TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 20, 2012

The Previously… video ends and we’re backstage with Hulk Hogan and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq says he has Hogan’s back when it comes to the Aces and Eights. Don’t hide A&8, because Shaq is here, he says. He flexes his muscles and we’re taken to the Impact Zone.

– Tenay lets us know tonight is Open Fight Night. He also says Shaq will be back but that’s later, here comes AJ Styles for the first segment. He’s not alone though as Kurt Angle is with him. Angle reminds us the pair were tag champs a few months ago. They were screwed by the Kaz and Daniels. They were then screwed again at No Surrenders. Angle says AJ Styles gave them hope because he won a number one contendership last week. There’s a dilemma though, because Chavo and Hernandez also are the number one contenders. Angle says that since tonight is Open Fight Night and because the fans deserve to know who the real number one contenders are, he wants to call out Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

Out come the other contenders, a referee is in the ring and Tenay lets us know these two teams are about to go head to head.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

AJ and Chavo start the match as we get camera footage of Hector Guerrero and Will Urbina. Chavo takes Styles down but Styles get the advantage with a headscissors. It sounds like the fans are chanting “Chavo sucks” but he eggs them on. He tags in Hernandez and AJ tags in Angle. Angle kicks Hernandez and pounds him on the back. Uppercut as USA chants start. Hernandez counters an irish whip into a shoulder block. Quick cover gets two. Chavo gets tagged back in as Hernandez slams Angle to the mat. Chavo comes in with a springboard splash. Uppercut from Guerrero. Angle gets some punches in but Chavo is there with a drop toehold into a side headlock. Angle gets Chavo down with a backbody drop as Taz recollects the Angle-Eddie Guerrero matches. Another uppercut from Angle. He corners Chavo. Chavo blocks an assault but Angle is there with a belly to belly suplex. We see the tag champions on the stage as we get sent to a commercial break.

We return with AJ Styles and Chavo on the mat, Styles has a rear chinlock applied. Chavo gets to his feet and elbows out. Styles flips over Chavo but Chavo is there with a back body drop. Chavo tags in Supermex who comes flying in with a shoulderblock. Styles kicks the lower leg of Hernandez but is sent flying across the ring with a tackle. Hernandez sets Styles up for the Border Toss but Angle breaks it up.

Angle and Styles miss a double team clothesline which allows Hernandez to take them both down with a clothesline. Chavo comes flying in with a dropkick the knocks both Styles and Angle down. Headscissors takedown by Chavo to AJ. Chavo tries the Three Amigos but AJ blocks it. AJ with a kick to Chavo’s head. Angle gets tagged in and comes in with a German Suplex. He gives one to Hernandez and the straps come down. He applies the ankle lock to Chavo but Hernandez breaks that up. Enziguri to Hernandez from AJ but Chavo delivers one of his own to AJ. Chavo tries a sunset flip on Angle but Angle rolls throw and applies the Ankle lock in the center of the ring. Chavo rolls out and AJ gets tagged in. He comes flying in with a springboard forearm. Supermex comes in and knocks Styles down. That gets him an Angle slam from Angle. Chavo comes back in the picture and delivers two of the Three Amigos to Angle. AJ interrupts so Chavo gives the Three Amigos to him.

Chavo climbs the turnbuckle but Angle is there. Hernandez takes him off and out of the ring and Chavo is all alone with AJ. He leaps off with the Eddie frogsplash but AJ rolls out of the way. Chavo misses a clothesline but AJ is there with a Pele kick. Styles sets Chavo for the Styles Clash but the tag team champions come in and give us a no contest.


– The champs beat down on Styles and Chavo until Hernandez gets back in the ring and chases them off. Hernandez dares them to come back but Kaz and Daniels keep walking. “Here comes the boss,” Taz says as The Hulkster is out with what looks like a baseball bat.

Kaz and Daniels say they just came to say goodnight. Hogan says he has 99 problems and Aces and Eights are his biggest ones. He says he’s been wondering about the tag team match at BFG but he has a solution. At Bound for Glory, we’re getting Styles and Angle versus Chavo and Hernandez versus Kaz and Daniels for the straps.

– We’re in the back with Jason Hervey and Al Snow. They’re talking about Snow’s new haircut which looks the same to me. They discuss tonight’s Gutcheck. The contestant, who they don’t name, is an 18 year old and Snow says he embodies the Gutcheck. They talk Joey Ryan. Snow says he’s the one that said yes. He gave Ryan an opportunity and Joey Ryan backed down.

– We see Evan Markopoulos, tonight’s Gutcheck guy, warming up backstage before being taken to commercial.

– Hogan is on the phone. We learn it’s Joseph Park. Hogan lets us know that Park has the evidence in his hand but he’s stuck in traffic.

– We get a Bound for Glory memory package with Samoa Joe. He talks about his favorite spot in his match with Sting.

– We get the Evan Markopolus video package from last week. He says he’s a small fish in a big pond and when he gets to the Impact Zone, he’s a small fish in a big ocean. He says for an 18 year old kid, he belongs in TNA wrestling. Gutcheck up after an ad break.

– Dixie Carter is in the back with Bruce Pritchard. Dixie and Bruce are discussing the Aces and Eights and how they can’t get anything done because of them. The audio is really off and distracting. Bruce Pritchard wonders if what they’re doing is right and enough. In comes Al Snow and he lets us know it’s Gutcheck time.

– The camera is back on the ring and Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Evan Markopolus. He introduces Markopolus’ opponent for the night, Douglas Williams.

Evan Markopolus vs. Douglas Williams

Ref rings the bell as we get a shot of Markopolus’ father. Markopolus gets the fans to clap along with him and the two lock up. Williams takes Markoplus to the mat. He gets back up. He corners Markopolus and slaps him in the face. Markopolus turns the tide but the ref breaks them up. The pair trade slaps. Markopolus gets taken down with a clothesline.

Williams is there with an uppercut now. He pounds the top of Markopolus’ head and whips him. Another uppercut from the vet. Williams grabs Markopolus by the hair and tries to repeat the last exchange but Markopolus gets a sunset flip. Williams gets up and knees Markopolus. He gets him in the corner and applies a knee to the face. Markopolus is up in the middle and gets a dropkick. Crossbody pin gets a one and Williams is immediately up with a clothesline. He kicks the downed Markopolus multiple times.

Williams punches Markopolus and kicks his downed opponent once again. Markopolus fights back with punches but Williams knees him. Douglas puts Markopolus down with a vertical suplex. Williams misses a charge allowing Markopolus to gain momentum with punches. It’s interrupted with another Williams knee. Williams takes Markopolus down with a hiptoss and applies a neck crank, according to Taz, for the submission win.

Winner: Douglas Williams

– James Storm is walking backstage. Tenay lets us know he calls out Bobby Roode after the break.

– A video package reminds us of the recent encounters between James Storm and Bobby Roode. It includes the No Surrender footage and the brawl from last week.

Storms music ends that and he makes his way down the aisle. He gets to the ring and grabs a mic as the fans chant “Cowboy.” He says that never gets old because he’s good at talking a lot of trash. Unlike other people, he can back up that trash. He reminds us of last week and calls Bobby Roode a coward. This has escalated from a personal issue to an “I just want to kick the crap out of you” issue. Storm wants Roode’s blood on his hands. Storm says this won’t be a wrestling match. It’s going to be a man kicking a coward’s ass match. The man is the ring, all Storm needs is the coward to come on out.

Roode’s music, which is one of the few I like, hits and he’s out but in a suit. Storm looks displeased. Roode says he’s overdressed for fighting. He lets Storm know that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never ever duplicate the success of the It Factor. As long as Roode is around, Storm will never become World Heavyweight Champion. Roode says Storm is barking up the wrong tree because as far as he’s concerned, the two ex-tag partners are through. Storm will have to look elsewhere for a brawl. Roode leaves but doesn’t go far before Hogan stops him backstage. Hogan says this isn’t how Open Fight Night is done. He threatens to fire Roode and says he has three minutes to make his mind up of whether or not he’s going to fight Storm tonight. This leads us to another ad break.

We return and Storm is in the ring with a mic. He says he doesn’t have all night and demands Roode come down to the ring. Roode returns, still in suit and all. Roode takes his sportscoat off and starts his journey down the ramp, undressing as he goes.

He’s interrupted from going all the way by James Storm, who pounds on Roode with a shoe. Storm slaps Roode and commences choking him with his shirt. Storm punches Roode up the ramp but Roode gets him with a kick. Storm takes the momentum back by driving Roode into the steel atop the stage. Storm and Roode fight down as the ref asks them to get back to the ring. Roode nails Storm in the head with a shoe and slams his head against some steps. Roode guides Storm back to the aisle and into a steel barricade. He rolls Storm into the ring and the ref rings the bell.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Storm mounts a cornered Roode for punches. Roode lands an inverted atomic drop but Storm clotheslines Roode out of the ring. The two fight on the outside with Storm rolling Roode back in. Storm misses a charge and is sent to the outside by Roode. Roode joins him outside with a blow to the head. Storm whips Roode into the steel steps and Roode holds his knee. Roode blocks Storm’s attempt to send him head first into the steel steps and whips him into the barricade. Roode breaks the ref’s count and repeats the whip to the guardrail. He slams Storm’s face into the rail.

Roode searches under the ring and finds Storm’s beer bottle. He misses a spit and Storm takes the bottle. He takes a swig and shares some with a fan before punching Roode. Storm gets sent to the mat by Roode and Roode grabs a steel chair. He misses a headshot and gets clotheslined by Storm. Storm asks a fan to place his boots on the guardrail and Storm sends Roode’s face into the fan’s feet. Roode knees Storm and sends him into the steel steps once more. He resets the refs count by rolling in the ring and the ref pounds his feet hilariously. Roode returns to punching Storm in the face as the audio goes silent for a second as a fan cusses the It Factor out. Roode tries to send Storm into the steel guardrail but that’s reversed. Storm lifts Roode up and repeats the shoe spot from earlier with another fan.

Vertical suplex attempt is blocked by Roode who delivers one of his own. Roode gets to his feet first but Storm crawls away. Storm returns inside and Roode joins him. Clothesline by Roode. Roode shoves the ref and tosses Storm outside through the middle ropes. The ref checks on Storm but he’s shoved by the Cowboy. The two brawl on the outside which forces the ref to call for the ball.


Roode gets the momentum with a cheapshot. He punches Storm who falls through the guardrail and into the crowd area. Storm sends Roode into a wall. He measures Roode and delivers a punch. Roode shoves the ref again and the two make their way to the backstage area. Roode gets sent headfirst into a storage case. Then again, into a door. The door closes and the camera doesn’t follow them for some reason.

– Now Hulkster is our focus. He’s asking a stagehand where Joseph Park is. Hogan says Park has information that’ll change everyone’s life and he gets a phonecall. It’s the Aces and Eights. Hogan says the A&8 told them they got a lawyer of their own. Hogan says he’ll play as long as he knows the rules. He says he’s going to think about something and he’ll get right back to them. Adbreak.

– Still in a commercial but the Aces and Eights just tweeted they have Joseph Park. “We have @josephpark_esq… Accept our terms @hulkhogan”

– We’re back. Austin Aries wants to talk with Jeff Hardy. He says if Hardy opens his eyes, he’ll take his sunglasses off. Aries says everyone thinks BFG is Hardy coming for the gold. Aries says Hardy has what he wants. He’s accomplished what he wants. Hardy has a hall of fame career and a bank account and he wants that. He calls Hardy’s fans sheep but says he wants people like that. Everything Jeff Hardy does, Austin Aries can do. This isn’t Hardy chasing Aries, it’s the opposite. Tonight Aries will show Hardy that anything Hardy can do, Aries can do better.

– Tara’s out which prompts the announcers to recap last week’s turn on Miss Tessmacher. Tara hears the chitchatting in the Knockout lockerroom. They want to know why Tara did what she did and that disgusts her. Tara says Miss Tessmacher used her to get back on television. It took someone special, Tara’s new boyfriend in California, to open her eyes. He reminded Tara that she is the best female wrestler in the world. Fans chant boring and she tells them to shutup. This gives us a Tessmacher chant as Tenay asks who is Tara’s boyfriend. Tonight is Open Fight Night so Tara is going to call out her victim: Christy Hemme. She says she can challenge anyone she wants.

Hemme slowly walks to the ring as Tara asks if she thinks she’s too good. Tara hears Hemme talking about her. Hemme says she’s an announcer and Tara says she already knows that. Tara says Hemme needs to show respect and asks Christy who her favorite Knockout is. For some reason, Hemme says Miss Tessmacher. Tara repeats the question but Miss Tessmacher runs out. Tara tosses Hemme into Tessmacher and leaves the ring screaming “BOUND FOR GLORY.”

– Hulk Hogan is up after the commercial break to address the phone call he just had with the Aces and Eights.

– Tara Is arguing with Brooke Hogan backstage. Brooke says Tara’s actions were wrong because Hemme is an announcer. Brooke says she respects Tara but is disappointed. Hogan says there’ll be consequences next week to which Tara responds: “Bring it.”

– RVD gives us a Bound For Glory moment, this one is about his matches with Abyss and Jerry Lynn. You can say a lot of stuff about TNA but they’re treating BFG like a big deal. Before the Tara/Hogan segment, they played two BFG commercials back to back.

– Next week is Championship Thursday and the fate of the Television title will be decided.

– The other Hogan, Hulk, is out and Tenay reminds us of the Shaq segment to start the show. He wonders about the deal Hogan talked about over the phone. Hogan says the Impact Zone is getting redhot and he’s getting ready to spraypaint everyone “TNA dead” around here. He lets us know A&8 have taken Joseph Park hostage. Hogan walks the walk. The Aces and Eights want Hogan in their clubhouse next week and Hogan says they want to play hardball. “I’m the right guy to play hardball, brother.” The word on the street is the Aces and Eights are dirtbags but they keep their word. Hogan says he’ll be in their house next week if they release Joseph Park. He wants Park right now.

The leader of the Aces and Eights thanks Hogan for agreeing to appear in their clubhouse next week. He says if he comes to their house, it’s their house rules. The mystery man says Park was doing his job but that was getting too close to A&8 business. They checked his computer and say he did a good job. They’re going to do computer technology Aces and Eights style. Another masked man takes a sledgehammer and destroys Park’s computer. Park gets angry but he’s in a cage tied up. He says he has the information in his head which the Aces and Eights decide to take care of by smashing Park with a hammer. This leads us to a commercial break.

– We return with a recap of what just happened.

– In more BFG hype, we get an in-depth look into the personal life of Jeff Hardy. This involves Hardy walking through a forest and commentating on the BFG series. He says winning the World Championship will be the last chapter of his redemption. He promises to steal the show.

– The Greatest Man That Ever Lived is out now. Fans chant for him despite just being called sheep a while ago. Tenay and Taz wonder what Aries meant when he said he could do anything Hardy can do better as Aries hangs his title on the top rope. Aries applauds the video package. He’s kind of annoyed they put it on before he came out though. It proved his point that everyone is thinking about Jeff Hardy. Aries isn’t the hunted, he’s the hunter and Hardy is the target. He wants to prove he can do anything Hardy can do so he brings up Bully Ray. Ray told Aries that Aries’ victories over him were luck. Aries says it wasn’t luck but skill and calls out Ray to the ring.

Ray asks a guy backstage if Aries really said his name. He appears on the stage with a mic saying “there’s no way in hell [he] heard what [he] heard.” There is no way Aries said that stuff. He cuts his own music and asks if his hearing is off. It sounded like Aries called Ray out and in Ray’s world, there’s no way that could be true. Aries confirms and Ray tells him to not get wise. You don’t just call Ray out. People don’t call Ray out. He calls them out. A fan pats his back and he threatens him with a punch. He says the guy is an Aries fan because he has no brains. Aries takes the fan to task and says he’s no fan of Aries because Aries will go punch him in the face if he touches Ray again. Weird.

Ray starts to ask if Aries knows who he is but Aries flies out of the ring and onto Bully Ray. Ray is seated by Aries and Aries begins punching him. Bully makes his way to the apron but Aries punches him. He slams Ray’s face into the steel steps and slaps him. Ray gets in the ring, Aries follows him and we get our match.

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Aries pounds Bully in the corner. He chokes him with the rope as Taz and Tenay talk about Aries’ jealousy towards Hardy. Aries climbs the turnbuckle but is knocked down to the apron. Ray boots Aries to the outside for an in-match break.

We’re back with Aries punching his way out of a bearhug. Ray takes down Aries with a backbody drop and gets a pin for a two-count. Last commercial break.

Aries is on the apron and gets pounded by Bully Ray. Ray pulls Aries’ head back and puts one of his fingers in Aries’ eye socket. Aries regroups on the outside but Ray tosses him back in. Cover by Ray gets a one. Ray pulls Aries’ arms from behind him. Aries gets to a vertical base and kicks his way out. Ray leaps onto Aries’ back with a knee. Splash by the big man gets a two count. Ray gets a two count after a body slam. He drops an elbow to the chest and stays on for another near fall. Ray asks Aries if his back is hurting. He asks if Aries wants to change who he called out. This incites a punch from Aries. He takes the Bully down to a knee but Bully counters an Aries charge with an elbow. Aries gets to his knees but Ray is there with multiple blows to the head. Bully’s elbow collides with Aries chest once more as Ray says “damn, that was tight.” Another pin gets another two count.

Ray tells Earl Hebner he sucks which makes Earl angry. Aries interrupts the argument with slaps to Bully’s chest. Bully stops Aries’ momentum with a palm strike but Aries is back with a punch. Ray sends him down again but Aries fights back with an elbow. Multiple chops from the champ to Ray. Ray snaps Aries’ nose. Ray misses two clotheslines which allows Aries to nail a discus clothesline. Aries snaps Ray’s head on the ropes and climbs the ropes. He comes down with a dropkick. He covers and gets two.

Aries raises one arm in the arm and knees Bully. He signals for the brainbuster but Bully punches Aries’ side. Aries gets sent over and tries a sunset flip but Ray drops straight down. Aries rolls out of the way to avoid contact. Aries measures Ray and lands a kick. Ray sends Aries into the corner but Aries and Hebner run into each other. Aries takes Ray down with a low dropkick and applies the Last Chancery! Ray taps but the referee can’t see him. Aries relinquishes the hold as the fans let Ray know he tapped out. Ray wraps a steel chain around his fist and nails Aries with it. Ray covers and Hebner counts slowy but reaches three.

Winner: Bully Ray

Ray appears to hug the tired Earl Hebner. He mouths “I told you,” as Tenay brings up the steel chain. Taz says Aries came in with too much emotion. Ray asks for Aries’ title and is given it. He returns to the ring and measures Aries for a belt shot. Hardy runs out and takes Ray out of the equation. Hardy picks the belt up and raises it. Aries is up now and takes the belt from Hardy. He shoves Hardy and is unhappy with the Charismatic Enigma. The show ends with champion and contender arguing and the announcers hyping the BFG match in a few weeks.