TNA Impact Wrestling Results – March 6, 2014

The show opens with the entrance of Bobby Roode, The BroMans, and DJ Zema Ion. Roode gets the mic and says that in three days, he will own 10% of TNA Wrestling. He says the only thing standing in his way is MVP. Austin Aries’ music hits and he starts to walk to the ring. Aries tells Roode not to get ahead of himself. Aries says that Roode only beat MVP last week because he helped him. Aries says that he wants Roode to split the 10% evenly with him. They argue over Aries’ proposal. The BroMan’s also state that they want a piece of the ownership that Roode can win at Lockdown. Roode tells them all that priority number one in winning at Lockdown. Aries says that there’s no one in TNA that can measure up to his greatness and help MVP’s team. MVP’s music hits and he heads to the ring with The Wolves. MVP says that he made a mistake by making Aries the special referee in his match last week. MVP says that he won’t be fooled again. He says that he’s found his fourth member. He tries to name the member, but is cut off by Dixie Carter’s music. She heads to the ring with a microphone. Dixie tells MVP that his decision won’t matter and that she doesn’t care who his fourth member is. Dixie says she will stop at nothing to keep full control over TNA. She says that she spent all of last week in New York securing the victory for Team Roode. MVP says that his fourth member is a former world champion. MVP says that Jeff Hardy is his fourth member. Dixie says that when Hardy walked out on her, she suspended him. MVP says that Hardy will return at Lockdown. They argue and Roode ends up in MVP’s face. The situation implodes and a brawl starts. We go to commercial.

SIX-MAN ELIMINATION TAG MATCH: Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and Robbie E. vs. MVP and The Wolves

Roode takes control on Eddie Edwards and hits him with a suplex. Aries is tagged in and hits a double axe handle off the top rope. Robbie E tags iin and irish whips Eddie and follows up with a back elbow. Edwards reverse a back drop and then makes the tag to MVP. MVP takes control on Robbie E, hits the Yakuza kick, and pins Robbie E. Robbie has been eliminated. The Wolves hit a double team on Roode. Roode gets back to his feet, fights back, and tags Aries in. Aries runs in and knocks MVP and Richards off the apron. Aries eventually hits Eddie Edwards with the brainbuster and pins him. Edwards is eliminated. Richards comes in to take on Aries. Richards takes control but is hit with a huge running forearm. Aries tags in Roode and Richards tags in MVP. MVP hits a clothesline on Roode. Aries breaks up the pin. Roode rolls up MVP and pins him with his legs on the ropes for leverage. MVP is eliminated. Richards comes in to take on Roode. Roode starts to beat down Richards. Roode tags in Aries. Aries hits a back elbow on Richards in the corner and follows it with a bulldog. He tags in Roode. Roode hits a backbreaker and tries for a pin. He only gets two. Roode dumps Richards out to the floor. Aries hits a huge top rope double axe handle on Richards. Aries throws him back in for Roode to try a pin, but he only gets two. Aries is tagged in and they hit a double team. Roode is tagged back in and they attempt a double team. This time Richards reverses. Richards hits a running kick on Roode in the corner, but misses the double foot stomp. Richards ends up putting Roode in a half-crab. Aries comes in with a chair and hits Richards. Aries is disqualified, eliminating him from the match. Richards is hurt and Edwards comes in to check on him. Other referees and MVP also check on him. Roode wants the match to continue. Tenay says that we’ll find out if it does after the break. Commercial.

Back from commercial, we see a video of Davey Richards being helped through the backstage area during the commercial break. In the back, Earl Hebner says that he’ll give MVP’s team an hour to get ready to finish the match.

Tonight, we’ll see Samoa Joe go face to face with Magnus. We see a video package detailing Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme’s interesting relationship and the events involving Mr. Anderson. They’ll wrestle at Lockdown. We go to the back where Samuel Shaw says that when Christy Hemme slapped him last week on Impact, she created something beautiful. He says that the passion she showed was incredible. He says he’s going to be in the ring in one minute. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial as Samuel Shaw makes his entrance. Shaw stares at Hemme’s empty chair, ringside. The lights go out and Mr. Anderson’s music hits. On the stage, Anderson says that Christy Hemme will be nowhere near the ring because of Samuel Shaw. Anderson says that he will play the part of Christy Hemme tonight. Anderson goes into the prematch introductions. He introduces Shaw as “Creepy Bastard.” Anderson then introduces Shaw’s opponent, Eric Young. Young’s music hits and he heads to the ring.

Samuel Shaw vs. Eric Young

Young rolls up Shaw for a two-count to start the match. He hits ten punches on Shaw in the corner. Shaw hits Young in the throat to get back in control. Shaw chokes Young in the corner. Shaw is distracted by Anderson on the outside, and Young takes advantage. Young takes control with a series of moves ending with a belly to belly suplex. Shaw rolls out and Young follows. Shaw throws hot tea in Young’s face and throws him into Anderson. Shaw then puts a standing choke hold on Anderson. The referee call for the bell.

Winner: Eric Young via Disqualification

Shaw chokes Anderson out on the outside. Shaw grabs a mic and tells Anderson that he is going back to claim what is rightfully his. We see Hemme looking at a monitor, worried, backstage. Shaw heads up the ramp.

Backstage, Davey Richards continues to get medical attention. MVP tells the trainer to take good care of him. Davey says that he probably needs to go to the hospital. MVP says that he signed The Wolves because they’re two of the baddest, toughest wrestlers today. He tells Richards that he needs heart from him. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, MVP is looking for Aries backstage. He finds him and confronts him about the attack on Richards. Aries says that he’s doing what’s right and MVP argues with him. MVP tells Aries that he has no character and leaves.

We see a video package of Ethan Carter III and Kurt Angle’s feud.

Backstage, Dixie Carter tells EC3 that he needs to beat Angle at Lockdown. EC3 asks about MVP trying to take control of TNA and Dixie says that he’ll never get control. She says that he’s never going to see what she has coming at him.

Also backstage, Samuel Shaw looks for Christy Hemme. He calls her name and looks around for her. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial as Shaw is still looking for Hemme backstage. Shaw enters the female dressing room. He looks around and sees Velvet Sky. Shaw intimidates he into telling him that Christy is in the makeup room.

Back to the ring where EC3 makes his entrance. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring. EC3 says that Angle sucker punched him last week. He tells Kurt that Carters don’t get sucker punched. EC3 says that Angle fears his submission wrestling. EC3 says that he has a hold stronger than the ankle lock. This hold is the leg lock. EC3 says that he beat Sting and became the new icon of wrestling. He says that he’s going to beat Angle at Lockdown and become the new face of American wrestling. He says that after he beats Angle on Sunday, he will be known as the American Icon. Angle’s music hits and he comes out to the stage. Angle tells EC3 that he’s not an American Icon. Angle starts to walk toward the ring. He says that he doesn’t want to wait till Lockdown. Angle gets in the ring, but EC3 rolls out. Angle is noticeably slower than normal getting in the ring, showing signs of injury. Angle’s music comes back on and he walks up the ramp to leave. EC3 jumps him on the ramp and starts to attack Angle’s injured left knee. EC3 hits Angle with a chop block on the floor. EC3 gets Angle in the ring and then dropkicks Angle’s left he. EC3 continues to work on the knee and goes to the leg lock on Angle in the middle of the ring. A referee gets EC3 to break the hold. EC3 says that he heard Angle’s knee pop.

Backstage, MVP tells the Wolves that the stakes are high and that he needs them. Richards reminds MVP of a story from their days in Japan when MVP encouraged him. Up next is a Knockouts tag match. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial, we see a vignette for the “King of the Night,” Kenny King.

Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa, and The Alpha Female w/ Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky, ODB, and Madison Rayne

Rayne attacks Kim to start the match. Rayne hits a northern lights suplex. Kim comes back with a dropkick. Kim charges her in the corner but misses. ODB is tagged in and hits a splash on Kim in the corner. ODB then goes to a bronco buster. ODB hits Tapa and the Female on the apron, but Kim hits her from behind. Kim tags in Tapa, who hits a huge slam on ODB. Tapa throws ODB to the corner and hits her with a forearm. ODB fights back with some forearms and rolls across the ring to tag in Velvet Sky. The Alpha Female is also tagged in. Sky tries to take her down with clotheslines, but can’t get the Female off her feet. She finally takes her down with a running neckbreaker. A brawl starts with all of the other competitors. Alone in the ring is Sabin with Velvet Sky. Sabin yells at her and asks her who the hell she thinks she is. He has a chain and calls her a stupid skank. Sky slaps him across the face. He charges her, but she pulls the top rope down and he flies out to the floor. The Alpha Female waits behind Sky, but Sky hits her with a kick. Velvet hits a big move on The Alpha Female, goes for the pin, and gets the three-count.

Winners: Velvet Sky, ODB, and Madison Rayne

Backstage, Shaw asks a person where the makeup room is. The man tells him where it is and Shaw walks away. We head to another commercial.

We see a vignette for Willow. Backstage, Shaw walks up to the makeup room. He puts on his gloves and enters. Shaw thinks he sees the back of Hemme’s head. Shaw calls for her and the person turns around. It’s Anderson in a red wig. Anderson attacks Shaw. He rubs lipstick on him and throws him into a wall. Anderson tells Shaw to leave Hemme alone. Anderson walks away as Shaw laughs on the ground. Shaw says that he’ll see them both on Sunday.

We see a video package detailing Gunner’s attempt at winning the TNA title and his recent issues with James Storm.

In the arena, Gunner comes out in street clothes and heads to the ring. Gunner says that the past few weeks have changed a lot of things in his life. He says that he’s worked for everything he has. He says that jealous set in with James Storm. Gunner says that Storm ran away last week like a coward. He says that he won’t be able to do that on Sunday in the steel cage. James Storm’s music hits and he walks down the ramp in front of the ring. Storm says that Gunner takes the military and the code of never leaving anyone behind very seriously. Gunner says that he has something to prove to everyone. He says he wants to prove that he was the toughest of the tag team. Gunner says they should make it a last man standing match since Storm says he’s so tough. Storm tells Gunner that he’s the man compared to Gunner, since he’s been TNA Champion. Storm tells Gunner that he’s going to need to pray before their match Sunday, because he’s going to cut him down. Storm knees Gunner with a low blow and Gunner falls to his knees. Storm then hits him with the Last Call Superkick. Storm leaves the ring with Gunner down in it.

Backstage, Roode tells the referee that he’s tired of waiting for the match. He says he’s going to the ring and tells the referee to go with him. We see Davey in the back and it appears that he will wrestle. We head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bobby Roode is in the ring. He says that Richards’ has had an hour and that Richards is hurt too badly to wrestle. He tells the referee to start the ten-count. The bell rings and the count starts. The count reaches eight, but The Wolves’ music hits. Richards comes out with MVP and Edwards, but they don’t go to the ring with him. Richards gets in the ring, clearly hurting.

Davey Richards vs. Bobby Roode

Roode goes to the injured shoulder immediately. Roode rams Richards’ arm into the ring post. He goes back to the arm. Richards tries to fight back, but Roode grounds him and drops a knee on the arm and shoulder. Richards moves out of the way of a knee drop. Richards reverses a running Roode with a big boot. Richards tries to climb to the top rope, but cannot due to his injured shoulder. On the apron, Richards hits a dragon screw on Roode’s leg. Davey hits Roode with a flurry of punches and kciks. Roode charges, but Richards pulls down the top rope and Roode falls to the outside. Richards then hits a suicide dive to the outside on Roode. Richards throws Roode in the ring. Richards gets to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. He gets a two-count. Richards kicks Roode in the chest. Roode ducks a kick and puts him up for a Roode Bomb. Richards reverses for a pin, but only gets two. Ricahrds goes into a half crab from Roode’s kick-out. Roode kicks his way out of the hold. Richards charges Roode but misses and goes shoulder first into the steel post. Roode hits the Roode Bomb and goes right for the crossface. Richards taps out.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode won’t let go of the hold until MVP and Eddie Edwards hit the ring. Roode bails out and leaves. We see a hype video for Tigre Uno’s Lockdown debut.

Backstage, Magnus mentions to Dixie that EC3 said she had the Lockdown match all sewn up. She says that she does. Magnus asks her what the bigger picture is outside of her having full control of the company. In particular, his championship reign. He asks her what the strategy is for his title match. She tells him to just go out and beat Joe at Lockdown. Joe and Magnus face-to-face is next. We head to commercial.

Back in the arena and we see a rundown of the big matches at Lockdown. Samoa Joe’s music hits and he heads to the ring. We see highlights of Joe’s wins leading up to his championship match. Joe grabs a mic and calls out Magnus. Magnus’s music hits and he heads down the ramp to the ring. Magnus tells Joe that he should know better than to question his courage and manhood. He tells Joe that Joe knows him better than anyone. Magnus reminds Joe of their past and tells Joe that he turned his back on him. Magnus reminds Joe about the Main Event Mafia and says that he became the main event after the group imploded. Magnus says he has a healthy fear of Joe. Magnus says that Joe’s rage is his downfall and weakness and the reason Magnus will retain the TNA title at Lockdown. Joe says that everything Magnus has said is true. He admits that he has a rage issue. Joe tells Magnus that at Lockdown, it’ll be Joe’s rules and that the rules of wrestling will cater to his style. Joe says that he will drink Magnus’ pain and shed his blood at Lockdown. Joe tells Magnus that he won’t walk out of Lockdown at all. Magnus hits Joe with a headbutt and kicks him in the corner. Joe throws Magnus into the corner and starts beating him down. Joe puts Magnus in the rear-naked choke. Magnus taps out in the ring as the show goes off the air.

  • 315fedowl

    How many of Dixie’s goons will it take to knock Joe out?

    • Chris Palmer

      However many the writers decide in the script.