TNA Impact Wrestling Results – November 15, 2012

Sunday at Turning Point, James Storm became number one contender, AJ Styles is forbidden from competing for the World title for a year, Joseph Park earned Bully Ray’s respect and Jeff Hardy retained his World title.

– Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Tazz are our commentators tonight. Newly crowned number one contender James Storm is out to kick off the show. Storm says the last year has been a “long, hard road” but he did it. He hasn’t won any award but he’s here to say thank you to some people. The fans have always been there for him in the Impact Zone and at home. Number two, Storm’s family and three, the people who said Storm could not do it. Storm says the detractors are the fuel that kept him going.

The celebration doesn’t last for too long as Bobby Roode is out with two bottles of beer. Roode says he’s not here to spoil the party, he’s here to join it. He offers Storm a beer, Storm takes it and he has a toast of his own. He toasts Storm for pinning AJ Styles. He sarcastically gives more props to Storm and Storm’s fans because they will watch him fail again at becoming World Champion. Roode brings up Storm’s daughter and family. They are going to have to pick up the pieces when Storm loses, takes his ball and goes home again. Roode knocks Storm’s beer out and takes a swig from his bottle. He’s punches by Storm. Storm sets up Roode for the Superkick when Roode escapes.

Storm says he’ll be glad to fight Roode. Roode says he’s been fighting for over a year and there’s nothing in it for him. He’s done with Storm. UNLESS! Unless Storm is willing to put up his number one contendership in the brawl. Storm shakes his head no and says he’s worked too hard for the spot. Roode attacks Storm’s manhood and then tells Storm to tell his daughter to give Roode a call when she turns 18. Storm is angered and accepts Roode’s challenge. Taz says Roode has worked his magic.

– Todd, Mike and Taz discuss AJ Styles’ predicament. Later tonight, AJ will give his thoughts on not being able to compete for the title. We go backstage with Hulk Hogan’s thoughts. Hogan says AJ is a competitor and wants to be there now. Instead, he has to wait and that’s a huge setback. Hogan calls Styles a main event player but hasn’t moved up from where he was a few years ago. “He’s his own worst enemy,” Hogan says as we head for the show’s first advertisement break.

– Todd Keneley says “you hate to see this,” as we’re welcomed back with replays of the Aces and Eights beatdown of Sting last week. Tons of hammer shots.

We’re set back to the Aces and Eights clubhouse. A masked man asks the Director of Chaos (Gallows) if he thinks he’s done enough to stay in the club despite revealing his identiy. The masked man says they’ll vote tonight but for right now, they need Doc’s coat. Devon says the have business to take care of and he grabs a dart. He throws it at a wall of photos and it lands off-screen. Devon says “that prick deserves it” as the A&8s laugh.

– We’re in the ring now with Kid Kash. Keneley lets us know it’s X-Division title time as RVD will take on the aforementioned Kash.

X Division Championship: Kid Kash versus Rob Van Dam

RVD can’t even enter the ring without Kash kicking him. RVD gets to his feet and the two trade blows. RVD misses a spin kick. They trade counters until RVD scissors Kash into a pin. Kash gets up and locks on the chinlock as Tenay recaps RVD and Kash’s ECW history. Van Dam stuns Kash with a kick and charges. He’s hit with a Kash elbow. Kash goes behind and re-applies the chinlock. Kash and Van Dam trade leapfrogs until Kash headscissors RVD out of the ring. Springboard headscissors from Kash to Rob Van Dam on the outside.

Kash rolls RVD back inside and covers him for the two. Kash gets him up but Van Dam resists with punches. RVD reverses a whip but Kash blocks the monkey flip with a crossbody. Kash goes up top and misses a moonsault when Van Dam rolls out of the way. Springboard kick from RVD to Kash is followed up by Rolling Thunder. The cover gets a two.

Kash rakes the eyes but RVD blocks a kick. The two trade more counters as Kash gets in a sleeper. RVD sends Kash into the corner and gets him with a spin kick. RVD whips Kash across the ring and connects with the monkey flip. He hops the turnbuckle and comes down with the Five Star for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Rob Van Dam

– ODB and Eric Young are in the back. EY is ecstatic telling ODB his outdoor adventures. He says that’s in the past and right now, he and ODB are awesome. Young is going to take care of Jesse and ODB says she’s going to become number one contender for the KO title. Young wants ODB to think about the celebration after they win tonight. The pair share a kiss and we head to a break.

– Kurt Angle is with the immortal Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco in the back. Angle needs a tag partner. Bischoff says Devon is a former partner and he wants to do it. Brisco says he’s been trained by Angle since high school. Angle goes with Garrett much to the disappointment of Wes.

– Tara and Jesse are out for Godderz’s match. Taz and Tenay let us know the number one contender for Tara’s title will be determined tonight in a battle royal. ODB and EY, still the Knockouts Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring.

Jesse versus Eric Young

The bell is rung and EY grapples with the ref. He’s attacked from behind by Jesse. Body slam is followed up by a pin that gets a two count. Godderz elbows the chest of Young. He goes back to the maneuver. Jesse stomps the head. EY is up but whipped into a powerslam. Jesse admires his body for a bit before a legdrop. Two count.

More elbows from Godderz. He chokes EY with the ropes until the ref breaks it up. Young is punched into the corner. Godderz knocks him down and returns to using the ropes. Nice dropkick from Jesse to EY. He kisses Tara and returns to the match. He lands multiple blows into the face and whips Young into the apron. Young gets back into the ring but he’s caught by an abdominal stretch. Godderz elbows Young in the ribcage until Young gets out with a hiptoss. Godderz lands a punch but EY no-sells. Another punch and another no-sell. Young takes his pants off and blocks a Godderz punch. Another block as the fans chant USA. Young lands a flying forearm and gets the fans into his offense. Tara distracts Young but she’s taken out by an ODB spear. Godderz misses a clothesline and runs into an EY powerslam. Young is distracted by the ladies and sent into the rail by Jesse. Tara sends EY back in and he lands a modified stunner for the three count.

Winner: Jesse

– Gail Kim, Miss Tessmacher, Mickie James and Madison Rayne are all preparing in the back for the Knockouts Battle Royal but up after the break is a TV title match between Magnus and Joe.

– Joseph Park wants one more match with the Aces and Eights from Hulk Hogan. Hogan says Park is beaten, bloody and screaming. Hulk can’t do it. He slams the table and says his job is on the line because Park is a liability. Park says Hogan needs to ignore the outside and look at the man on the inside. Hogan calls Park’s insides a warrior but he has no training. The answer is no. Park asks Hogan if he meant he should go to wrestling camp. Park says he’s going to do it as Hogan disagrees. Park walks away and say it’s a great idea. Hogan: “He won’t be back.”

– Magnus walks to the ring when he’s attacked by Devon and a baseball bat. Magnus is booted in the face by a prospect. Devon screams at the A&8s to hold him and the Director of Chaos grabs a hammer and nails Magnus in the thigh. They hold him down again and Doc attacks the other leg. Devon holds Magnus’ face and starts to swing for his face when Bully Ray makes the save. Al Snow, D Lo Brown and others are out to check on Magnus.

We’re back with a stretcher job of Magnus. Mike Tenay wonders why they attacked Magnus. I guess he completely missed the dart Devon threw. We get replays of the hammershots as they take Magnus backstage.

– A Jeff Hardy-Austin Aries video package airs. That finishes and we catch up with Austin Aries in the back. The interviewer asks him how he’s feeling. Aries removes his shirt and we see welts on his back. Aries says he has a massage but claims to not be done with Jeff Hardy. Hardy just so happens to be in the massage parlor. Aries says Hardy beat him in his specialty match. He says he is the standard. Austin Aries brought the greatness out of Jeff Hardy. Aries tells Hardy the feud isn’t over because Hardy still has the title.

Aries walks away and we get the super corny Jeff Hardy inner-monologue. Hardy says Aries has raised the level but will never reach his dimension. I don’t know who thinks that’s a good idea.

– Angle and Garrett are in the ring for the next match. Angle says nobody threatens Kurt Angle. Kurt’s here with the future and they’re waiting. Keneley says the war rages on as we head to a break.

We return with the Aces and Eights music. Devon leads a pair of masked men and the Director of Chaos to the ring. Devon and the Aces discuss their gameplan. Devon chooses a masked dude to be his partner and their rushed by Angle and Bischoff.

Garrett Bischoff and Kurt Angle versus the Aces and Eights

Angle lands a pair of clotheslines on Devon. Angle measures Devon but runs into an elbow. Belly to belly suplex from Kurt. Devon gets the advantage and tags in the Masked Man. The big guy pounds Angle in the head and starts choking him. The ref gets the guy off Angle allowing Angle to get some kicks in. Angle brings Garrett into the match. Bischoff wrenches the arm as Taz calls Garrett “a helluva athlete.” Garrett sends the guy into the corner. Garrett avoids a punch and lands a shoulderblock. He connects with a dropkick. He rings the arm again and tags Kurt in. Angle wrenches the arm and elbows it. He repeats the process. The Aces and Eights prospect reverses a whip allowing Devon to nail Angle in the back. Devon is tagged in and attacks the downed Angle. Vertical suplex from Devon. He drops an elbow and gets a two count.

After attacking Angle in the corner, Devon lands a rolling elbow. Devon tags the Prospect back in and the Prospect lands a kick. He whips Angle and connects with a clothesline. The Aces and Eights guy covers but only gets a one. Front headlock by the Big Prospect. Angle gets to his knees and eventually to his feet. He punches the stomach of the Prospect. German Suplex from Angle. Devon comes in but misses a punch and is given a German of his own. Angle clotheslines Devon out of the ring and lands a dropkick to the Prospect. Another member of the Aces and Eights takes Garrett out. The prospect applies a Full Nelson and Doc is in the with the hammer. Wes Brisco runs in and makes the save. Angle lands a low blow and rolls the Prospect up for the win.

Winners: Garrett Bischoff and Kurt Angle

– Devon screams at Angle and Bischoff as we get a replay of Wes Brisco’s save. Devon says Angle is a dead man.

– Jesse and Tara are on the lookout for Brooke Hogan. They enter the room and we see Brooke and Bully Ray hanging out on a couch. Ray abruptly leaves as Tara screams at Brooke for the battle royal. Brooke says Tara should knock next time before she enters. Tara says Brooke should lock the door next time.

– Now we’re with Dixie Carter. Dixie says they’ve been through a lot this year. They had a choice to move forward and Styles chose to stay back. Dixie calls Styles down and unfocused. She doesn’t know what the title embargo will do to AJ.

– Christy Hemme is in the ring to introduce the competitors in the Knockouts Battle Royal. Tenay says all of the ladies are former Knockouts Champions. Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Mickie James make their entrances before the commercial break. Tessmacher and ODB after.

Number One Contender Battle Royal: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. ODB

Taryn Terrell rings the bell and the match starts. ODB and Tessmacher work over Kim in the corner while Rayne and James pair off in the other. James with a shoulderblock to Rayne. Kim tries to send Tessmacher over the ropes but is unsuccessful as James chokes Rayne with her boot. Tessmacher does the same to Kim. Rayne choke James as Tessmacher tries to eliminate Gail. ODB is just watching from the corner. Kim sees this and knees her in the face. Kim goes back to Tessmacher. James places on the top rope by Rayne but she stays in. Rayne reverses a whip and takes James down. Tessmacher is caught by Kim and sent onto the apron. Kim lands a forearm and goes to ODB for no reason. ODB and Rayne double team ODB. Kim whips Rayne into ODB and Rayne does the same. Tessmacher comes back with forearms. Monkeyflip to Kim. Rayne eliminates Tessmacher.

ODB and James start fighting when James suggests they go after Rayne and Kim. Double Thesz Presses. Flapjack from James to Rayne. ODB with a fallaway slam to Gail Kim. ODB takes a hit from her flask and climbs the turnbuckle. James slams Rayne face first into her boot. ODB grabs Rayne’s face and slams it into the turnbuckle. Kim is sent into the turnbuckle and ODB does the same to her. Rayne is sent over the rope but stays on the apron. She fights James off and waves at the fans. ODB sprays beer in her face sending Rayne out of the ring.

ODB accidentally connects with a crossbody to Mickie James. Gail Kim takes advantage and tosses Gail out from behind. Kim with a knee to Mickie’s stomach. She connects with a big forearm. Kim is up and sends James face first into the middle turnbuckle. She chokes Mickie with her boot before sending a kiss to the fans in the Impact Zone. James starts to fight back and connects with elbows and punches. James latches on with a headscissors and sends Kim over the top rope. Kim hangs on by skinning the cat. She tries to pull James’ hair but Mickie connects with a kick eliminating Gail Kim.

Winner: Mickie James

– Taryn Terrell and Mickie James hug in the ring as we get a replay of the back wheel kick that eliminated Gail Kim.

– James Storm is interviewed. The guy asks Storm if he knows he raised the stakes. Storm says he does and it’s time once and for all to take care of Bobby Roode. AJ Styles walks by and stares at Storm. Storm says he’s done. AJ Styles is up after the break.

– The scene when we return is the Aces and Eights clubhouse. A Masked Man tells Doc to not let the door hit him in the ass on his way out. The Director of Chaos angerly stares at everyone and makes his way to the door. He opens it and there’s his jacket. He puts it on the Aces and Eights celebrate his official induction.

– AJ Styles is up next. Mike Tenay says he’s tried to reach AJ for comment and AJ has ignored his calls. I know that feeling, guy. Styles grabs a mic and recalls his match at Turning Point. He was pinned and therefore he cannot compete for the World title until Bound for Glory 2013. Styles says it’s been that kind of year for him. He’s been accused of sleeping around and having a baby but the worst part of everything is that some people have doubted him. He was points away from wrestling at Bound for Glory for the title and now he can’t win the belt at all.

The year isn’t over and he brings up the holidays. He says a lot of people are thankful for a lot of things but he’s not thankful for anything. That brings out Kazarian and Christopher Daniels.

Daniels says AJ is a crybaby. Despite that, every word AJ just said was accurate. This is the worst year of Styles’ career. Daniels says the source of all of AJ’s problems can be found by looking in the mirror. He calls AJ a broken, flawed, little man. AJ Styles is nothing but a complete and utter failure. Styles says he’s beaten Christopher Daniels a lot more than Daniels has beat him. Daniels has nothing to back it up and he needs a reminder. Styles says he and Daniels should fight one last time to find out who the better man is.

Kazarian cuts Styles off and says Daniels has nothing to gain from wrestling with AJ. AJ is stale. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Daniels are riding high and on top of their game. They’re the real World Tag Team Champions of the World. Daniels disagrees and says this is the perfect time for Daniels-Styles. Daniels says they’re going to find out who the real failure is.

– Austin Aries says he’s finally found out the buttons to push to make things happen around TNA. Next week he’s going to call someone out to make things happen.

Speaking of next week, all of the Gut Check winners will return to the Impact Zone. Anyone can be called out at any time.

Kurt Angle goes up to Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow and D-Lo Brown. He suggests Wes Brisco for the Gut Check. Pritchard says they have a process and D Lo calls him a blue chipper. Angle leaves enthused by the idea.

– Bobby Roode’s makes his entrance as Taz, Tenay and Keneley talk about the main event. Taz says it wasn’t cool of Roode to bring up Storm’s daughter. James Storm is out after. Jeremy Borash delivers the special in-ring introductions.

Number One Contender’s Match: Bobby Roode versus James Storm

Storm doesn’t even let Borash finish before punching Roode in the face. He pounds on Roode in the corner. He mounts him and lands 7 punches before Roode counters into the reverse atomic drop. Storm fires back with a clothesline. Roode elbows Storm outside the ring. Roode removes the top turnbuckle pad from one of the corners. He tries to bring Storm in but Storm counters with a shoulderblock. Roode is up quickly and tries to send Storm into the corner. Roode blocks it. Storm is almost sent in but he counters. Flying armbar from Roode to Storm. Roode leaves the ring and slams Storm’s arm into the steel post sending us to a mid-match commercial break.

We return with Storm trying a sunset flip. Roode maintains his ground and hits a legdrop. A kneedrop is followed by a Roode pin for two. Roode slams the left arm against the mat as Taz lets us know he worked on that arm during the break. Roode grabs the arm and snaps it against the top rope. Storm strikes with a few blows but Roode sends him head first to the mat. Roode stomps the left arm. Roode grabs the injured arm and applies a keylock. Storm gets to his feet and punches his way out. He tries a whip but is too weak to complete it. Roode reverses and sends Storm into the corner. Cover gets two.

Roode returns to the keylock. He headbutts the arm. Storm is back to his feet and punches Roode off. The pair trade blows until Roode stuns Storm with a headbutt. Storm connects with a quick boot and a Russian legsweep. Roode tries the crossface out of nowhere but Storm sends him off. Flying forearm from Storm. Another one. Clothesline by Storm. Reverse atomic drop is followed up by a neckbreaker. Storm tries to mount some offense but Roode sends him on the apron. Storm connects with an enziguri and climbs the turnbuckle. Roode cuts him off. Roode punches Storm in the head and climbs the turnbuckle. Storm shoves him off. Roode fires back with a punch. Roode climbs again and motions for a superplex. Storm punches Roode. Headbutt. Sunsetflip Powerbomb gets a two count from Storm.

James Storm lifts Bobby Roode up for the Eye of the Storm but the arm is too weak. Bobby Roode connects with a spinebuster that gets a two count. Roode locks the Crossface on. Storm breaks the hold by getting his foot to the ropes. Roode kicks Storm in the head and grabs the arm. He wrenches it for a hammerlock slam but Storm counters with Closing Time. Storm measures Storm for the Last Call but Roode avoids it and slams Storm’s head into the exposed steel turnbuckle. He rolls Storm up and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender: Bobby Roode

– Taz lets us know Roode has a fistful of tights on the rollup. James Storm is defeated in the ring while Roode boasts on the ramp. Todd Keneley says Storm gambled and lost tonight. The show ends with Bobby Roode screaming “I TOLD Y’ALL.”