TNA Impact Wrestling Results – October 4, 2012

TNA Impact is live! Previously on Impact… focuses on King Mo, the Aries-Hardy stuff and Hulk Hogan’s showdown with the Aces and Eights.

– Sting and Hogan are in Hogan’s office. They’re talking about the Aces and Eights. Hogan says everything they’ve worked for disappears if the A&8s win. Sting says everybody wants to be apart of the match so he’s going to scout every match tonight to see who has the fire. Hogan says they need someone with killer instincts and they will pick that person by the end of tonight.

– Tenay lets us know Samoa Joe is going to defend his newly acquired Television Title against Rob Van Dam tonight but first, Mr. Anderson is out. Anderson introduces himself and says Hogan and Sting need to watch “this asshole.” Edgy. Tenay says everybody is on the radar tonight. Out after Anderson is Gunner for the opener.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Gunner attacks Anderson before the bell rings and takes control early. Anderson reverses a whip and takes Gunner down with clotheslines. Swinging neckbreaker from Mr. Anderosn gets two. Gunner gets Anderson in the corner and pounds him. Another whip is reversed. Gunner is hiptossed. Both men get up but Anderson greets Gunner with a dropkick. Gunner takes it to the outside. Kid Kash takes Anderson’s eye off Gunner allowing Gunner to attack from behind. He takes Anderson back inside.

We see Sting watching from a monitor in the back as Gunner delivers an elbow to the sternum for a two count. Anderson tries to break out of a Gunner hold but Gunner sends him backfirst into the corner. Anderson misses a splash and goes for the Green Bay Plunge. Gunner gets out of the manuever but Anderson nails the Mic Check for the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

– Before anything can happen, Kid Kash attacks Anderson after the match. Anderson delivers some punches but is ultimately taken out with a Mic Check. Sting approves from the back.

– Tara is on the phone with her Secret Hollywood Boyfriend. Stacy and George cancelled on them last week. Gail Kim breaks up the phone call because their match is up next. Tara asks Kim if she wants to go on a double date after Bound for Glory since they both have famous boyfriends. Kim rejects, saying if Tara wins, she’s next for the title. Kim storms off while Tara wonders what “Torrie and A-Rod are doing.”

– Christy Hemme introduces Gail Kim and Tara as Mike Tenay discusses the Tessmacher-Tara feud. ODB, the Knockouts Tag Team Champion, is Tessmacher’s tag team partner for the bout.

Gail Kim and Tara vs. Ms. Tessmacher and ODB

Taryn Terrell rings the bell and ODB starts the match with Gail Kim. Taz and Tenay wonder about Tara’s boyfriend. ODB takes Kim to the ground with a chest bump. She tosses her into the corner and comes in with a clothesline. Kim escapes a fireman’s carry but is taken down with a shoulderblock. Body slam from ODB to Gail Kim incites “ODB” chants from the fans. Tessmacher is tagged in and dropkicks Gail Kim. Tessmacher delivers a stink face in the corner. ODB tries for the Bronco Buster but Kim escapes and tags in Tara. Tara is whipped into the corner and ODB delivers the buster to her.

Kim tries to attack ODB from behind but she ducks. Tara attacks ODB and mounts her. She punches ODB before tagging in Gail Kim. Kim sends ODB into the corner and comes in with a shoulder attack to the stomach. Kim with a clothesline. She covers and gets a two count. Gail Kim measures ODB but Tara tags herself in. Tara tries a standing moonsault but ODB gets her knees up for the block. Tessmacher is tagged in and clubs Tara. She delivers back to back clotheslines and takes down Tara with a flying headscissors takeover. Tara is sent into the turnbuckle and Tessmacher sends her face first into the mat. Tessmacher goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Gail Kim. Kim is taken out with a spear from ODB. Tara shoves Gail Kim into Tessmacher. Tara grabs Tessmacher and takes her out with the Widow’s Peak for the win.

Winners: Gail Kim and Tara

– Bruce Pritchard and Al Snow are shown talking in the back before we are sent to an ad break.

– We return with an Al Snow-Joey Ryan video package. It ends with Pritchard saying he expects Snow to fix the situation. Out to the ring is Al Snow. Snow grabs a microphone and asks the fans to let him introduce Joey Ryan. Music plays and Ryan is out with a “Legalize Sleaze” shirt. Fans boo and chant Joey sucks. Snow says he allowed his emotions to overcome his better judgment. His actions put TNA wrestling in a very bad position. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” says Joey Ryan. Snow continues, saying he’d like to apologize to Joey Ryan. The fans are not pleased. Ryan tells him to apologize again. He calls Snow an office stooge and demands an apology not from TNA management but from Al Snow.

Al Snow apologizes and extends his arm out for a handshake. Ryan tells him to get the hand away from him and says he’s in control. Joey Ryan manipulated Al Snow like he manipulated the 87%. Tonight isn’t about Snow or the Impact “cast members” but about him. Ryan says the lawsuit came up with another agreement that Snow is about to let us know. Snow undoes his jacket and out comes a contract. The fans boo but it doesn’t really seem genuine to me. Snow tries to say something bur Ryan cuts him off, telling him it’s not about him. Ryan wants Snow to turn around so he can sign his contract on his back and Snow obliges. Ryan reads it, puts the contract on Snow’s back and signs it. He hands Snow the contract and demands Snow to introduce him as the newest Impact superstar. Snow refuses and lets Ryan know he missed something in the contract. Snow tried to tell him but he was cut off. Snow says the contract is only for one night. That night is the biggest night of the year: Bound for Glory. Snow says Ryan has his opportunity to be on the roster. He has to win his match at BFG and his opponent is Al Snow.

– Kurt Angle and Sting are in the back talking Aces and Eights. Kurt says he has no problem pulling double duty and volunteers himself. Kazarian and Daniels are watching from the shadows. Sting says he needs someone that has their mind clear. He knows Angle can pull double duty and he’ll think about it. Angle starts leaving but Bully Ray cuts him off. They stare down before Angle leaves. Ray says he should be in the world title match at BFG…but he’s not. He’s not because of the A&8s. He wants them worse than anyone else does and asks Sting what he has to do to convince the Stinger to be his partner at BFG. Sting says if he wants it, to make something happen at tonight’s show. Sting wants Ray to find someone to do something with. Sting screams “I NEED A BULLY. I’M PISSED,” as we head to another commercial break.

– The Television Championship graphic welcomes us back from commercials. Rob van Dam is out first for the bout. Taz brings up RVD’s experience being a TV champ in other companies. Joe is out after which inspires Tenay to discuss Joe’s journey to the championship.

TNA Television Championship: Rob van Dam vs. Samoa Joe ©

The two men meet in the center of the ring. Joe shoves RVD who the fans are behind. Joe goes to RVD’s back and takes him to the mat. He holds on to the waist but RVD gets to his feet. RVD tries to roll Joe over but can’t really do it so he tries a legbar. Joe punches his way out and both men are up. They trade punches until Joe takes RVD down with a clothesline. Another one. Joe with a back splash-enziguri combo in the corner that sends RVD down. Joe tries to send RVD over but RVD flips over him. The two men get on the mat but Joe gets the advantage with an STF. RVD crawls and reaches the ropes.

RVD rolls out of the ring. Joe tries to join him but RVD is there with a low dropkick. RVD tries to lift Joe but RVD stops him. RVD gets a knee to his face and is then sent into the steel steps. Tenay says this is to impress Hulk Hogan and Sting. Joe returns Van Dam inside the ring. RVD tries to punch Joe but Joe clubs him over the back and sends him to the corner. RVD stuns Joe with a kick. He delivers another one. Joe is stunned. RVD springboards off the ropes with a thrust kick. Rolling thunder gets two.

Joe retreats to the corner but RVD is there with boots to the stomach. RVD tries a monkey flip but Joe catches him and puts him on the top turnbuckle. RVD comes flying with with a crossbody. Joe stops an RVD kick but RVD nails an enziguri. RVD goes up top for the Five Star Frog Splash but Samoa Joe is there. He delivers the Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

– AJ Styles is talking in the back with Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo blames Styles for the loss last week. Daniels (with appletini) and Kazarian join them. Kaz tells AJ that Angle doesn’t even want to be in the match because he wants to be in the Aces and Eights match. Daniels says that Angle said he could beat Chavo and Hernandez by himself. They leave and Hernandez asks what was up with that while Styles says nothing is wrong. Chavo says bring it. Commercials.

– We’re back with a Bound for Glory moment from 2005. Dixie Carter discusses Sting’s World Championship win. The six sides make a cameo appearance for those of you that enjoy that kind of thing. Dixie says major memories are made every year at that PPV.

– We see video from 5:33PM with King Mo arriving.

– Now we’re with Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries. Aries says no hard feelings. They worked together last week even though he did most of the work. They’re interrupted by Bully Ray. He says he has to prove himself and there would be no better way to do that than to beat Jeff Hardy. This angers Austin Aries. Aries wants to know why Ray doesn’t want to prove himself with him. Ray says he’s already beaten him. Aries says that was unclean. Ray says Aries is lucky they aren’t fighting at BFG because he’d leave champion. They fight verbally until Hardy chimes in. He suggests a triple threat and Ray is up for that. Aries sarcastically thanks him for making his match.

– Chavo Guerrero’s music plays and he’s out for the next match. Hernandez is with him. We get a video recap of last week’s finish in the triple threat match between Angle, Chavo and Kazarian. For the third or fourth week in a row, we get video of Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina during Chavo’s entrance. Kurt Angle is Chavo’s opponent and AJ Styles is with him.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

Chavo tries to get a Chavo chant going and the fans kind of get it on. Angle gets put into a side headlock by Guerrero. Angle pushes him off but Chavo fires back with a shoulderblock. He applies another side headlock. Angle gets to his feet and delivers a back body drop. Chavo maintains possession of the hold though. Angle once again gets to a vertical base. This time he takes Chavo into the corner to break the hold. Angle boots Chavo until the ref pulls him off. Chavo turns it around and uppercuts Angle in the corner. Chavo goes back to the headlock. He knees Chavo but Angle sends him flying with a flapjack. Chavo gets up but is punched back down. Angle chokes Chavo with the middle rope until the ref breaks it up. Chavo rolls to the corner and is once again beat down with Kurt Angle boots. The ref interrupts it allowing Chavo to gain some momentum with blows to the side. That momentum is disrupted by an Angle shoulderblock. Vertical suplex gets a two count. Kurt Angle immediately applies a rear gutwrench before Chavo can get up.

Chavo elbows out of the hold but is taken out with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Two count. Angle tries another pin and that gets a two. Angle stomps on Chavo. Angle picks up Chavo and whips him into the ropes. Chavo with a headscissors takedown on the rebound. Angle tries an Angle slam but Chavo gets out and connects with a dropkick. Chavo flips onto Angle and gets a two count. Angle reverses a whipe and Chavo blocks a boot. Angle with a release belly to belly suplex after the exchange. He tries an Angle slam but Chavo rolls out. Angle gets a quick rollup that only gets two. Chavo takes Angle for the Three Amigos as the fans chant Eddie. Chavo only gets one before Angle blocks and goes for the Triple German Suplexes. He gets all three. He puts the Ankle lock on but Chavo rolls out. Chavo kicks Angle in the stomach and once again goes back to the Three Amigos. All three are successful. Chavo points to the sky and climbs the turnbuckle. Angle rolls out of the way of the frogsplash and connects with the Angle slam. The straps come down. Hernandez distracts Angle. Chavo comes from behind and rolls Angle up for the quick three count.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

– We’re treated to a shoving match between Angle, Styles, Hernandez and Chavo. Kaz and Daniels appear on the ramp and are happy with what they’ve done. The faces stop fighting. Chavo says those belts belong to them. Chavo and Hernandez embrace in the ring and Chavo keeps on soaking in the Eddie Guerrero love with the Eddie Guerrero shimmy and a point to the sky.

-“King Mo has arrived,” says a video package. He’s up tonight but first, commercials.

– Douglas Williams is already in the ring for the next match, which Christy Hemme lets us know is for the X Division Championship. Zema Ion is out after.

X Division Championship: Douglas Williams vs. Zema Ion ©

Ion punches Williams before he takes off his jacket. Ion undresses but Williams is there with multiple uppercuts to the face. Williams clotheslines Ion out of the ring. Williams joins him and grabs Ion by the hair. He grabs Ion’s head and punches him. Ion sends Williams into the steel pole and rolls Williams back in. Williams delivers an elbow but feels pain from the pole shot. Ion blocks and attack and delivers an armbar. Ion grabs the other arm and pulls it back forcing Williams to tap out.

Winner: Zema Ion

Ion refuses to release the hold so the ref starts counting to five. The ref reverses the decision and Ion finally stops the hold.

Winner: Douglas Williams

Ion grabs a mic and says he knows he’s the first choice for Hulk Hogan and Sting. He demands the GM take his name off the list because he doesn’t want to mess up his “pretty face.” Ion leaves as Tenay and Taz hype his injury history.

– Tenay and Taz say we’re minutes away from King Mo’s debut. We’re sent back to earlier in the year on MMA Live (or whatever Spike calls the show) where Muhammed Lawal and Dixie Carter talk about Mo’s contract. Video of Mo shadow boxing ends that package. King Mo is in the back walking and he’s up next. I may not know a lot about Lawal but they’re certainly treating him like a huge deal.

– Bruce Pritchard is in the back with D Lo Brown. They’re looking at video footage from a house show. We see Matt Morgan kicking an official in the face. Pritchard wants to know where D-Lo was at while Matt Morgan was storming into the ring. He says this cannot happen again. D-Lo says it will never happen again.

– Cowboy James Storm is out next. He says Bound for Glory is in ten days and it will be the biggest night of his life. It will be one year since the conflict between himself and Bobby Roode started. Storm says he isn’t going into Bound for Glory to prove he’s a better wrestler, he’s going to prove that he is the better man. Storm brings up King Mo. He starts listing Lawal’s achievements when Roode’s music hits.

Roode doesn’t give a damn about “some Bellator fighter.” Storm shouldn’t either because in ten days, Storm has to fight Bobby Roode. He says Storm rode the coattails of the It Factor during their whole tag team run. Storm says this has been bulding for a year and it explodes at BFG. Roode says no one in the company can contain the Storm-Roode explosion so Hogan got King Mo. Roode says it will be a fight, not a match, and he won’t stop until he ends Storm’s career. He says no man can stop him so King Mo can stay back. Roode says if Mo was in the Impact Zone, he’d say it to his face. This brings out Muhammed Lawal.

King Mo and Roode argue at the top of the ramp. Roode shoves Lawal and begins taking off his jacket. Mo shoves Roode to the floor and the two stare at each other. Roode backs down and leaves as Lawal goes down the ramp. Storm and Mo exchange words in the ring but that ends with Storm raising Mo’s arm in the air. Storm gives Mo a bottle of beer and the two begin drinking.

– Sting and Hogan are in the back. Hogan says he already picked his man for the big tag team match. Sting says there’s still one more match and he wants to see what Bully Ray brings to the table so he’ll wait for the final match to end. A graphic highlighting the Triple Threat between Ray, Aries and Hardy sends us off into an ad break.

– The Aces and Eights storyline is revisted again with a video package. This time it focuses on last week’s interaction between Hogan and Sting and the A&8s.

– Now we’re in the Aces and Eights clubhouse. They throw water onto the face of a gagged Joseph Park. Park tells them to let him go while the mystery man says Park is just fine. The man says each and every member of the A&8s is ready to die for the Brotherhood. Can Hogan and Sting say the same? They take the shirt off of Joseph Park and begin rubbing a car battery charger together insinuating they’re going to shock Park.

– The announcers start talking about BFG and we get a new match added. Samoa Joe will defend his TV title against Magnus.

– Bully Ray and his calves are out first for the main event. He keeps saying he’s going to show Sting what he’s got. Jeff Hardy is out after. Austin Aries is out last to some boos as Tenay says Aries is out to achieve some of Jeff’s accomplishments. He sends us to a commercial break before the main event begins.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

We join the match in progress with Jeff Hardy reversing a vertical suplex into one of his own on Bully Ray. Austin Aries rolls back into the ring and Hardy gets the fans to clap. Aries begins clapping too but Hardy is pulled outside by Ray. Ray sends Hardy into the steep and goes back inside to deal with Aries. Ray sends Aries into the corner but Aries comes flying with a crossbody. Ray blocks an attack with a big boot. Hardy jumps off Aries back and onto Ray for poetry in motion. Hardy delivers his legdrop to Ray. Twist of Faith. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle for the Swanton and it hits. He gets two before Aries breaks the count. Aries tosses Hardy out of the ring and applies the Last Chancery submission hold. That’s broken up by Jeff Hardy.

Hardy and Aries argue in the middle of the ring but that’s broken up by a Bully Ray double clothesline. Ray throws Hardy out of the ring. Aries tries to attack Ray but Ray sends him flying out of the ring and onto Jeff Hardy. Ray grabs Aries and pulls him onto the apron. Aries uses the ropes to snap Ray’s neck. He climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with the dropkick. Ray goes into the corner and he’s met with another dropkick from Aries. Aries signals for the brainbuster but Ray stops him. Ray asks for his chain but can’t find it so he grabs the belt. Hardy is back into the ring and Ray sends Hardy into Aries. Ray grabs Hardy from behind and nails the Bubba Bomb. That gets the three for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

– Aries screams at Hardy, telling him he should have won the match. The fans chant Hardy which enrages the World Champion. Aries climbs the turnbuckle for praise but instead gets showered with boos. Aries leaves as Hardy raises his arms for cheers. Tenay says Aries is jealous and that sends us to the back with Sting and Hogan. They’re walking to the Impact Zone to make their selection for the Aces and Eights fight right after the break.

– We’re back with the music of the Stinger. Tenay says this is one of the most important decisions Sting and Hulk Hogan will ever make. Hogan says they are going to play by the rules set by the Aces and Eights. Hogan says he can’t help but think about how personal this vendetta is getting. Hogan says it’s more than personal because they won’t let him fight them. Hogan says they might not have to worry about him but they will have to worry about “the Stingman.” Hogan brings up the scouting they’ve done and how eager everyone is to be on Sting’s team on October 14th. He says they have to get somebody who can get the job done is and that man delivered not one but two Mic Checks in the middle of the ring. Mr. Anderson is the choice of Hogan and Sting.

Anderson’s music hits but he’s not out. The cameraman takes us to the back where Anderson is on the ground and the Aces and Eights are leaving. Hogan wants help to get back there. Bully Ray is in the ring now and wants Sting to talk some sense into Hogan. Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and another guy are tending to Anderson in the back and Ray asks if that’s who Sting wants to go to war with him. Ray says he’s proven to be a warrior more than anyone and he wants to fight the Aces and Eights. Ray says they cost him the world title.

Ray asks Sting if he knows who he is and the fans start chanting “WE WANT DEVON!” Ray keeps calling himself the guy and wants Sting to convince Hogan. Sting says “Let’s go with Bully.” Ray says Hogan might not love Ray but he has to respect him. He wants to stand by his brother Sting’s side. Ray extends his hand out for a shake and Hogan reluctantly shakes. Hogan says Ray fights for him and everyone in the Impact Zone. The fans boo but Ray shakes Sting’s hand to end the program.