a splash off the rope. Robbie whips Uno but he reverses with a bulldog. Sanada is tagged in and hits a series of moves on Jessie. Sanada goes to the top rope but is distracted by DJ Z. Uno tags in and Sanada jumps onto Z. Uno fights off Davey Richards and then fights off Edwards. Edwards catches him and the Wolves hit a backcracker/powerbomb double team. The Wolves get on the top rope of opposite corners but the BroMans throw them off and out of the ring. Uno is isolated in the ring. The BroMans hit the Bro Down and get the three-count while DJ Z holds onto Sanada’s leg to prevent him from breaking up the pin.

Winners: The BroMans

The BroMans celebrate in the ring with DJ Z. Backstage, Love tells Sky that Rayne was right about the things she said in the ring. She says that she’s not that kind of person anymore. Sky tells Love to go talk to Rayne. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial. We see a vignette for Kenny King. Backstage, Love approaches Rayne. Rayne says she’s said everything she’s needed to say. Love says that she’s a different person than she used to be. Love says that they’ll be able to protect themselves as a group and that they’ll all be equal. Rayne turns around and Love grabs her by the hair. She slams Rayne into some lockers. Love grabs her by the throat and tells her to never disrespect her again. She says that the Beautiful People are her and Sky. In another backstage area, MVP approaches Samoa Joe. MVP tells Joe that he only has to keep track of Magnus. MVP says that he’s going to chain himself to Abyss. He says that he’s going to lead by example, like a boss should. We see a video package about Knux.

From earlier today, we see a shot of Bully Ray laying on the ground, beaten. Tazz says we’ll find out what happened, next. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial. Bully Ray is done waiting and he walks in to see Dixie. He talks to a chair that’s turned around that seems to have Dixie in it. He tells her that no one in wrestling or her company like her. He says she didn’t like him because she couldn’t control him. He talks about the deal Dixie tried to make with him to help Bobby Roode’s team win at Lockdown. Ray said that when Mr. Anderson beat him, he changed. He said her offer in New York solidified his change. He says that’s why he did what he did at Lockdown. Ray says that she doesn’t have anyone’s respect, including his. He approaches the chair, but no one’s in it when he turns it around. Bobby Roode attacks Ray from behind. He yells at Ray and tells him that he screwed the wrong man. Roode says that Dixie didn’t invite Ray, he did. He yells “surprise,” and leaves Ray laying.

Backstage, Magnus asks Abyss if he’s ready. Abyss says that he has a plan for Joe and MVP. Abyss shows Magnus thumb tacks. In the arena, Samoa Joe heads to the ring, accompanied by MVP. We head to commercial.

Back from the break. James Storm will face Gunner next week on Impact. Magnus’ music hits and he heads to the ring with Abyss. MVP and Abyss are handcuffed together with a chain.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus (c)

The match starts and Magnus attacks Joe. Magnus drives Joe’s head into two turnbuckles. Joe fights back with chops and headbutts. Joe hits a knee drop on Magnus. Magnus rolls out of the ring. Abyss and MVP stare at each other on the outside. Magnus pulls Joe out of the ring and pushes Joe into the side of the ring. Magnus throws Joe back in and strikes Joe. Joe fights back with right hands, but Magnus rakes the eyes. Magnus chops Joe. Magnus hits the ropes and Joe catches him with a back elbow. Joe keeps control and grounds Magnus with a spinning kick to the head. We go to our final commercial break.

Back from commercial where Joe gets hit by a big boot. Magnus comes off the top rope but is caught in an atomic drop. Joe charges Magnus but is hit with a knee. Magnus slams Joe and retakes control. Joe fights back but is hit with a clothesline. Magnus goes for a pin but only gets two. Magnus goes to a chin lock. Joe gets up and fights out of it. Joe hits the ropes but is hit with a high knee. Magnus goes to another hold on the mat. Joe elbows his way out of it and hits an atomic drop followed by a big boot and back splash. Joe then hits a snap slam. Joe’s ribs are hurting and he can’t make a cover. Joe catches Magnus in the corner and slams him to the mat. Joe goes for the rear naked choke, but Magnus counters with a jawbreaker. Outside the ring, Abyss lays out MVP.Abyss grabs the tacks and MVP attacks him. MVP grabs the tacks and pulls Abyss into the ring steps. MVP unchains himself from Abyss. Abyss grabs a chair and hits MVP with it from behind. Abyss hits him again. Joe goes for the suicide dive but Abyss throws the chair at him. Joe falls back into the ring. Magnus climbs to the top rope and hits the huge elbow drop. He covers Joe and gets the three-count.

Winner: Magnus

Magnus celebrates with Abyss on the ramp, while MVP looks on. Joe lies flat in the ring and the show goes off the air.