TNA Impact Wrestling Results – October 18, 2012

TNA Impact starts off with a video recapping the Bound for Glory PPV. James Storm, Bobby Roode, the Aces and Eights and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Hardy are the focus. Oh, Devon showed up too.

– We’re sent to the back now. The Aces and Eights, now with full access to the Impact Zone show up. Some security tries to stop them but they immediately back down. The A&8s music plays and Taz says “things are about to change here in the world of Impact Wrestling.” Six members of the faction are in the ring, without Devon. They point and we see the leader (?) speaking from the Aces and Eights clubhouse. He says they beat Hogan at his own game and they owe one man for that, the newest member of the Aces and Eights: Devon. They toast in his honor and the Aces and Eights inside the ring clap.

The video from the Aces and Eights clubhouse ends and Devon, in Aces and Eights attire, walks to the ring. Taz and Tenay are wondering what went down in his mind when he decided to join them. Devon hugs the six guys in the ring before grabbing a microphone. He starts off by telling the fans to shut the hell up. This gets a “YOU SOLD OUT,” chant going. Devon says the Aces and Eights are the guys that have had his back since day one. They picked him up. The people in the crowd are no good pieces of crap, according to Devon. Without the Aces and Eights, Devon wouldn’t be in the Impact Zone testifying. He thanks the anonymous leader for patching him in because the Aces and Eights are the group that will destroy TNA. He says Bubba, Sting and Hogan asked why. He decides to address them one by one. He starts off by bringing up his past with Bubba, which include Bubba driving Devon’s son through a table. He calls payback a “biotch.“

Devon starts to address the others when Sting’s music plays. Out on the ramp are Sting, Joe, Angle, Styles, everyone’s favorite wrestler Garrett Bischoff, Chavo and others. Sting says it’s time for some formal inductions. The TNA roster rushes the ring and we get a brawl. Hogan’s music plays and he’s out in the red and yellow with a baseball. Tenay asks if Hogan will bring order and we’re sent to our first ad break.

We’re back with Hogan telling the Aces and Eights to come back. The roster stops them from going any further than the crowd though. Hogan says “it don’t work this way.” The A&8s got full access but that means they have to fight. Sting grabs the microphone and challenges Devon to a fight. Hogan asks Devon if he’s all the way in or all the way out. Devon has to either fight Sting in the main event or go away. Devon accepts as the fans chant “WE WANT BULLY.” Hogan’s music plays and that ends the opener. Tenay says order has been restored in the Impact Zone.

– Video package time, this time highlighting the match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy. Hardy won if you missed it. He calls himself the best professional wrestler on the planet. RIP Daniel Bryan. Later on the show, Jeff Hardy has a title celebration.

We see Austin Aries scoffing at the idea of a Jeff Hardy celebration party. He says it isn’t a party without him and says he’ll bring cookies. Commercials.

– If you can’t wait for the match to start, the TNA twitter page just announced the next match is Samoa Joe versus Robbie E for the TV title.

– We’re back with Hogan talking to Mr. Anderson. He says next Thursday is Championship Thursday and Hardy is going to defend his title. Joseph Park comes in and Hogan asks if he’s okay. Park says he’s had enough and needs a few minutes in private with Hulkster. Hogan gets the camera and Anderson out and they start talking.

– The Robbies, E and T, are out now for the TV title match. Samoa Joe is out after.

TNA Television Title Match: Robbie E vs. Samoa Joe ©

Joe starts off strong with punches to Robbie. He whips him and comes in with a back splash-enziguri combo. Joe grabs Robbie but takes him out with a headbutt. Snapmare is followed up by a chop to the back. Roundkick to the chest. Knees to the throat is followed by a pin that gets one. Robbie squirms to the corner. Joe is there though with an elbow. Robbie tries to get some offense in the forms of punches and kicks but Joe just chops him down to the mat. Joe slams Robbie’s head in the corner and hits a headbutt. He positions Robbie for the Musclebuster but Robbie T grabs the leg. This gives Robbie E the advantage. He weakly hits Joe with two slaps to the chest but Joe is there with a chop. Joe suicide dives to the outside taking out Robbie T. Robbie E tries flying in with an axe handle but Joe kicks him in the gut. Joe sends Robbie back inside and corners him. Musclebuster. He follows that up with the Coquina Clutch for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– Robbie E tries to shock Joe with an attack but Joe ducks and latches the Clutch on him.

– New TNA Knockouts Champion, Tara and her Hollywood boyfriend Jessie Godderz are in the back taking a photoshoot. Tara says Vanessa and Kobe are getting back together but they’re still the hottest couple on the planet. They share a kiss. Up after the commercial break, ODB versus Tara.

– Tara and Jessie Godderz appear on the ramp as Christy Hemme lets us know this match won’t be for any titles. Taz, sarcastically I hope, tries to make Godderz out to be this big deal. ODB’s music plays but she doesn’t show up. She’s backstage arguing on the phone with Eric Young. She runs to the ring, phone in one hand, flask in the other and Taz wonders where EY is.

Tara vs. ODB

Tara makes out with Godderz but ODB strikes her from behind. ODB takes Tara down with a shoulderblock. She puts her wedding ring in a pocket. ODB lifts Tara and takes her out with a powerslam. ODB returns to her phone. She tells Eric Young to stay on. ODB smothers Jessie’s face in her chest and goes back to her phone. Taz drops some random Big Brother knowledge. Tara takes ODB down and slams her face into the mat screaming “that’s my man.” Tara grabs ODB by her hair and stretches her on her back. She follows that up with a kick to the back. ODB elbows out of Tara’s grasp but Tara slams her across the ring. Tara pounds ODB in the back and twists her head.

ODB elbows out but Tara strikes her. Tara once again grabs ODB’s hair and pulls it. ODB is sent to the mat and Tara goes back to Jessie. They make out while ODB grabs her flask. ODB takes a drink and nails Tara in the back. ODB picks Tara up, spits in Jessie’s face and nails Tara with the TKO for the win.

Winner: ODB

– Tessmacher approves of the results of the match from the ramp. Tenay lets us know Tessmacher and Tara will fight for the Knockouts title next week.

– AJ Styles and Kurt Angle are talking. Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles are going to fight for number one contendership to Jeff Hardy’s title for next week’s Championship Thursday. Styles says he doesn’t mind being in a tag but he wants to be champion. A graphic for Devon-Sting sends us to another ad break.

– The Aces and Eights are outside the Impact Zone talking. Tenay says they’re ready to fight tonight.

– Video package for the triple threat tag team bout between Hernandez and Chavo, Styles and Angle and the (now former) Tag Champions, Daniels and Kazarian. Christopher Daniels says they will win back the tag straps in the rematch. Chavo Guerrero calls TNA the best company in the world and says their win was for “la raza.”

– Kid Kash and Gunner are out for the next bout. Taz gives compliments to Christy Hemme as Tenay calls Kash and Gunner “intense.” Chavo and Hernandez, the new tag team champions, are their opponents. This is non-title.

Kid Kash and Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

The match starts with all four men brawling. Kash and Gunner send Chavo to the outside and double team Hernandez. Hernandez takes them out with a double clothesline though. He then grabs Kash and delivers a Military Press slam. Chavo is tagged in and delivers a dropkick to the back of Kid Kash. Cover gets one as Kash grabs the ropes. Uppercut from Guerrero. Hernandez is tagged as Chavo whips Kash. Hernandez grabs Kash and applies a bearhug. He tosses Kash with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Kash bites(?) Hernandez and brings Gunner into the match. Tenay confirms the bite happened. Gunner tries a backdrop but Hernandez counters. Chavo is tagged in and he comes in with a slingshot splash. Gunner corners Chavo and brings in Kid Kash. Kash knees Chavo and sends him into the ropes. Chavo gets a boot up but Gunner knocks him down with a clothesline. Kash boots Chavo in the head and tags in Gunner. They double-team Guerrero with boots to the head and chest. Gunner tags Kash and holds him for a kick. The two go back to double-teaming with more kicks. Gunner is back in and he applies a boot to Chavo’s throat. Quick tag to Kash. Kash taunts Hernandez and boots Chavo in the stomach. Snapmare takedown is followed up with kicks to the chest. Two count for Kash.

Chavo gets a kick on Kash but he immediately corners Chavo with punches. Chavo gets an uppercut and begins crawling to Hernandez. Kash grabs the feet but Chavo fires back with an enziguri. Hernandez is tagged in and he comes in with a flying shoulderblock. Clotheslines to the heels. Kash tries some chops but Hernandez is there with the Pounce. Chavo is tagged in and he climbs the turnbuckle. He comes in with a frogsplash crossbody for the win.

Winners: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero

– Jeff Hardy is seen walking backstage. Taz lets us know his celebration ceremony is after a couple of commercials.

– Joseph Park is talking with Hogan and Sting. Park says the Aces and Eights went too far and he wants one of them. Enter Bully Ray. He wants to talk to Hogan alone. Hogan says Park is on the team and Park stays. Ray says Devon is his brother but he doesn’t understand why he did what he did. Ray wants Sting out of the match and himself put in. Hogan says it’s Sting’s time. Hogan says Bully Ray will be one of the four men he picks for a title shot against Jeff Hardy next week. Ray says Hogan needs to trust him and walks off disappointed. Sting catches up and Hogan says he needs to fix that.

– We get a shorter video package of the Hardy-Aries title match from the PPV for the celebration ceremony. It ends and Hardy is out and showered with cheers from the Impact Zone. Jeff puts down the TNA Heavyweight Title and brings back his old purple belt from his earlier title run. It looks like its back as Taz says “when you’re World Champion, you can do whatever the hell you want.” Hardy raises the belt in the air and fireworks go off above the ring. Green, white and pink confetti follow that up. The TV is covered with the stuff as Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and raises the title again.

Hardy’s music stops and you can hear some boos from the crowd. It’s mostly men though. The Hardy chant eventually drowns those guys out. Hardy says it’s good to be back in the Impact Zone. He says it’s been a year-long journey and the cast member of the Impact Zone have been there with him. He thanks “the creatures.” Hardy says he can’t wait until next week when he defends his title next week in Orlando.

This brings out Austin Aries singing “Celebration.” He has balloons and cookies, like he promised. Huge “WE WANT COOKIES” chant. Aries says he won’t take anything away from what Hardy did. Aries called his feat super-human. No one else in the company could beat Austin Aries at a PPV. Hardy tries to take the balloons but Aries releases them early and they fly away. Sad. Aries tries to give Hardy cookies but Hardy slaps the plate away. Aries says winning the title was only the beginning of the battle, now Hardy is a man with a target on his back. Aries says not everyone can handle that pressure and some people crumble. Fans chant Hardy and Aries says the people in Phoenix were behind his back. That gets an Aries chant. Aries brings up his rematch clause. Aries says he’s going to wait for Hardy to crumble before he turns that in. He mocks the belt, which deserves mocking. Aries says it’s a representation of everything Hardy is and spits on the title. Hardy clubs Aries across the head and tries the Twist of Faith. Aries squirms out of the ring as Tenay and Taz take Aries to task for being egotistical.

– Christopher Daniels is walking backstage, with appletini. He says it looks bad because he lost the tag titles and now has to wrestle AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. He says the appletini is always half-full and he’s going to beat Kurt and AJ.

AJ Styles is out. Tenay clears up the stipulation for the match, sort of. He says the winner of tonight’s match will be considered to face Hardy next week. Bully Ray, James Storm and Mr. Anderson have all also been made similar promises.

During the break, Christopher Daniels made his entrance. Tenay reminds us of Championship Thursday as Angle makes his way to the ring. Jeff Hardy’s first Title defense happens next week.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings and Daniels goes at AJ. AJ blocks an attack and Daniels and Angle take turns punching Daniels in the head. Double-team elbow to Daniels’ face. Backbody drop from AJ to Daniels as Taz says Kazarian isn’t there because of travel issues. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Angle shoves him. Daniels is down in the corner as AJ and Angle tie up. Angle goes behind and clubs Styles in the back. Styles gets up and is punched. AJ and Angle trade leapfrogs until Styles takes Angle down with a dropkick. Angle is cornered and attacked by Styles with shoulderblocks. Daniels stacks the former tag team partners and drives his shoulder into AJ. AJ and Angle double team their way out and take Daniels out. Styles and Angle go back to fighting each other. Backbody drop from Angle to Styles. Backbreaker from Angle to Daniels. Angle takes Daniels out with a German Suplex but AJ Styles kicks Angle in the head. AJ tries the Styles Clash but Angle rolls out into the Ankle Lock.

Daniels breaks it up with a slap to the face. Daniels drives Angle shoulder first into the steel pole. STO to AJ Styles gets a one count. Daniels mounts AJ and punches him in the face. Styles gets to his knees but Daniels nails him with elbows. Daniels follows a neckbreaker up with a two count. Angle makes his way to the apron but Daniels nails him. Daniels applies a modified chinlock to AJ Styles. Styles gets up but Daniels works his feet forcing Styles back down. Styles punches Daniels off of him and sends him into the ropes. Angle takes Daniels down with a clothesline. AJ does the same. AJ sends Angle into the corner and takes Daniels out with a backbreaker. Forearm to Angle. AJ leaps on the apron and leaps into the ring with a springboard forearm to Angle. That gets a two count.

Spinout powerbomb from Daniels to AJ gets a two count. Angle takes Daniels out with a T-Bone Suplex and measures Styles. Styles dodges a clothesline and nails Angle with the Pele kick. All three men are down. AJ goes on the apron and sends Daniels to the outside. He springboards onto Daniels on the outside with a huge moonsault. He holds his knee. AJ sends Daniels back inside. Angle kicks Daniels who is sent into AJ. AJ falls on the outside. Angle delivers the Angle Slam to Christopher Daniels for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

– Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, James Storm and Bully Ray will all be in deliberations next week to determine the number one contender to Hardy’s title. Angle suggests a handshake but AJ departs in disappointment.

– Taz and Tenay dissect the Joey Ryan-Al Snow match that featured interference from Matt Morgan.

Joey Ryan shakes hands with Hulk Hogan in the back. Matt Morgan is with him. Hogan wants Ryan to take the 87% and make them 97%. Hogan asks Morgan why he ruined the biggest PPV of the year. Morgan brings up the first interview Hogan made in Impact Wrestling where Hogan said he would make Matt Morgan a household name. Hogan says he’s been on Team Morgan but Morgan hasn’t delivered the goods. Morgan, calling Hogan Terry, pounds the wall and says he’s going to shove all the complaints about him up Hogan’s ass. Morgan leaves and Hogan smiles.

– James Storm is up after the commercial break.

– Our Bound for Glory retrospective continues with a package featuring the James Storm-Bobby Roode match. Storm won that one with King Mo not really doing much but making faces at things.

Storm is out now as Tenay brings up the brutality of the bout between the former Beer Money tag partners. Storm says “what goes around, comes around,” and mentions his journey has been a year long one. He became World Heavyweight Champion last year. This year, he bled buckets of .blood and vanquished Bobby Roode. Storm said he made a bucket list when he came back. Number ten on the last is beating Bobby Roode. Nine through two: drink beer. He takes a drink of beer and checks that off. Number one is to win back the World Championship. He says he’s one of four guys that gets to compete for the title. He starts talking to Hogan when Bobby Roode’s music cuts him off.

Roode says they made good on a promise. They promised the world they’d give everything they had and they did that. He calls their match on Sunday one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the wrestling business. Storm asks for a chair and says it’s a lot easier to sit down to kiss his ass. Roode gets angry and says Storm should be kissing his ass because Storm’s victory made him relevant. Without Roode, Storm would’ve never became a World Champion. Roode says he will always be the better man. Storm says “nope,” and delivers the Last Call superkick to Bobby Roode.

– The Aces and Eights “Sergeant at Arms,” Devon is warming up backstage. Sting is walking. The main event is after the break.

– Highlights from Sting’s Hall of Fame ceremony play. Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter are among the speakers.

– Devon is out from the special Aces and Eights entrance. They repeat the Sergeant at Arms nickname for the third time so I’m guessing that’s a thing. Sting’s music follows as Taz and Tenay talk about what Devon did on Sunday.

Devon vs. Sting

Sting is barely in the ring when Devon attacks him. Devon chokes the Stinger in the corner. He elbows Sting to his knees. Another elbow to Sting’s back. He grabs Sting by his hair and pounds him in the head. Irish whip is followed by a Sting reversal into a clothesline. Elbow from Sting. Sting whips Devon and takes him out with a flapjack. Sting attacks the back of Devon’s leg but misses a Stinger Splash. Devon tries something but Sting is there with an elbow. Sting sends Devon face-first into the turnbuckle. He whips him across the ring and is there with more kicks to the back. Devon gets on all fours when Sting steps on Devon’s hands. Devon is clawed in the face. Sting tries a whipe but Devon holds on. Sting tries to clothesline Devon over but can’t finish it. Sting sends Devon to the outside sending us to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back with Devon raising his arms in the air. Devon strikes Sting in the back as Taz and Tenay recap the break. Sting nailed Devon in the back with a chair (distracting Hebner by pointing to the crowd, seriously). Back in real time, Devon has Sting in the corner. He chokes Sting with the middle rope. Devon measures a groggy Sting and nails him in the face with a fist. More punches from Devon. Devon once again chokes Sting with the middle rope. Devon, on the outside, places Sting on the apron and drives his elbow into the Stinger’s chest. Devon gets back in the ring and lands a bunch of kicks. Sting gets up and out of the way in the corner. Devon joins him and takes him out with a punch. Splash by Devon gets two.

Devon stays on the mat and applies a chinlock to Sting. Sting gets to his feet and elbows out of the hold. Sting gets a head of steam but Devon is there with a rolling elbow. Devon delivers a jawbreaker. Dueling “Let’s go Sting, Let’s go Devon” chants get started as Devon climbs the turnbuckle. He comes down with a diving headbutt but Sting moves out of the way. Sting blocks a punch and sends Devon down. More punches from Sting. Sting whips Devon and nails a flying clothesline. Stinger Splash. Sting kicks Devon in the back and connects with the Scorpion Deathdrop. He locks the Scorpion Deathlock on.

Devon tries to crawl to the ropes but Sting keeps him from touching the ropes. The Aces and Eights come in and attack Sting, forcing the DQ.

Winner: Sting (DQ)

Mr. Anderson, Chavo Guerrero, Garrett Bischoff, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez and Samoa Joe come in to even the score. The Aces and Eights and Impact Wrestling Roster brawl. After a few minutes, Bully Ray comes in with a baseball bat and the Aces and Eights run away. Bully Ray gives chase but that’s where the program ends.