TNA Impact Wrestling Results – October 25, 2012

Previously on Impact wrestling: Sting and Bully Ray vs. the Aces and Eights and Devon and Jeff Hardy is the new World Champion

– We’re in the back with Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan. Hogan says Jeff has taken TNA to places its never gone. Because of this, Hardy’s first title defense is going to be a difficult one. Hogan says one of Bully, Anderson, Storm and Angle will fight Jeff (who has both World Titles) tonight. Hardy says BFG changed him and his opponent will be in the fight of his life.

Hardy leaves and walks by Kurt Angle, James Storm, Anderson and Ray. We hear inner monologue from Hardy. He says Storm drinks too much, Angle is great, Anderson is an asshole and something about Bully being a Bully. The voice in his head says they all have a weakness, he just has to find it.

– Jeremy Borash and Todd Keneley are our announcers tonight. I’ve never heard of Keneley. Borash lets us know they will only be doing the first hour while Mike Tenay and Taz will be doing hour two. Rob Van Dam is out for the first match, an X Division title bout against Zema Ion. Keneley lets us know this is the first of three title matches tonight.

X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam vs. Zema Ion

Big RVD chant to start the match. Ion goes behind and puts on a chinlock. Ion misses a dropkick and RVD goes behind. Ion rolls up and gets a two. RVD is up and sweeps the leg of Zema Ion. Ion crawls to the corner. Borash says RVD is maybe the first X Division wrestler. Side headlock from Ion. RVD powers out and pins Ion. Two count.

Armdrag from Ion. Ion attacks RVD but Van Dam lifts Ion over his head with a gorilla press. He immediately lands a standing moonsault. Another moonsault from Rob Van Dam as Zema Ion leaves the ring. Baseball slide from RVD to Ion as Kenely talks Ion’s injury history. Ion slams RVD’s back into the steel barricade and returns into the ring. He tries a dive but RVD is up on the apron with a boot to Ion’s face. Ion tries a backdrop but RVD is there with a boot. RVD tries a crossbody but Ion drops down and RVD flies to the outside. RVD gets to his feet and Ion dives in with a huge dive to the champ. Ion tosses Van Dam back in and poses on the apron. This lets RVD recover and RVD grabs Ion’s hair. Ion with the guillotine on the ropes. Big DDT from Ion to RVD. Two count on the cover.

Ion boots RVD in the face and climbs the turnbuckle. He comes off with a corkscrew dive but Rob Van Dam is out of the way. Ref begins counting both men down. They get up at 5. RVD with the springboard kick to Ion’s face. Rolling Thunder. RVD leaps onto the top rope and comes down with the Five Star Frogsplash for the victory.

Winner and STILL X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

– Rob Van Dam soaks in the fans admiration when Matt Morgan comes in out of nowhere with the Carbon Footprint. Joey Ryan grabs the X Division title and raises it in RVD’s face. Morgan grabs the mic and addresses Hogan. Hogan wanted to see a different side of Matt Morgan and Morgan says Hogan is going to get it.

– Austin Aries is by Hulk Hogan’s door. He’s making fun of Anderson, Ray, Storm and Angle for their situation. He says he has a rematch. He says they’re dancing around for Hogan and the Hulkster is only using them for his personal amusement. A Double says he’s going to do the same and interview each guy as they’re eliminated from Hogan’s game.

– I should probably say something since it’s almost Halloween and TNA is playing the hell out of them. They have these zombie commericals. I think they played three last week and we’re one commercial break into the show and they’ve already played it. Check it out on their Youtube channel if you’re into the thing. Zombie Chavo Guerrero doesn’t use Eddie’s name to get over.

– The former World Tag Team Champions of the World are out, sadly not in wrestling gear for the next segment. No appletini either. Kazarian says they’re victims of a conspiracy. He further channels Jericho and calls the Impact Zone cast members “troglodytes.” He says Hogan messed up his travel accommodations on purpose last week. Kaz says their titles were taken illegally by two men who probably entered the country illegally. Daniels grabs the mic and says the people are slow so they should take it slow. He hypes up Championship Thursday and says it’s not really Championship Thursday because they don’t have a rematch for their titles.

Daniels says they are the best and they tell the truth. They aren’t manipulators like Chavo and Hernandez. Daniels says Chavo and Hernandez know what buttons to push. He mentions Chavo’s really annoying habit of bringing up relatives names to get the fans to cheer (they boo that). Daniels says Dixie is trying to win the latino market and Chavo and Hernandez fit the bill. As a latino, they’re failing pretty hard. Daniels says Chavo and Hernandez can play the race card. They’re going to get their fans in the Impact Zone to sign a petition for their rematch. Kazarian goes into the crowd to get signatures when Chavo’s music starts.

Chavo wonders if he heard Daniels correctly. He patronizes Daniels and Kazarian’s petition. Chavo says he and Hernandez are happy to help. Guerrero says nothing would make them more happy than to get Kaz and Daniels a rematch. Chavo shoves Daniels and Hernandez does the same to Kazarian. The former champs leave the ring while the current champs sign the petition. Chavo says the rematch is good any place, any time.

– We’re in Hogan’s office with Hogan and the four potential contenders. Hogan says Hardy wasn’t on that good a roll before BFG, unlike the four men in the room. James Storm says Bound for Glory showed what he is capable of. He’s tired of taking backstage. Bully Ray’s turn. Hogan asks if Ray is mad about Devon and Devon says yeah. Angle says he believes he should be champion. He hasn’t had a chance since last year. It’s Anderson time. Anderson is angry because he thinks Hogan wants him to beg at his feet. Hogan says Anderson doesn’t have the fire and eliminates the Asshole.

Austin Aries is with Mr. Anderson. Aries asks if Anderson didn’t use enough brothers or take enough vitamins. Anderson says he doesn’t need any handouts. Aries says he’d give him a title match because he’d easily defeat Anderson. Aries spits water in Anderson’s face and the two begin to brawl. Anderson nails Aries over the head with a cardboard picture thing and mounts him. He punches a few times before walking away. He makes a challenge for tonight, laughs and walks away as we’re sent to a commercial break.

– Devon is with the Aces and Eights. Devon says he spoke with “The President.” The President said under no circumstances, the masks of the mystery men cannot come off. The masks are their identity and no one needs to know who they are. Devon says he has ladies for the A&8s but first, they have to take somebody out. One of the Aces and Eights stands up and grabs a dart. He throws it at a picture of the TNA roster and it hits someone off target. Devon says they’ve found out the victim and they all laugh.

– Todd Keneley reminds us its Championship Thursday and says it’s Samoa Joe’s time to defend his title. His opponent is Robbie T. We see highlights of the match between Robbie E and Samoa Joe from last week. Joe is out after with praise from Keneley. He says Joe has been unstoppable since he won the TV title. Borash discusses Joe’s career and says the TV title has inspired Joe.

Television Championship: Robbie T vs. Samoa Joe

They lock up. Joe dodges a clothesline and connects with a chop. T doesn’t move. Joe tries another. Same result. Joe tries a shoulderblock and T stands tall. Joe goes again and Robbie T is there with a forearm across the face. T corners Joe and is there with elbows. Joe breaks off and jabs T in the face. He changes to slaps and finishes with an elbow. Joe goes off the ropes but Robbie T connects with a spin kick. Joe is back up after T slaps his head. T whips Joe and tries the chokeslam. Joe slaps his way out of it and bounces off the ropes. T tries the chokeslam again but Joe is out of it with the Coquina Clutch. Robbie E distracts the ref until T forces Joe off. Joe locks it on again and Robbie E distracts the ref once more. Robbie T sends Joe off by driving him into the turnbuckle but Samoa Joe dives onto Robbie’s back and locks on the Clutch again! Robbie T taps out.

Winner and STILL Television Champion: Samoa Joe

– A graphic is on the screen with Hardy, Ray, Storm and Angle. Borash wonders who will get the title shot as we head to an ad break.

– Impact Wrestling is back with a video package highlighting the Tara-Tessmacher feud. Jesse Godderz makes an appearance too.

Tessmacher is in the back with an interview. She says the wait for her rematch has felt like an eternity. She enjoyed watching Jesse be embarrassed last week but tonight she takes her title back and sends Jesse and Tara back to the D List.

– Now we’re with Hogan and the three guys. Hogan asks Angle about Bully. Angle says Ray isn’t focused on a title shot but on his brother, brother. Storm is asked the same question. Storm says he was stabbed by his partner and he knows he wasn’t focused. Ray says he might not be as focused as he should be. He says if he can’t fight for the title, he’s going to call out the Aces and Eights. Hogan says Ray gave him the answer and Ray is eliminated.

– Anderson is talking to a stagehand. He’s tired of Aries. Anderson says if Hogan says it’s okay, he’s okay. He yells at the stagehand to get Aries and that match is after the commercial break.

– We’re back with Mr. Anderson already in the ring. Todd Keneley reminds us of what just went down backstage with Anderson wanting Aries. Aries is out after and Keneley says there’s a lot of bad blood between the two.

Mr. Anderson vs. Austin Aries

Aries corners Anderson but Anderson reverses. Anderson shoves Aries into the turnbuckle and screams at him. They lock up with Aries forcing Anderson into the ropes. Aries tries a punch but it’s blocked. Aries leaves the ring. Aries returns and they lock up. Aries shoves his hand in Anderson’s face until the ref forces him off. Aries shoves Anderson and Anderson is back with one of his own. Anderson puts Aries up for the Fireman’s Carry but Aries is out of it. Anderson blocks a punch and takes Aries out with one of his own. He mounts and punches Aries. He tries a splash but Aries rolls out once again.

Aries is back in again. Aries goes behind but Anderson is there with an elbow. Anderson reaches into his trunks and finds brass knucks. He looks at them and walks towards Aries. The referee takes the knucks and Aries pounds Anderson. Aries claps his hands on Anderson’s ears. Borash says Aries planted the knucks in Aries’ tights. Anderson whips Aries into the corner and onto the mat. Body slam from Anderson. He follows it up with an elbow drop. The pin gets a one. Slap from Anderson. Another one. Aries tries a side headlock but Anderson grabs the ropes. Aries lets go but sends Anderson to the mat. He clubs Anderson over the head. Side headlock from Aries. Aries guides Anderson out of the ring and onto the mat. Suicide dive from the former World Champion. Aries hops on the apron and raises his arms in the air for a commercial break.

Aries welcomes back with a headlock. Keneley says the match has been all Aries since the suicide dive. Aries connects with an elbow to Anderson’s chest. Borash wonders where the Aces and Eights dart landed as Aries punches Anderson. Aries has a creepy smile as he chops Anderson on the chest. Anderson fires back with punches. He chops Aries and corners him. More chops. Anderson charges but Aries gets a boot up. Aries with a high knee drop to the back of Anderson’s head. Two count.

Forearm from Aries to a stunned Anderson. Anderson fires back with forearms of his own. Anderson tries to bounce off the ropes but Anderson catches him with a punch. Aries tries the same but he’s clotheslined to the mat. Anderson connects with two elbows to the chest and a clothesline. Neckbreaker from the Asshole. Anderson measures Aries and puts him over his shoulders. Aries squirms out but misses a discus clothesline. Anderson fires back with a neat kick to Aries’ head, forcing Aries out of the ring again. Aries flies out of the ring and onto Aries. He rolls Aries back in and goes for the cover. Two count. Anderson measures Aries again. Aries is in the fireman’s carry but Aries holds on to the official. Aries grabs the knucks but misses a punch. Aries drops the knucks and Anderson picks it up. The referee sees Anderson with them and he takes them away. Aries nails Anderson with a huge punch aided by another pair of brass knuckles. Aries hilariously puts Anderson on top of him and Anderson gets a two count. Aries locks on the Last Chancery and Anderson is knocked out.

Winner: Austin Aries

– Tara and Godderz are talking to Brooke Hogan. Tara is complaining about ODB and Brooke says ODB beat her last week. Tara says she only won because ODB was all over Jesse. Godderz says Brooke knows what its like to be a reality TV star but Brooke has none of it. Tara is sent off for her title match with Tessmacher. Brooke stops Godderz and says a little birdy told her ODB has her eye on him.

– We’re at the announcers table now. Mike Tenay and Taz says Todd Keneley and Jeremy Borash did a great job. Borash and Keneley walk away and Tenay runs down the second hour. A new graphic with Hardy, Storm and Angle is on the screen but first: Tara vs. Tessmacher. The former champion, Miss Tessmacher, is out first as Taz delivers compliments to Christy Hemme. “The Power Couple,” as Taz call them are out as Tara and Jesse walk to the ring arm in arm.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

Tessmacher interrupts Tara’s entrance by kicking her out of the ring. She slams Tara’s face against the apron and rolls her in. Tessmacher kicks the downed Tara. More kicks from Tessmacher are followed up by a quick pin attempt that gets a two. Tessmacher goes back to the kicks. Snapmare takedown by Tessmacher is followed up by a kick to the back. Tessmacher slams Tara’s face against the apron. Tara crawls to the corner but Tessmacher is there with boots to the stomach. Jesse climbs the apron and distracts Tessmacher. This allows Tara to attack Tessmacher from behind. Tessmacher is out of the ring but Tara is right after her. Tessmacher’s face is slammed against the apron. Tara rolls her inside and kicks Tessmacher in the stomach area. Tara slams Tessmacher’s face against the mat and pulls her head back.

Jesse and Tara share a moment before Tara goes back to Tessmacher. Tara lifts Tessmacher and knocks her down with a body slam. Tara goes on the apron and shares some PDA with Jesse. Springboard legdrop from Tara is missed with Tessmacher rolling out of the way. Tessmacher chops Tara. Clothesline from Tessmacher. Another one. Forearm from Tessmacher knocks the champion down. Tara crawls to the corner and Tessmacher applies the Stink Face. Tessmacher climbs the turnbuckle and comes down with a facebuster to Tara. Tessmacher sets Tara up for something when Tara grabs Taryn Terrell. Jesse opens the ropes and Tessmacher flies out of the ring. Jesse sends Tessmacher back inside and Tara connects with Widow’s Peak for the victory.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion: Tara

– Jesse puts Tara’s belt on and Tara climbs him. They kiss in the center of the ring as Taryn Terrell attends to Tessmacher.

Highlights of the Tara-Tessmacher match finish and we see Tara and Jesse still in the ring. Brooke Hogan is out and Tara screams “we’re in love!.” Brooke says next week is Open Fight Night and she just spoke with ODB. Hogan says ODB wants to challenge Jesse to a match next week. Brooke wishes him luck and walks off. Jesse is not pleased.

– Bully Ray is walking backstage. Tenay says Ray is going to get to the bottom of the Aces and Eights situation after the break.

– Joseph Park and Hulk Hogan are talking. Park brings up their Aces and Eights discussion from last week. Park wants a match but Hogan says the A&8s are gangsters and killers. Park says Hogan wasn’t kidnapped. Hogan says this serious but Park cuts him off. He asks him if Hogan is worried about Park or Hogan’s liability. Park gives Hogan a waiver relieving the Hulkster, Dixie, TNA and Spike TV of any liability in case of Park injury. Park says if Hogan won’t stand with him, to stay out of his way.

– Bully Ray’s music plays and he walks fast to the ring. Ray thanks the Stinger for their partnership at Bound for Glory. He says he’s been in the business for over 20 years and not many things shock him. BFG did. Bully says Devon’s excuse last week was “bullcrap” and “a bunch of nothing.” He calls them out because he wants a face-to-face discussion on the matter. Why Devon Why?

The A&8s music hits while Devon guides the Aces and Eights from their special entrance. Devon’s five mystery allies enter the ring first and form a line between Devon and the Bully. Ray pulls out his chain while Devon grabs a mic. He says he doesn’t owe Bully an explanation. They are no longer a team. They are no longer family. Devon says Bully did what he had to do two years ago and Devon simply did the same. He repeats: his decision had nothing to do with Ray. Devon says this is all about Hulk Hogan. Hogan talked the talk when it came to wanting Devon back but he never called or texted Devon. Devon says Dixie, Hogan and TNA did nothing while Devon was down and out. The Aces and Eights picked up ole’ Devon when he was at his worst. “This doesn’t end here,” Devon says. He claims the Aces and Eights will take out each of their rivals one by one until they’re left standing alone. He says Bully isn’t a threat anymore.

Bully says this is over when he says it’s over. Ray says his actions two years ago were justified. That was between Devon and Ray. They were supposed to retire after their match with the Motor City Machine Guns. They hit the 3D and Devon covered Chris Sabin. Sabin kicked out. They’ve been wrestling all over the world for 15 years and that was the only time someone kicked out. Ray says he felt like crap after that match. He felt like they left the Impact fans down. Ray asks Devon if he remembers what he said. “What the hell is the big deal. What are you so worried about? We’re rich. Screw the fans” is what Devon said. Ray dares Devon to deny it. Devon doesn’t.

He says he doesn’t give a damn about the people in the fans or any of the people at home. Bully says they’re doing too much talking. He tells Devon to get rid of the Aces and Eights and the two former partners fight right now. The crowd is into it. Tenay says “let’s do it!” Devon is less than enthusiastic. Devon says they won’t be doing this on Ray’s time. The world doesn’t revolve around the Bully. When the time is right, Devon will let him know because he’s going home.

Devon leads the Aces and Eights out of the ring when Bully Ray speaks up. He says this is typical of Devon. Devon has been a coward all his life and hid behind Bully. Devon had no balls during their tag team days and he has no balls now. Ray says next week is Open Fight Night and he’s going to challenge Devon. “Somebody is going through a table.” Great segment.

– After the break, we learn who Hogan is going to pick to face Hardy in the main event.

– The backstage interviewer catches up with Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan and asks why they attacked RVD. Ryan says the rules don’t apply to them. RVD doesn’t scare Joey Ryan. Morgan forces the camera in his direction and says Hogan’s list last week was BS and only served to hold him down. Morgan says he’s going to do what he wants, when he wants.

– Next week is the Gutcheck. Christian York is the participant. Highlights from York’s appearance in the 2002 incarnation of TNA play on the screen. York says he was partners with Joey Mathews and if he made the right decisions in his life, he could’ve gone on to OVW with Mathews and into the big leagues. York says he’s been doing this for 16 years and this is it.

– Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff are with James Storm and Hulk Hogan. Hogan sends the two future legends away and chooses Kurt Angle for the title match. Storm looks disappointed but Hogan says he has “something big” planned for the Cowboy. Hardy’s entrance and the opening bell after the break.

We’re back with Jeff Hardy’s entrance. He has the old TNA World Heavyweight Championship on his back and the Jeff Hardy version around his waist. Taz says Angle is a massive threat to the World Title, a 13 time former champ. Hardy continues his ritual of high fiving all of the fans in the front row before entering the ring. The lights dim and three spotlights appear, one on Angle, one on Hardy and the other on Hemme. She gives them the super special World Title introductions. The lights return, the bell rings and the match is on.

World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

After a lockup, Angle latches on a headlock. Hardy sends him into the ropes but Angle fires back with a shoulderblock. Arm drag from Hardy. He maintains possession of Angle’s arm for a submission. Kurt gets to his knees and sends Hardy into the ropes. Hardy reverses momentum and connects with another arm drag submission. Angle returns to his feet and corners Hardy. Angle gouges the eye of Jeff Hardy forcing the champ around the ring. Angle grabs Hardy’s head and slams it into the top turnbuckle. Dueling “Let’s go Hardy! Let’s go Angle” chants. Hardy corners Angle and connects with multiple punches. He moves to kicks but the ref takes him off. Hardy connects with a corner dropkick and covers. Two count.

Hardy charges Angle but Angle gets a boot up. Angle flies off the ropes but Hardy catches him with an atomic drop. Leg drop. Dropkick from the champion. Hardy covers and gets another two count. Hardy kicks Angle in the corner. He tries a whip but Hardy reverses. Hardy goes for the floatover but Angle crotches him on the top rope. He clotheslines Jeff Hardy out of the ring and into a commercial break.

We’re back with Kurt Angle holding onto Jeff Hardy’s head. Hardy gets to his feet and elbow Angle off of him. Angle with the whip but Hardy dodges a clothesline. Double clothesline sends both men down. Taz wonders if Hardy took the blunt or brunt of the collision. Both men are up but Hardy is the one to connect with a clothesline. Huge flying forearm sends Angle down. Splash to the cornered Angle. Angle gets up but Hardy with the head scissors take down. Angle is out of the ring. Hardy climbs the apron and flies off and onto Angle.

Hardy resets the referee’s count but sends Angle back inside anyways. Angle reverses a whip but Hardy connects with an elbow. Whisper in the Wind from Jeff gets a two count. Hardy signals for the Twist of Fate. He gets the kick but Angle gets out of it. Angle connects with a German Suplex. He holds onto the grip and gets Suplex number two. He tries to lift Hardy up for the third one and it’s successful. Angle covers and gets a near fall. Angle measures the Champion for the Angle Slam. Hardy gets up but gets out of the Slam. Quick Twist of Fate out of nowhere to Angle. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle but is slowed by the referee. Angle runs on top of the turnbuckle and throws Hardy off. Two count.

Angle delivers a powerbomb for a two count. Hardy kicks out but Angle grabs the leg and applies the Ankle Lock. Hardy rolls out of it. Hardy tries the kick to set up the Twist but Angle grabs it. Mule kick from Hardy. The Champ climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with the Swanton but Angle is out of the way. Angle is up and takes Hardy out with the Angle Slam! Two count. Angle pulls Hardy up by his hair and goes behind for the German. Hardy elbows Angle off and connects with the Twist of Fate. Angle stays on his feet so Hardy delivers a second Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top and connects with the Swanton for the two count.

Hardy charges into Angle but Angle throws him out of the ring. Tenay notes Angle is dripping blood from his mouth. The straps come down and Angle goes up with the Angle Slam. Hardy rolls through and gets the quick Sunset Flip Pin for the win.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy

– They play a replay of the finish and miss an Austin Aries attack on Jeff Hardy. Aries makes fun of Hardy’s facepaint. Aries grabs the World Championship and says he’s going to announce when he wants his rematch. He says he could do it right now but that wouldn’t be fair. He also doesn’t want to do it for free on TV. He challenges Hardy for the real World Heavyweight Championship at Turning Point. Aries says it’s going to be the Turning Point of their career. Hardy is going back to the Outhouse and Aries will go back to the Penthouse. Aries says he’s going to keep the original TNA World Title belt because he’s confident he’s going to win.

– Tenay lets us know something is happening in the back. We see the Aces and Eights beating down Kurt Angle. Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe run on to the scene and the A&8s run off.

  • rich

    “He punches a few times before walking away. He makes a challenge for
    tonight, laughs and walks away as we’re sent to a commercial break.” What was missed was that you could hear the director yell “cut” at the end and the camera for a split second pans and shows Hogan and Hardy with his belt. Botch.