TNA Impact Wrestling Results – October 11, 2012

Bound for Glory is just a few short days away and the Previously on Impact… video places extra emphasis on that. We get reminded of the King Mo-James Storm-Bobby Roode stuff and the Aces and Eights-TNA war.

– On tap for the show, Bobby Roode versus Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries versus James Storm. The latter of which starts now as James Storm is out to start the program. Aries is still getting more cheers than boos for those of you keeping track of the turn.

James Storm vs. Austin Aries

Aries gets Storm in the corner but the ref breaks it up. Aries tries to anger the crowd. Aries takes Storm down with a headlock but both men are immediately on their feet. They circle the ring and lock up. Aries kicks for the advantage and locks on a headlock. Storm reverses into one of his own. Aries sends Storm into the ropes but Storm takes the Champ down with an armdrag. Aries retreats to the outside. Aries gets back inside and the two lock up again. Austin Aries with the side headlock. Aries knocks Storm down with a shoulderblock. He tries something else but Storm is there with a forearm to the face. Punches from Storm to Aries. Storm tries a clothesline but Aries sends him over the ropes. Storm skins the cat but Aries runs outside. Storm tries to slingshot to the floor but Aries returns back inside. Aries knocks Storm out with a suicide dive. Aries knees Storm in the back and has a chinlock applied. Storm gets to his feet and takes Aries off with the jawbreaker. Storm delivers multiple blows to Aries’ face. Storm tries to rush into Aries but Aries gets a boot up. Cornered, Storm receives chops and punches from the Champ. Storm gets angry and corners Aries. His turn for chops. Aries repeats the process but takes Storm down with a snapmare. Aries climbs the turnbuckle and comes down with a dropkick for two.

In the corner, Aries mounts Storm. Storm reverses and punches Aries. Aries blocks a manuever but Storm immediately replies with a corner clothesline. Storm mounts and punches Aries six times. Aries turns it around and mounts Storm and he gets in five punches. Storm with a kick-russian leg sweep combo to stop the action for a bit. The two trade blows in the center of the ring. Storm knocks Aries into the ropes and teases the Eye of the Storm. Aries gets out of it but Storm sends Aries onto the apron. Shoulderblock from Aries to Storm and he uses the top rope to send Storm down. Aries tries a top rope missile dropkick but misses. Storm measures for the Last Call but Aries blocks it. Brainbuster attempt from Aries is unsuccessful. Storm tries to roll Aries up but Aries holds on to the ropes. Aries takes Storm down with an armdrag. The two run into each other and collapse on the mat. Bobby Roode rushes out as Aries is being attended to by the ref and slams Storm face first into the steel pole. Aries lifts Storm for the Brainbuster and nails it for the victory.

Winner: Austin Aries

– Kurt Angle is in the back talking with somebody. I’m not sure who it was but he asked Angle for a ride to Phoenix. AJ Styles breaks it up and wants to know why Angle volunteered to wrestle with Sting against the Aces and Eights. Styles says he needs to get his head in the game and leaves. Angle says Kaz and Daniels are playing him.

– Hulk Hogan and Sting are walking to the ring and up after the commercials.

– This week’s BFG memory is from 2011 with Sting. He says the only thing for sure about Sting is that nothing is sure about Sting.

– Hogan and Sting are in the ring and have full approval from the fans. Hogan air guitars for a second until his music stops. He says they have a little bit of a situation. Hogan says the A&8s made a deal and Sting is getting in the ring. Sting says he doesn’t care and he’s pissed off because they have to live under their rule. He’s mad they took Anderson out but he says they will take Bully Ray on the team and run with it. Hogan grabs the mic from Sting and says “to keep Aces and Eights out of the company, they had to make a deal with the devil, Brother.”

This brings out Kazarian and Chris Daniels, sans appletini. Daniels says they can solve the mystery. They bring up Bound for Glory and say they can right the ship. Out of all the people in the lockerroom, Hogan and Sting picked the most untrustworthy guy. Daniels wants to know why the World Tag Team Champions of the World weren’t chosen for the gig. Kaz, calling Hogan Thunderlips, say they don’t have hurt feelings but they do have a solution. Hogan cancels the Tag Team title match at BFG, Bully Ray gets kicked off the team and Hogan puts Kurt Angle in the PPV match against the Aces and Eights.

Bully Ray’s music interrupts them from continuing and he’s out in anger. He says Angle would have been a great choice but this isn’t a wrestling match, it’s a fight. He calls Angle the greatest pro wrestler ever. He says they are in a fight and need the “baddest mother trucker in the company.” Ray says this is a business and they don’t need friends, they just need partners. Ray says they have a common business in removing the Aces and Eights from Impact. He then suggests a match between the World Tag Team Champions of the World against Bully Ray and Sting. Kaz and Daniels plead but Hogan says the match is happening in the main event.

– We return with Chavo Guerrero’s music playing. Hernandez and Chavo are out with Christy Hemme letting us know Hernandez is the man in action tonight. AJ Styles, without Kurt Angle, is his opponent.

Hernandez vs. AJ Styles

Styles dodges an attack from Hernandez. Styles attacks with a low kick. He gives another one. Hernandez tries a punch but Styles rolls out of the way. AJ cuts Hernandez’s legs and knocks him down. Chavo and AJ trade words. AJ tries a sunset flip but Hernandez lifts him up. Styles is there with an enziguri. More words exchanged between AJ and Guerrero. Styles misses a flying forearm and Hernandez slams his head against the turnbuckle. AJ is then sent flying across the ring by Super-Mex. Styles tries to stop Hernandez with punches to the sternum but Hernandez stops him with an axe handle to the back. Hernandez effortlessly lifts Styles into a bearhug.

AJ elbows his way out of the maneuver. He tries some offense but Hernandez cuts him off. Hernandez sends Styles into the ropes and grabs him on the rebound. Styles slips out and connects with a dropkick leaving Hernandez stuck on the middle rope. Styles is there with another dropkick that sends Hernandez to the outside. Styles slingshots from the ring onto Hernandez. Chavo distracts AJ with words allowing Hernandez to get up inside the ring. Styles leaps off the top rope but Hernandez is out of the way. He rolls and runs into the ropes for some offense. Hernandez is there with a huge shoulderblock that knocks AJ Styles out. Hernandez covers for the win.

Winner: Hernandez

– We’re sent to a mystery room with the Aces and Eights. They let us know Joseph Park is fine. They give him some food which he quickly begins eating. The mystery man says it’s funny how common causes bring enemies together. He calls Bully Ray a surprise but not one they can’t overcome. He repeats once again “did you lock us out, or did you lock us in?” He says they may have to put that to the test tonight but regardless of the outcome, they will be face to face on Sunday. Commercials.

– We return to the show with the X Division champion, Zema Ion, not in wrestling gear. Tenay says it’s shocking how little remorse Ion has for his action. Taz says it’s tough to watch. Ion says he’s living proof that humbleness gets you nowhere in life. He says he’s broken necks, arms and has ended careers to keep the X Division title. He calls it bittersweet though, because he doesn’t have a match for Bound for Glory. There is no X Division. Great decision there to leave ROH, Kenny King.

Rob Van Dam is out now. He says he’s without a BFG match and was just talking to Hulk Hogan. Hogan gave RVD permission to wrestle anyone he chose. RVD kicks Ion to the ground and raises the X Division title in the air.

– We’re in the back with Hogan and Sting. Hogan says “he” doesn’t fit in. Sting lets us know he’s talking about Bully Ray. Ray is in the room now and says they’re up next. Hogan says he doesn’t trust Bully. Ray says he hasn’t done anything Hogan hasn’t done. He shook Hogan’s hand last week. Hogan says this is Ray’s test run and if he messes up, he’s done. Sting tells Hogan to cut the crap because he needs his endorsement. Hogan says he’s with Sting but unsure about Ray. Ray leaves and Sting follows sending us to another break.

– Brooke Hogan is with Taryn Terrell, asking her if she’s ready for Sunday. Tara sends Terrell off and hands Hogan a sheet of paper. It’s a media list. Tara said it’s from her Hollywood boyfriend letting her know what to do on Monday after she wins the belt. Tara says her Secret Hollywood Boyfriend is going to be at the show Sunday. Hogan tears up the paper and says Tara isn’t the champ yet. Tara leaves saying “Kim and Khloe were so right about you.”

– The tag team champions are out for next match as Tenay and Taz wonder who Tara’s boyfriend is going to be. Ray and Sting, with separate entrances, are out after. Tenay lets us know this match will happen after the commercial break.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Bully Ray and Sting

The ref rings the bell and Bully Ray starts the match with Christopher Daniels. Daniels kicks Ray before hanging a side headlock on him. Ray shoves Daniels off and shoulderblocks him down. Daniels is up but brought back down with a clothesline. In the corner, Daniels gets headbutted in his chest. Ray chops Daniels bringing him down. Ray delivers another chop to the chest. Daniels gets slammed head first into the top turnbuckle. Ray follows that up with elbows to the shoulder. Ray controls Daniels on the mat and asks the fans if they want Sting. He gets them to chant for the Stinger and tags him in.

Wrestling in a shirt, Sting comes in and punches Daniels. He takes him down with an armdrag. A pin gets two. Daniels stuns Sting with a quick knee and tags in Kaz. Kaz gets armdragged when he hops into action. Ray gets tagged in. Sting and Ray are there with a double arm drag. Clothesline from Ray to Kaz. After a back body drop, Ray covers and gets two. Ray sends Kaz to the face corner and chops him. More chops from Bully. Sting is the legal man now and he kicks Kaz in the stomach area. Vertical suplex from the Stinger gets a two.

Ray is back in and the pair deliver a double clothesline to Kaz. Huge suplex from Ray to Kaz. Sting is back in as Kaz crawls to a corner. Sting is there with the Stinger Splash. You can hear someone breathing heavily, I’m not sure who it is. Sting tries another splash but Daniels gets Kaz out of the way. Daniels grabs Sting’s legs from the outside and crotches him with the steel pole. The tag champs beat on Sting on the outside until Bully Ray chases them off with a chair. Sting is back in and Daniels joins him. He kicks Sting multiple times. The fans are hot for Sting. Daniels beats on Sting in the corner. Kaz chokes him as Daniels distracts the ref. Daniels delivers a snapmare and follows it up with a slingshot elbow. Kazarian comes in with a slingshot leg drop for a two count.

Rear chinlock from Kazarian to Sting. Sting gets to a vertical base and elbows Kaz off of him. Sting tries something but Kaz takes him out with a spin kick. Daniels is tagged in and Daniels boots Sting in the face. He covers and gets two. Taz hypes the importance of the match as Daniels points to the sky. Sting gets dropped down with a jab to the face. Daniels climbs the turnbuckle but Sting is up and throws him off. Daniels and Sting both get up and run at each other with a double clothesline. Both men are down.

Both men tag in their partners. Ray punches both Kazarian and Daniels in the head. He then delivers a backdrop to the tag team champions. Ray whips Kaz into Daniels and delivers a splash to both men. A samoan drop gets a two before Daniel breaks it up. Sting evens the score by beating on Daniels. Daniels and Ray pair up on the outside as Sting and Kaz brawl on the inside. Sting tosses Kazarian to the outside and Daniels grabs the belt. Ray alerts the Stinger and lands a big boot to Daniels. Kazarian tries to catch Ray off-guard but Sting catches him with a punch to the sternum. Sting and Ray shake hands in the middle of the ring. Sting shoves Ray in the chest and demands him to GET THE TABLES.

Ray grabs a table as Sting takes Kazarian out with the Scorpion Deathdrop. Ray climbs the turnbuckle and Sting gives him Christopher Daniels. Bully Ray drives Christopher Daniels into the table with a powerbomb for the disqualification.

Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

– Sting’s music hits as he and Bully Ray celebrate by pointing at one another. Kazarian is on the outside attending to his partner.

– A video package for Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy plays. Hardy says winning the title is the last chapter in his redemption. Aries repeats his belief that this isn’t Hardy chasing Aries, it’s Aries chasing Hardy.

– An interview from earlier today plays. Jeff Hardy says he’s going to give the Creatures what they are waiting for. He’ll be the best wrestler on planet earth after he wins. Later tonight, Jeff Hardy versus Bobby Roode but next after the break is Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher.

– We’re met back from the commercial break with video hyping the Al Snow-Joey Ryan feud. Snow is ecstatic over having the ability to legally beat on Ryan. Ryan says he’s overcome so much. He overcame losing out on Gutcheck, getting thrown out but they will be on the West Coast, Joey Ryan’s home coast (?).

– Samoa Joe is walking backstage as the interviewer catches up to him. The interviewer asks Joe for his thoughts on Sunday. Joe starts talking about Magnus before Magnus comes in. Magnus says he’ll win the belt on Sunday. Joe won’t be able to hide behind politics and Hogan anymore. Joe suggest fighting tonight but Magnus declines. Magnus says Joe isn’t TV but he is. He then says he’s a businessman and won’t fight tonight but will on Sunday when “millions” of people buy the PPV.

Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

Gail Kim stops Miss Tessmacher from raising the title in the air with a boot to the side. Kim slams Tessmacher into the corner and chokes her with her boot. Gail comes flying with a forearm to Tessmacher’s head. Uppercut from Gail Kim. Tessmacher tries to mount some offense but Kim stops her. Kim whips Tessmacher into the corner and charges. Tessmacher gets out of the way. Headscissors takedown from the Knockouts Champion. Tessmacher poses for the Stinkface but Kim scurries out of the ring. Tessmacher grabs Kim hairfirst but Kim turns it against but snapping her head against the rope. Kim delivers a dropkick and drops down for the pin. Two count.

Kim delivers a bodyslam to the Champ. She plays with her hair for the fans before kneeing Tessmacher in the shoulder. Kim shoves Tessmacher’s face against the ropes with her knees. Clothesline into the ropes gets another two count. Kim continues the domination with a backbreaker. Forearm from Kim. Kim whips Tessmacher into the ropes and comes flying in with a shoulderblock to the midsection. Kim claps and the fans follow her lead. Tessmacher starts mounting some offense with punches to Kim’s stomach but Kim shoves her back down. Kim tries a maneuver but Tessmacher catches her and catapults her into the top turnbuckle. Kim tries to charge but Tessmacher is there with kicks. Tessmacher punches Kim multiple times before taking her out with a flying forearm. Kim gets taken down with a neckbreaker and Tessmacher climbs the ropes. Kim stops her. Kim places Tessmacher in a fireman’s carry but Tessmacher comes down with a pin. Two count. Tessmacher tries a hurricanrana but Gail Kim counters into a big powerbomb. Gail Kim climbs the ropes but jumps down when Tessmacher rolls out of the way. Tessmacher slams Kim face down with the belly to back facebuster for the win.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

– Tara rushes the ring after the match she pounds Tessmacher and tries the Widow’s Peak. Tessmacher squirms out and takes Tara out with the facebuster.

– Bobby Roode is talking about Bound for Glory when he’s interrupted by James Storm. Storm screams at him for costing him the opener. Roode tries to walk off when Storm chokes him. Roode fights back but they’re separated by Muhammed Lawal.

– Jeff Hardy is up with his Bound for Glory memory. His is from the 2005 incarnation where he delivered a Swanton Bomb “from 20 feet” onto Abyss.

– We get a video package for Sting’s induction into the TNA Hall of Fame on Saturday.

– Tenay and Taz run down the Bound for Glory card. It looks like it’ll be a fun show.

– It’s main event time as Bobby Roode is out for the match. The commentators talk about King Mo’s backstage interference in the little brawl that just occurred and say he’s used to fighting. That sends us to a commercial break.

We return with Jeff Hardy’s entrance. Tenay and Taz talk about Hardy’s match with Austin Aries on Sunday. Hardy circles the ring and gives out hugs to multiple people. I haven’t noticed whether or not that’s a weekly ritual but it’s put to an end by a Bobby Roode sneak attack from behind. Roode sends Hardy face-first into the steel barricade. Roode does it again and tells to referee to shut up. Roode punches Hardy in the face. Roode tosses Hardy into the ring and joins him to start the match.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

A cornered Hardy gets punches by Bobby Roode. Roode switches it up with kicks until the ref forces him to stop. Roode taunts the fans but is caught off guard with a Jeff Hardy forearm. Roode reverses a whip but Hardy is there with another forearm. Hardy delivers his legdrop and covers Roode for a two. Hardy wrenches the arm and punches Roode in the shoulder. Roode gets to his feet and corners Hardy. Roode delivers a knee. He follows that up with a pair of punches. Hardy fires back with kicks and punches and whips Roode into the corner. He sends Roode over his head. Roode recovers on the apron but Hardy sends him out with a clothesline.

Roode takes Hardy down by his feet but Hardy sends Roode into the steel barricade. Roode recovers but Hardy flies off with a body splash that takes out both men. Hardy sends Roode shoulder first into the barricade. The referee demands him to send Roode back inside but Hardy slams Roode’s face into the apron. Hardy finally returns both men inside the ring and Roode begs Hardy off. Hardy ignores Roode and kicks him into the corner. Roode reverses another whip and sends Hardy onto the apron. Hardy delivers a shoulderblock and jumps in the ring and into a Bobby Roode clothesline. Roode boots Hardy in the face. He follows that with an elbow. He uses the ropes for leverage as he places his boot on Hardy’s neck. The ref forces him off but Roode immediately returns to Hardy with more blows to the head. Roode throws Hardy out of the ring. Roode retrieves Hardy and tries a suplex. Hardy counters and delivers a vertical suplex of his own sending us to a commercial break.

We return with Jeff Hardy back first on the mat. During the break, Roode sent Hardy shoulder first into the steel steps. Hardy returned the favor by sending Roode shoulder first into the steel post. Roode applies a variation of a chinlock as the fans chant “LET”S GO HARDY.” Hardy rolls over but Roode changes his hold and wraps his arms around Hardy’s upper body. Hardy gets some punches in but Roode elbows him in the face. Roode climbs the turnbuckle and comes flying off with the blockbuster. That gets a two count.

Roode is frustrated with his inability to put away Hardy. Hardy rolls to the outside so Roode joins him. Roode slams Hardy’s head into the steps and rolls Hardy back inside the ring. Roode tries a reverse neckbreaker and it’s successful despite some fight from Hardy. The pin gets two. Roode picks Hardy up but Hardy is there with multiple punches to the sternum. Hardy tries a clothesline but Roode counters into a rear naked choke. Hardy falls to the mat as Roode keeps the hold applied.

The referee lifts Hardy’s arm to check for consciousness. He reaches two and goes for three. Hardy screams and keeps his arm up. Hardy gets up and sends Roode and himself to the corner but Roode maintains possession of the hold. Hardy falls to the mat but is up again. He tries to shake Roode off but Roode keeps it on. Hardy drops down between the turnbuckle sending Roode face first into the top turnbuckle. Hardy leaps off the top rope with the Whisper in the Wind but can’t pin. The referee begins counting both men out. Both men get up at the same time. Roode strikes but Hardy blocks. Roode tries another but Hardy blocks it. Dragon whip from Hardy to Roode gets a two count.

Roode sends Hardy into a corner and charges. Hardy gets his feet up and sends Roode down. Hardy leaps onto the turnbuckle and comes down with a splash for a two. Roode and Hardy get up. Hardy tries to take Roode out but Roode counters it into a spinebuster for two. Hardy gets places on top of the turnbuckle by Bobby Roode. Roode climbs and tries a superplex. Hardy fights him off and Roode falls backfirst onto the mat. Hardy flies off with the Swanton but it misses. Big spear from Roode to Hardy gets a nearfall. Roode tries the fisherman suplex but Hardy counters it into a quick Twist of Faith. Roode gets up and Hardy tries another one. Roode gets out of it and low blows Hardy for the disqualification.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– Bobby Roode grabs a chair. The referee tries to stop him but can’t. Roode almost hits Hardy but the ref steals the chair and tosses it out of the ring. Hardy is there with a Twist of Faith to Bobby Roode. Hardy gets his arm raises by the referee as Roode rolls out.

Austin Aries is out now. He says he won’t let the night end with Hardy sitting in the middle of the ring. He has a sheet of paper and says he has some things to say. He says that sheet is what “they” want him to say. Ugh. Aries says since he won the belt. People have been telling him what to think, how to act and what to say. They’ve been telling Aries to embrace the fans and Aries says he’s done with that. Aries says the picture that has been painted says Aries is jealous of what Hardy has. Aries says that isn’t true. Aries isn’t jealous of Hardy’s rapsheet. Aries isn’t jealous that Hardy is half crippled and can’t play with his little girl. He’s jealous of the special treatment Jeff Hardy gets. He says he’s been set to fail. He’s been asking for new music and a new entrance but they’ve been too busy making Jeff Hardy videos. He says he’s tired of people catering to Hardy. He says he’s set up to fail but it won’t happen. He says it’s him against the system and that’s when he works best. The only failure at Bound for Glory will be Jeff Hardy.

Hardy takes the mic and says his nuts hurt. His neck hurts. He says this Sunday, he’s going to end Aries’ cocky ass. Aries says that’s fine but until he does that, the ring belongs to him. He can kick Hardy out of it but he’s going to give Hardy one last chance to soak in the fans admiration. He then asks Hardy to leave so they can bask in his glory. Aries stops Hardy from leaving with a kick. He hits the Brainbuster and asks if this is what the people want ending the show.