TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 13, 2012

The Bound For Glory series ended with Jeff Hardy taking the win and we get a video package highlighting the tournament matches from No Surrender. Tenay lets us know we’re on the road for Bound for Glory.

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries is out to start us off. Tenay mentions his fight with the Armbreaker at the PPV. His music dies down and he soaks in the fans appreciation. He calls the TNA World title “power.” He says it’s what makes everything goes around. It’s the reason why every man gets up in the morning. It’s why the Aces and Eights have chosen Aries as a target. Aries says he didn’t unmask any of the Aces and Eights but he “took a nice piece of [his] ass.” Aries says it’s time to move on and focus on Bound for Glory. Aries says Jeff Hardy overcame all the odds to become his opponent for BFG and wants to see Hardy in the ring right now.

Jeff’s music plays and he’s out. Tenay and Taz hype Hardy’s journey to #1 contendership as he makes his way to the ring. Aries wants to personally congratulate Hardy for winning. He says Hardy showed something inside very few men can. Aries talks about beating Samoa Joe and Bully Ray and how much a feat it is to do so in one evening. “Thank you,” from Hardy. Aries calls Hardy a man of few words. Aries is a man of many words and the fans still cheer for both. Aries says everybody is calling BFG an opportunity for Jeff to become the World Champion. It’s not like that for Aries though. He says Hardy has many things he wants. Bully Ray’s music stops him and he enters the fray.

“You Suck” chants greet him. Bully Ray tells both men they’re lucky. They’re lucky because he didn’t win the BFG series because he would’ve become World Champion at the big show. He tells Hardy he’s lucky because Ray felt bad for him. He tried to keep the integrity of the BFG series together and took his eye off the ball. That’s why Ray lost. Ray says he’s been beating Jeff Hardy for 15 years. Aries cuts Ray off and says the last time the two fought, Aries submitted Bully Ray. He’s skeptical at Ray’s defense. The champ suggests a rematch between Hardy and Ray. Ray steps out of the ring and says he doesn’t fight. Hardy’s music plays but Tenay says the match is official. Pretty confusing stuff at the end of that.

– James Storm walks backstage (earlier today). Tenay calls him an unhappy camper and sends us to our first commercial break.

– We’re back with an X Division title bout. As Dutt makes his entrance, Taz and Tenay send their well-wishes to Jerry Lawler. Classy stuff.

Sonjay Dutt v. Zema Ion

Ion rushes Dutt but he sidesteps. Ion sends Dutt into the corner but Sonjay hurricanranas him to the outside. Ion gets up again but Dutt counters with another hurricanrana. Moonsault from Dutt to the champ. Dutt sends Ion back in the ring and slingshots his way into the ring with a headscissors takeover. Ion stuns Dutt but misses a clothesline. Dutt with another hurricanrana, this time staying on top for a two count. Sonjay misses a body attack but fires back with boots to the face. Dutt climbs the turnbuckle but he’s crotched by Ion. Another headscissors takedown from Dutt. Ion tries a sunset flip but Dutt moves out of the way. Dutt tries a moonsault but Ion moves and locks in an armbar. Dutt turns Ion on his back and gets a one count. Neckbreaker from Dutt. Dutt puts him in position for a moonsault and nails him with a moonsault double foot stop. He goes for the pin and gets two as the champ puts his foot on the rope.

Ion rolls to the outside and Dutt brings him back in. Dutt climbs the turnbuckle but is crotched by Ion. Ion covers and gets the three for the win.

Winner: Zema Ion

Ion attacks after the match with the hairspray to the back of the head. He locks on the armbar to the injured side of Sonjay Dutt. He raises his title in the air and leaves as Tenay mentions Ion’s history of hurting people.

– Christopher Daniels and Kaz are in the back with Hulkamania gear. Great impersonation from Daniels. Daniels offers the Hulkster an appletini. Kaz and Daniels say they’re the good guys. Hogan says there will be no tag matches tonight but there will be singles matches. Daniels will fight Chavo or Hernandez while Kaz fights AJ or Kurt. If the champs win, there will be no rematches. If Daniels loses, Chavo and Hernandez get a rematch. If Kaz loses, Kurt and AJ get rematches.

– Bobby Roode is up next after the commercials.

– AJ and Kurt are talking backstage. AJ wants to face Kaz but Kurt says he might get emotional. Styles says Angle can count on him. Kurt wants to wrestle but if Styles guarantees a win, he can go. Styles promises and Styles is set to face Kaz. Wes Briscoe catches up to Kurt and Kurt asks him if he can watch AJ.

– A video package plays highlighting the Storm-Ray match and the Bobby Roode interference.

– Roode’s out. Tenay runs down the former champ for attacking Storm on Sunday. “I’m baaaaaaaaaaack,” Roode shouts. He then gives a recap of his recent deeds. He says he was screwed in his match with Austin Aries but the stipulation said Roode couldn’t get a rematch as long as Aries was champ. Roode said he took his ball and went home. He sat back and watched James Storm compete in the Bound for Glory series.

Roode saw him finish first and inch closer to the World Title. Roode says Storm, a guy who road coattails, doesn’t deserve an opportunity while he can’t. Roode mentions the beer bottle smashing and says he changed Storm’s destiny.

Out comes James Storm. The two brawl on arrival. Storm knocks Roode down with multiple punches and then clotheslines the ex-champ out of the ring. Storm sends Roode into the guard rail and then chokes him with his own tie. He sends Roode into the rail again and into the stage area where he drive Roode into a wall. Storm sends Roode backstage and we get commercials.

– AJ Styles talks about Bound for Glory 2009 in a video series that looks like it’ll be running until the PPV.

– Christy Hemme introduces Kazarian for his match with AJ Styles. Tenay and Taz let us know the brawl between Roode and Storm took a dozen guys to break up. Tenay brings up AJ’s guarantee.

Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Grapple. Styles wrenches the arm but Kaz uses the ropes to turn the momentum. Hiptoss reversed by Styles. Armdrags from AJ. Kaz uses the ropes to cause separation between the two but Styles nails him, sending Kaz to the outside. Kaz tries to climb in but AJ catches him into a Styles Clash attempt. Kaz escapes. They trade counters until Styles drops Kaz with a dropkick. Kaz rolls out of the ring. Styles joins him with a punch. Kaz tries to escape but Styles keeps pounding him. AJ rests Kaz on the guardrail and enters the ring as Tenay sends us to a break.

We return with Styles in the corner. The ref pulls them apart but Kaz slaps Styles. Kaz with a big boot but Styles catches him with a backbreaker. Kaz rolls into the corner. Styles tries an attack but Kaz sends him on the apron. Kaz attempts to suplex Styles back in but Styles counters and delivers what came off as a brainbuster on the apron. Tenay calls it a DDT as we get a replay. Styles resets the count but this allows Kaz to recover. Kaz kicks AJ in the back but Styles whips him into the steel guardrail. Styles tries a leaping strike but Kaz moves out of the way. Monkeyflip from Kaz to Styles. Kazarian returns into the ring to start the ref’s count. Styles gets back in at seven but Kaz is there with multiple pins. Styles kicks out at two on all three attempts.

Styles blocks a punch and takes Kaz down with a clothesline. More clotheslines. Leaping forearm brings Kaz down. Styles taunts for the Styles Clash but Kaz sends him to the apron. Springboard forearm shot from AJ prompts a kip up from the phenomenal one. Styles tries to take advantage but Kaz gets a pin and two count. Kaz tries to mount some offense but Styles nails him with the Pele! Styles Clash gets a three and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– Tenay lets us know AJ Styles and Kurt Angle will get their tag team title rematch.

– We’re in the back with Hogan talking to Brooke. He doesn’t want Brooke going anywhere in the Impact Zone without two bodyguards. Joseph Park enters the room. Park says his research on the A&E is going well. Park says it doesn’t matter what he thinks he knows, it matters what he knows he knows. Or something. Park says he’s waiting on one key piece of evidence that will be on Impact next Thursday night. Hogan wants to be the first person to see the evidence. Hogan says he has news to deliver in the ring but wants Joe Park to watch Brooke Hogan. Small talk between Park and Brooke leads us to another commercial break.

– Bully Ray is with Jeff Hardy in the back. Ray wants Hardy to know he wasn’t punked out. Ray wants their fight to mean something and suggests Hardy puts up his number one contendership later tonight. Silence from Hardy. Ray tries to pressure him by calling him a coward. Hardy says if Ray beats him tonight, he can have his spot at Bound For Glory.

– A video package plays highlighting the war between Impact and the Aces and Eights. It focuses on Aries being the center of the A&E’s attention.

– The Hulkster is on his way out now. He finally completes his entrance and says the BFG series put TNA in high gear. He says the 12 participants put everything on the line to make the series intense. Hogan says “the creatures of the night came out on top.” Jeff Hardy is from a different planet and dances to a different energy, dude. Hogan won’t pretend to understand where Jeff is going or has been but won’t be the guy to stand in Jeff Hardy’s way. He makes the Bully Ray-Jeff Hardy match official with the winner facing Aries at BFG.

Now he wants to discuss the A&E, or the “crap,” as he first refers to them as. Hogan says No Surrender was a gamechanger. From this point forward, the Impact Zone will be locked down forever, brother. The leader (?) of the Aces and Eights appears on the video screen. He wonders if Hulk’s lockdown has locked the A&E out or if he’s locked them in. He trusts the rest of the Aces and Eights with his life. Can Hogan say the same of the Impact roster? The mystery man says Hogan better keep his head on a swivel. Anyone could be one of the Aces and Eights. Hogan wouldn’t know it until it’s too late. The Hulkster shakes his head in disappointment and we’re sent to a commercial.

– We’re back with a recap of what just happened between Hogan and the Aces and Eights.

– Chavo and Hernandez are in the back. Chavo is upset at himself for losing the match to Styles and Kaz. Guerrero says when he beats Daniels, the tag team will get their second title shot. Chavo says he isn’t doing this for himself of them, it’s for “la raza, bro.”

Christopher Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero

Fans chant Chavo to get the pair started. Daniels hurries to the outside, annoying Chavo. He tells the fans to shut up before re-entering the ring. Daniels takes Chavo into a corner. He misses a punch that allows Chavo to get multiple blows in on Daniels. He finishes with an uppercut. He whips Daniels into the opposite corner and kicks him. More blows from Chavo to the champ. Daniels corners Chavo but he’s knocked down by a shoulder block. Side headlock from Chavo to Daniels.

Daniels sends Chavo into the corner but Chavo counters with a backbreaker. One count pin attempt. Chavo re-applies the chinlock. Daniels tries a hiptoss but Chavo counters with a monkeyflip. Snapmare into a headlock. Daniels exits the ring but he’s immediately taken down by a somersault from Chavo Guerrero. Uppercut from Chavo. Another one. Chavo rolls Daniels back in and high fives a crowd member. Chavo gets on the apron but Daniels is there, sending him back-first into the steel barricade. Chops from Daniels. He slams Chavo’s head on the apron and both men are back inside. Pin gets one for Daniels.

Daniels takes Chavo down with a knee. He covers again but gets a quick one count. Daniels wrenches the arm and works over Chavo’s midsection with knees. He brings him down with an STO and covers for two. Daniels applies a reverse bearhug on the mat. Chavo gets to his first and elbows the champ off. Daniels fires with a strike but Chavo is there with one of his own. They trade blows for three exchanges until Daniels ducks and stuns with a slap. Daniels tries to take advantage but Chavo is there with a backbreaker. Multiple shoulderblocks from Chavo. Headscissors takedown. Daniels gets up but is taken back with a dropkick for a two count.

Chavo sends Daniels to the outside with a hiptoss. Daniels grabs the belt. He tries to nail Chavo but Chavo ducks. Three Amigos from Chavo. Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle as the fans chant “Eddie.” Frogsplash from Chavo gets the three count for the clean win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

– Tenay says both teams will get their tag team title shots as the fans continue to chant Eddie’s name. It’s kind of weird that Chavo is okay with making money off his uncle’s name. Tenay hypes a contest from DirectAuto where you could win tickets to BFG.

– Evan Markopoulos is our next Gutcheck Challenge participant. The video package lets us know he’s 18 years old and from Massachusetts. Markopoulos’ dad says he’s proud of him. Markopoulos says he hasn’t paid his dues but will thank anyone that challenges on this because someday he’ll be able to say he has paid them. He says he belongs on TNA wrestling.

– Up next after the break, we’ll hear from Tara.

– Tenay and Taz recap the earlier Storm-Roode brawl. That match at BFG should be a fun one. They once again mention it took a dozen guys to break them up but we still don’t have video. Cut to James Storm talking. He says he didn’t get enough of Roode earlier and will make Roode’s life a living hell. Next Thursday is Fight Night and Storm says this is bad for Bobby Roode.

– Gail Kim is next on the Bound for Glory memory vignette. The video highlights Kim’s win at BFG 2005 where she became the first TNA Women’s champion. Don West cameo!

– Here’s Tara. Taz and Tenay call her unpredictable. She wants to congratulate her best friend, Miss Tessmacher, who she calls her best friend in the Knockouts division. Out comes the champion. Tessmacher was Sports Illustrated “Lady of the Day” this week and Tenay attributes this to Brooke Hogan for some reason. Tara congratulates Tessmacher for “beating the teacher.” Tara says it was a bittersweet night. Part of her was upset while part of her was happy because she did her job. She calls it an honor to wrestle with Tessmacher. She says she loves her. Despite being the champion for a while, Tara wants to properly present Tessmacher with the belt. Tessmacher gives Tara the strap and Tara puts the belt on the champ.

Tara introduces Tessmacher as the champion and raises her arm in the air. The two hug and Tara encourages Tessmacher to climb on the turnbuckle and taunt. Tara exits the ring and Tessmacher continues to taunt. Tessmacher finishes her celebration but is clotheslined by Tara. Tara delivers a Widow’s Peak and Tenay asks Taz where this came from.

– More Aces and Eights video. This time we’re back to covering Hardy’s journey on Sunday. Video of the two participants of tonight’s main event walking sends us to another commercial break.

– Dixie Carter is in the back with D-Lo Brown, Hulk Hogan, Pritchard, Snow and others. Brooke is there for some reason too. Hogan says this Aces and Eights thing is much more than business. D-Lo says they’re all about making people scared. Hogan mentions a story about his brother hanging out with bad people. He had to walk away from his brother. Al says they have to be proactive. Hogan says they aren’t bluffing about somebody being on the inside. Dixie says they have to protect herself and Brooke and the investment she made. Pritchard says it could be anyone and because of that, the Aces and Eights have already accomplished what they set out to do. D-Lo says its better to look them in the eye than run and that ends that.

– Bully Ray is out for the main event. Tenay says no one has the ability to annoy better than Bully Ray. Taz says Hardy wasn’t bullied into the match. It was a straight challenge. That brings out Jeff Hardy.

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Ray interrupts Hardy mid-pose and the match starts. He punches the back of Hardy’s head. An Irish whip is countered by Hardy who delivers punches of his own. Hardy takes Ray down with multiple clotheslines. Hardy corners Ray and climbs. He starts punching but Ray puts him up for a powerbomb. Hurricanrana from Hardy. He goes for the cover and gets one from the ref. Ray goes to the outside but Hardy meets him with a crossbody. Tenay asks who will go to Bound For Glory as we head to a commercial.

We’re back with a double clothesline spot. Ray puts his arm on Hardy and gets a two count and we’re sent back to a commercial.

The show continues, officially I assume, with Hardy kicking Ray to the mat. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and combs down with a splash. Two count. Hardy tries to run but Ray boots him down and covers. Two count. Elbow drop from Ray. Another two count. Ray latches on a headlock. Hardy gets to his feet but Ray flips him over. Splash from Ray to Hardy. Two count.

Hardy gets up but Ray takes him down with a clothesline. He drops an elbow and gets another two count. Lots of pins. Ray clubs Hardy in the head. He measures the Charismatic Enigma but misses a big boot. Hardy tries a Twist of Fate but Ray sends him into a corner and Hardy flips to the outside. Fans chant “You sold out” to Bully Ray. The ref begins his count as Ray watches from inside the ring. The count reaches 8 and Hardy rolls in to break the count. Ray comes out with a forearm smash and sends Hardy back inside. Hardy fights Ray off with punches and kicks but Ray ties him up in the corner. Chop to the chest. Ray whips Hardy and connects with a splash. He tries to repeat the move but Hardy gets an elbow up and nails the Whisper in the Wind!

The two men get to their knees and begin trading punches. They get to their feet and continue the exchange. Ray boots Hardy but Hardy counters a clothesline into an atomic drop. He follows it up with his legdrop. Two count. Ray counters the Twist of Fate into the Bubba Bomb but only gets a two count. Ray lifts Hardy by his hair and tries another Bubba Bomb. Hardy counters with a jumping DDT. He covers and gets a two count. Hardy goes up top. Ray crotches him on the ropes. He punches Hardy and joins Hardy up top. Ray sets Hardy up for the superplex and nails it. Another two count. Ray sets Hardy up for the corner splash but Hardy moves out of the way. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle but misses the Swanton Bomb. Bully Ray nails the Bubba Bomb. He covers Jeff and gets two!

Ray is up first but misses another big boot. Twist of Fate from Hardy. Another Twist of Fate. Hardy removes his shirt and climbs the ropes. He nails the Swanton Bomb and gets the cover for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

The ref raises Hardy’s hand as we get a replay of the finish. Hardy celebrates for the fans as the show ends. He’s going to Bound for Glory.

  • Michael Grooms

    TNA did the right thing by not taking the title shot away from Jeff.