TNA Impact Wrestling Results – May 1, 2014

TNA Impact opened with Bully Ray backstage spraypainting something. Mike Tenay offered a voice-over wondering what Ray is doing.

Backstage: TNA World champ Eric Young was shown walking into MVP’s office. MVP congratulated him on remaining TNA champ after Sacrifice on Sunday, then said he respects him for defending the title. Young said he wants to defend the title tonight, then MVP pulled out a stack of cards and left.

TNA cut to Mr. Anderson, who then walked into MVP’s office. He was followed by MVP, Gunner, and a complaining Bobby Roode. MVP said they’re drawing cards to determine Young’s challenger. MVP said the highest card gets a pass to the final contender match. Anderson grabbed his card, then Gunner, then Roode. Anderson drew a 4, Gunner a 4, and Roode with an Aces card. That put Roode at the highest card. It will be Anderson vs. Gunner, with the winner facing Roode, with the winner facing Young for the TNA Title.

In the Impact Zone, Tenay called it a “unique way” to determine a #1 contender. Meanwhile, former champ Magnus was on the way to the ring dressed in a suit. Magnus angrily noted there are four men in the title picture and he is not one of them. Magnus demanded that MVP come answer him. Instead, Abyss showed up in the corner of the Impact Zone. Abyss hit the ringside area and beat up Magnus, who greeted him ringside.

The fight moved into the ring, where Abyss chokeslammed Magnus. The crowd cheered, apparently now backing the guy who cost Samoa Joe the TNA Title at the previous PPV. But, since characters change week-to-week, the audience is utilizing their short-term memories to cheer Abyss here. Magnus eventually bailed from the ring before Abyss could use his Janice barbed wire board. Magnus recovered to the stage as Abyss posed in the ring to cheers.

Still to come: Beautiful People celebrate Angelina Love becoming Knockouts champion. Also, James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy/Willow.

Suddenly, Bully Ray’s music interrupted to bring out Bully dragging a table down to the ring. Tenay said TNA president Dixie Carter cost Bully a Tables match against Bobby Roode at Sacrifice, then Ray gingerly entered the ring with the table. Ray turned the table over to show “DIXIE” spraypainted across the table.

Ray then took the mic and said a woman whose name he will not mention put him through two tables at Sacrifice. Ray claimed to have bruised and fractured ribs, but he’s still standing. He said he is tougher than nails and it’s going to take a lot more than an ugly woman to end his career. Ray promised to put Dixie through the table if he finds her tonight.

TNA cut backstage to show a limo pull up. Out came Dixie Carter on the phone. Dixie walked into the arena as the roving cameraman tried to get more details out of her on what happened at Sacrifice.

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[Q2] Backstage: A skit. Dixie Carter was getting something at catering, then Rockstar Spud suddenly sprung on her with a black bag to cover her up so Bully Ray doesn’t find her. Dixie told Spud to calm down because she’s not afraid of Bully. Dixie told Spud that Bully is all bark, no bite. She said if anyone should be worried around here, it’s Bully. Dixie confidently walked off. “It’s got your name on it,” Spud whispered about the table.

On-stage: Mr. Anderson was introduced for the first card game match. Anderson introduced himself, then Tenay went back to Sacrifice when Anderson beat Sam Shaw in a Committed match. Gunner, who beat James Storm at Sacrifice, was then introduced as Anderson’s opponent.

1 — MR. ANDERSON vs. GUNNER — Winner advances to face Bobby Roode

Evenly-matched back-and-forth early on. Gunner then went for a top rope move, but James Storm suddenly showed up. Gunner took his focus off Anderson and knocked Storm off the ring apron. Storm then re-inserted himself into the match by trying to smash Gunner with a kick to the head, but Gunner moved and Anderson took the kick. The ref was doing something off in the corner for some reason and missed it, so no DQ call. Gunner then dropped Anderson with his F5-like finisher for the pin and the win. Afterward, Storm sold frustration as he walked away from ringside.

WINNER: Gunner at 3:54; Gunner to face Roode for a title shot later in the show.

Locker Room: Magnus packed his bag, muttered to himself, and prepared to leave when a random bearded man who looks like Gunner walked in. Magnus greeted him like an old friend, but the man wasn’t so friendly back. He said they need to talk.

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Locker Room: Magnus was still talking to his random friend from England. The man called Magnus a sorry excuse for the man he used to know. He called Magnus an embarrassment to himself, his family, and their country. He asked Magnus if he remembers the good old days – the booze, women, and fights. He said Magnus has gone soft, then shoved Magnus against a locker. He calmed down and said he’s here for Magnus’s own good.

[Q3] Impact Zone: Ethan Carter III was in the ring. ECIII said in seven days, he goes one-on-one with Kurt Angle. Carter said this match was supposed to happen at Lockdown, but he injured him and now Angle is back to have the match. And he’s glad. Because now he can validate himself as a new American wrestling icon.

Angle is in seven days, but he has a very special treat tonight. ECIII then called out his sparring partner, Rockstar Spud. Out came Spud dressed like Kurt Angle with a singlet, headgear, and “SPUD” written across his singlet. Spud kind of pranced around the ring before they locked up. Carter did some gator rolls, then Spud moved around the ring some more. ECIII calmed him down and told him to assume the position. Too much position from Spud, then ECIII grappled him from behind.

Suddenly, Kurt Angle’s music interrupted. Angle walked out on-stage and told ECIII to stop humping Spud and focus on him. Angle told Carter that he’s out for blood next week and his “streak” will end. He also guaranteed to hurt Carter, twist his ankle into two, and he won’t stop. Angle told Carter that the pain will begin in seven days.

Backstage: The Beautiful People talked to themselves about having a celebration tonight.

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Last Sunday: Knox and his girlfriend, Rebel, were shown driving down the road. Knox told Rebel that it’s not just the two of them, but the four of them. It will be Rebel, Knux, Crazy Steve, and The Freak. Rebel didn’t like the sound of that, but Knux noted they need all the help they can get to send money back to the carnival. A graphic noted The Menagerie debuts next Thursday.

In-ring: Gunner returned to the ring for the next card game match. Bobby Roode, billed from Toronto, Canada, was introduced as Gunner’s opponent.


2 — BOBBY ROODE vs. GUNNER — #1 contender match to the TNA Title

Gunner started things off with some high-impact offense, then Roode begged off. Gunner took the bait and Roode yanked him through the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring, Roode went for a flying attack, but Gunner caught him in mid-air and delivered consecutive offense. Gunner nailed a DDT, but Roode kicked out just before three.

Gunner fired himself up, climbed to the top rope, and airballed a diving headbutt. Roode followed up with the Roode Bomb center-ring. It was good for a pin and the win for Roode to get the title shot tonight. The announcers covered for Gunner by noting he must have been exhausted from his second match tonight.

WINNER: Roode at 6:03 to earn a TNA Title shot tonight.

Backstage: Dixie Carter talked as she walked, telling three security guards to get Bully Ray’s table, set it up in the ring, and do not leave her side.

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Locker Room: Angelina Love received a letter. Velvet Sky walked in to hear her read it. Noted in the letter was Angelina being told to address her “crass” and revealing wardrobe as new Knockouts champion. The expectation was for the Beautiful People to start dressing like ladies. Otherwise there will be repercussions. The letter was from the TNA Board of Directors. Who is the BOD? Angelina vowed to put on evening gowns and have their little celebration.

Bully-Dixie Segment

Back in the Impact Zone, Dixie smiled as she walked down to the ring flanked by three security guards. The guards slipped Bully’s “DIXIE” table into the ring and set it up as Dixie smiled. In the ring, Carter announced herself as the woman who put Bully Ray through a table. Carter, sitting on the table, repeated herself.

Why did she do it? Because no one double-crosses her. Dixie said Bully will have to remember forever that he was put through a table by a lady. Carter mocked Bully for fracturing a few ribs because of her. She got serious that she will not be threatened and she is not afraid of Bully. Dixie said Bully should fear her.

[Q5 — second hour] Bully’s music hit at the top of the hour to bring out Bully Ray with a weapon in hand. Suddenly, more security hit the ringside area to stand between Bully and Dixie. Bully surveyed the scene, then asked Dixie if she can hear the people chanting for him to put her through a table.

Bully turned his attention to the indy guys wearing security t-shirts. Bully asked them if they really want to stick up for Dixie and prevent him from putting Dixie through a table. The security guards looked toward the ring, then walked away. This left Dixie with her original three security guards.

Ray addressed Dixie’s Three that they have until five to get out of the ring or he will take out all of them, and then put Dixie through a table. Bully hit a five count, stormed the ring, and was subdued by the security guards. Bully eventually broke free and chucked them out of the ring. Ray was left alone with Dixie, who walked up to Bully. She tried to play tough by teasing a slap, but Bully positioned her for a powerbomb.

Suddenly, MVP’s music interrupted. MVP said as much as it pains him to say this, leave her alone. MVP said this is *his* ring, not Dixie’s. MVP said she better leave the ring until he changes his mind, then said everything that happens in the ring is his responsibility. And he does not have time for these shenanigans. So, until further notice, both of them are barred from the Impact Zone. Now get out. Dixie and Bully shouted back and forth heading to break.

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In-ring: Jeff Hardy/Willow’s music played to bring out Willow spinning his black & white umbrella on the way to the ring. Willow ran around the ring like a wildman, then James Storm’s music interrupted. Storm marched down to the ring as Tenay hyped Storm’s brutality against Gunner at Sacrifice on Sunday.


Storm stomped away at Hardy early on, drawing “Willow, Willow” chants from the audience. Hardy answered with a cackle and double-leg smash before delivering sort of a handspring punch in the corner. Hardy knocked himself woozy, then hit a Stunner that sent Storm falling out of the ring to the floor.

On the outside, Willow directed traffic, then ran off the ring steps with a flying leg whip that rocked Storm into the guardrail. Storm recovered, then grabbed a beer and started chugging. Ref Brian Hebner reprimanded him for drinking on the job, then Storm shoved down Brian, who DQ’ed him.

Post-match: Storm didn’t care about the loss and smashed the beer bottle against the ringpost. He stalked Hardy for follow up, but Hardy hit him with his umbrella. Storm tried to bail, but walked right into Mr. Anderson. Storm decided to fight instead of run, but walked right into a Mic Check from Anderson.

WINNER: Hardy/Willow via DQ at 4:04.

[Q6] Still to come: Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Title.

Backstage: Bro-Mans blamed MVP for them dropping the Tag Titles. Robbie E. blamed MVP for making it three-on-two, saying it threw them off having a man-advantage. MVP had enough of their complaints and sent them to the ring.

Bully Ray then approached a frustrated MVP. Bully reminded MVP why he is Director of Wrestling Operations – because of him at Lockdown. MVP and Bully argued about MVP’s responsibility around here. MVP eventually got him to listen that whatever happens outside the arena is out of his hands. MVP walked off and Bully sold calming down to think about what he could do to Dixie outside of the Impact Zone.

[Commercial Break at 10:18]

Backstage: Eric Young talked about history repeating itself when he faces Bobby Roode tonight in a Team Canada battle. Young said he knows Roode just as well as he knows him, so they will find out the better man tonight.

Impact Zone: D.J. Zema Ion walked out to introduce the Bro-Mans, claiming they got screwed out of the Tag Titles on Sunday. New tag champs The Wolves came out next along with X Division champion Sanada for a six-man tag match.

4 — X Division champion SANADA & TNA tag champs THE WOLVES (EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS) vs. BRO-MANS (ROBBIE E. & JESSIE & D.J. ZEMA) — six-man tag match

The babyfaces started hot with rapid-fire offense, including sending D.J. clear over the top rope to the outside onto the Bro-Mans. Tenay announced the return Tag Title match will be next week, and it will be a Ladder match. No word on why.

Back in the ring, the babyfaces continued assaulting D.J. Zema, including a double stomp to the back from Eddie, a moonsault from Sanada, and double stomp to the gut from Davey. Richards covered Zema for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Face Champs at 3:30.

Backstage: The Beautiful People were dressed in evening gowns. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky prepared for their title celebration up next.

[Q7] [Commercial Break at 10:30]

Impact Zone: The Beautiful People were introduced to the ring for a title celebration. Angelina Love recapped receiving a letter from the Board of Directors that they are to follow a more appropriate dress code. Or else. Angelina vowed to defy the order, then teased removing their evening gowns. The duo stopped, then called the people disgusting and pathetic. Velvet Sky said they wrote the letter themselves to set up the audience.

Gail Kim interrupted. Gail said she is here to take a stand for the Knockouts Division that she helped build. Gail vowed to strip them of everything herself. Gail attacked Velvet and Sky, then the BP bailed from the ring. On the way out, Madison Rayne and Brittany hit the entrance stage to finish the job. Meanwhile, Gail held onto the Knockouts Title inside the ring.

Up Next: Eric Young and Bobby Roode clashing for the TNA Title.

[Commercial Break at 10:39]

Next Thursday: Angle vs. ECIII in a singles match. Plus, Wolves vs. Bro-Mans for the Tag Titles. And, The Menagerie debuts.

Impact Zone: Bobby Roode was in the ring after Tenay and Taz ran down next week’s line-up. Eric Young was then introduced for his latest title defense.


5 — TNA champion ERIC YOUNG vs. BOBBY ROODE — TNA World Title match

Scott D’Amore reference at the start of the match in reference to EY and Roode’s Team Canada background. Tenay noted Young is fresh for this match and Roode is wrestling his second match, which showed early on when Young knocked Roode to the floor. Young stood tall heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:48]

Back from break, Young lit up Roode with a corner attack. But, Roode whipped Young over the corner turnbuckle to the floor. Back in the ring, Roode continued the attack, but walked into a shoulder block. Young followed with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Rapid-fire pin exchange, then Roode nailed a spinebuster for a two count.

At 10:00, Young came back with a piledriver, but Roode kicked out just before three. Young sold disbelief that Roode kicked out of his finisher. This gave Roode an opening to come back with a Roodebomb for a close two count of his own. Champ and Challenger had a standing right hand exchange, which Roode got the best of early on until Young decked Roode with a right. Young then came off the top with an elbow drop for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Young received the TNA Title belt and stared down at Roode, who recovered in the corner. Young extended his hand for a shake, but Roode stared him down in disbelief. Roode then offered his hand and Young pulled him to his feet. Young stood tall in the middle of the ring and Roode remained in the corner.

WINNER: Young at 13:20 to retain the TNA World Title.

Backstage: Bully Ray noted he’s been banned from the Impact Zone, so he’s heading to Nashville to find Dixie.

(Report by James Caldwell,

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    MVP should settle down with bully ray and allow ray to teach a lesson to her. The tna impact this week was good and best wishes to eric young winning his title against ropde qho is a disguisting man.

  • sunil kumar bhargava

    What a shame hhh and stephaine bigman? hhh couldn’t beat shield even joining with two other wrestlers what is called evolution. stephaine bigman even couldn’t get her dream come true joining hand with kane to beat daniel brayan for title in ppv extreme rules held on 5.4.2014. WWE universe knows that the champion daniel brayan is badly injured and daniel brayan participated in the title match to retain the title. Daniel brayan has strength, and capable to beat kane, hhh, orton, batista and shawn micheals. Now it is the time for wwe board of directors to remove hhh, stephaine bigman and kane from the executive posts and hand over the charge to john cena and daniel brayan and then see the results and they will achieve what the former could not achieve. There is a proverb saying: stitch in time saves nine.