TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 27, 2012

Previously on Impact recaps last week’s interactions between Hogan and the Aces and Eights, James Storm and Robert Roode and Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries.

– Tonight is “Championship Thursday,” Mike Tenay lets us know. The TNA Television title will be decided. Elsewhere, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries are in a tag team tonight

– Out to start the show is Hulk Hogan, baseball bat in hand. “The Babe Ruth of professional wrestling,” as Taz calls him grabs a mic and says “that’s just what I thought.” He reminds us of his date with the Aces and Eights as the fans chant his name. Hogan asks the fans to watch his back, jack. He calls tonight a turning point because Bound for Glory is just three shows away.

Hogan says he’s been distracted by the A&8s but has to take care of business. He brings up the TV title. He calls Devon a great champion and says he’d like to see him in Impact just as much as anyone else. Is there anyone else? Anyways, Hogan says he’s handpicked four men: Samoa Joe, Magnus, Garrett “The Future” Bischoff and Mr. Anderson. He will talk to those four men and guarantees us a new champion. He moves on to the James Storm/Robert Roode dilemma. He says it’s been going on for a year and books them in a Street Fight for Bound for Glory. That’s not all though because there’s going to be a special enforcer that’ll debut next week. That guy is MMA wrestle, King Mo. Fans don’t really react. It’s time to talk Aces and Eights. Hogan reminds us he’s going to their clubhouse to see what those guys are made of. He’s going in their for a fight, even if it means he’s going there all alone, brother. That prompts the music of the Stinger.

Hogan jokingly says he just borrowed Sting’s bat. Sting says this whole thing started with him and he promised he’d have Hogan’s back. He says he’s going with Hogan tonight. He has his back, jack. Hogan asks for another bat and the two embrace in the center of the ring as we get sent to our first adbreak of the program.

– We return with a Bound for Glory moment with Mr. Anderson. He calls his BFG match in 2010 against Kurt Angle. He says the fans can expect “equal opportunity ass-kicking” at BFG.

– Christy Hemme is in the middle of the ring to introduce Kurt Angle, AJ Styles is with him. If you’re into the kind of thing, Angle is guest appearing on MMA live after the show. Taz and Tenay discuss the next match where one man from each team competing in the Bound for Glory triple threat tag team title match will wrestle. Hernandez is out with Chavo and Kazarian is with Christopher Daniels.

Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels exits the ring to allow Chavo and Angle to wrestle. They’re not pleased but Daniels is sent back in the ring. Angle and Chavo take turns punching Daniels until Angle takes him to the corner. More punching from the faces, this time in the form of European uppercuts. Angle kicks Daniels to a seated position, the ref takes him off so Chavo takes control of the beatdown. Angle slams Daniels’ head against the padding. Chavo takes a turn doing the same. They whip Daniels but he avoids an Angle shoulder attack. Chavo drops Daniels with a clothesline. Kazarian distracts Chavo, causing Chavo to exit the ring. AJ shoves him so Hernandez gets his back. Kazarian rolls inside the ring and the faces argue on the outside. Angle leaves the ring to help AJ. Styles, Angle, Hernandez and Chavo notice the champs in the ring so they all go inside and chase them to the outside. Commercial break.

We’re back with Daniels standing over Angle. During the break, the referee ejected Kazarian, Hernandez and AJ Styles from the ringside area. Back in real time, Angle takes down Daniels with a forearm. German Suplex to Daniels, Chavo comes in and gets a German of his own. Chavo rolls out of an Angle slam and clotheslines Angle to the outside. Chavo punches Daniels. He takes the champ down with a headscissors. Dropkick. Somersault rollover into a pin that’s broken up by Angle at two. Belly to Belly suplex from Angle to Chavo. He measures Daniels and nails him with the Angle slam. The straps come down and he tries for the ankle lock. Chavo breaks it up with a roll up from behind that gets two.

Chavo and Angle trade blows. Daniels tries to hit Chavo but takes Angle out. Chavo successfully completes the Three Amigos and climbs the turnbuckle for the Frog Splash. Angle rushes into the ring and applies the ankle lock. Daniels rolls out and the momentum sends Angle into Chavo. Daniels sends both men into the corner and takes Chavo out with a sneak STO. That gets a three count for the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

That was a fun match. Daniels celebrates on the ramp.

– We’re in the back with Hogan, Anderson, Magnus, Joe and Garrett Bischoff. Why is Bischoff there? Hogan once again sadly brings up Devon. Hogan talks to Garrett Bischoff first. Garrett says he’s kicked his own ass trying to prove himself. Devon saw something in him and that’s why Hogan has him in the ring. Soon we’ll probably learn Devon is blind. Magnus and Joe say Devon only liked him because they were tag partners. They bicker over their own broken up tag team. Mr. Anderson tries too hard and after a lot of stuff, says actions speak louder than words. Hogan asks Joe if any of them belong in the ring with him and Joe says no. Magnus talks about being a champ in other countries and Joe says this is about the TV title. Anderson says he wants to fight Garrett Bischoff. Magnus says the TV champion has to be someone that’ll represent the company all over the world. Hogan says the choice is easy and eliminates Magnus because he has to separate Joe and Magnus. Joe laughs and the two ex-partners trade barbs.

– Now we’re with Brooke Hogan and Tara. Tara says Brooke is late. The two begin to speak and Tara gets a phone call from her mystery Hollywood boyfriend. She says she’ll make plans with George and Stacy. Hogan says Tara has to earn her title shot but they’re once again interrupted by Tara’s mystery Hollywood boyfriend on the phone. Brooke takes the phone and says Tara’s match is next after the break.

– We return to Christy Hemme who, before announcing Tara out, tells us the next match is for the number one contendership of the Knockouts Title. Tara ignores Taryn Terrell who tries to let Tara know she’s the ref or something. Tara’s opponent for the match is ODB, who is out with Eric Young. Did you know these two are the Knockouts Tag Team Champions? They’re out with the belts.

Tara vs. ODB

ODB drags Tara into the ring. The two ladies trade punches until Tara gets tossed across the ring by her hair. ODB repeats the move but Tara rolls out of the ring. ODB gives chase back into the ring. Shoulder block from ODB to Tara. Tara delivers multiple shoulder shots in the corner until Taryn Terrell breaks them up. Eric Young is on the apron asking for a tag. ODB with a splash to Tara as EY leaves the apron. Bronco Buster from ODB. Eric Young rolls into another corner and asks for a Bronco Buster of his own but Terrell doesn’t let it happen. The fans should have booed.

ODB connects with a baseball slide. She spanks Tara and follows that up by slamming Tara’s face into the apron. ODB rolls Tara back inside and Tara asks for mercy. ODB tries to attack but Terrell holds her off. ODB with a short-arm clothesline. More clotheslines. ODB kicks Tara. Fallaway slam. ODB kicks Tara out of the ring and Terrell asks for space. Tara is holding her knee in pain and tries to use EY to get up. ODB breaks that up and EY says his pants are still on. Tara rolls back in and removes her knee brace. Taz asks if Tara can continue with her knee issues. Terrell and ODB check on Tara where Tara catches ODB with a sneak rollup for the win. She had her foots on the ropes too.

Winner: Tara

– Terrell assists Tara up the ramp but Tara looks in the ring with a smile. She mouths to the camera, “I did it for you, baby.”

– Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard and Taz are discussing the Gutcheck Challenge participant, Evan Markopolus.

– We’re back with highlights of last week’s Markopolus-Williams fight. We get footage from last week where Bruce Pritchard takes Al Snow to task for the Joey Ryan stuff. Pritchard says Snow isn’t a wrestler anymore. Ryan didn’t earn a contract and is only there to disrupt and get under Snow’s skin. Pritchard says they’re going through legal troubles with Ryan. Al Snow says he made a mistake. The pair is interrupted by Taz. They talk Evan Markopolus. Taz was surprised. Snow says he has heart and desire. Pritchard loves that Markopolus started at age thirteen. That shows passion and drive. Snow questions Markopolus’ ability to handle being a TNA wrestler. Pritchard ends the roundtable and we’re sent backstage.

– The camera man asks who Bully Ray chose for his tag team partner. Bully Ray doesn’t answer. He says he looked great with the TNA Heavyweight Championship over his head and leaves. Camera rightfully zooms in on his calves.

– We’re with Hogan, Anderson, Joe and Garrett Bischoff. Hogan says he has no problems with Joe. Hogan says Garrett thinks he can hang with Anderson. This angers Anderson. Hogan says Garrett has been on a roll but decrees him not ready. He says it isn’t his time, brother, and eliminates Garrett Bischoff. Bischoff looks pissed and the camera zooms in on his face so that’s probably going somewhere. Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson stare down as Hogan says they’re up after the break.

– Austin Aries is in the back with Robert Roode. Roode says he’s letting Aries know out of respect that he is Bully Ray’s tag team partner tonight. Roode says he has his eye on the Bound for Glory match between Hardy and Aries. Like thousands of people around the world, he’s rooting for Hardy because he can’t get a title match until Aries drops the belt. Roode talks about his experience with Jeff Hardy. He’s beaten Hardy, Aries hasn’t. Roode calls him the better wrestler. Roode tries to get into Aries’ ear by saying Jeff is stealing the spot of the young guys. Roode sarcastically says Hardy and Aries will be a good tag team tonight and leaves.

– Samoa Joe appears. Taz says it’s cool we’re guaranteed a new champion tonight. The lights go out and when they return, Anderson is on top of the ramp asking for a mic to fall. He introduces himself as he always does. 6 or 7 years of doing this and the fans still chant along.

Television Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

After trading blows, Joe takes Anderson down with a hiptoss. Joe tries to lock on the clutch but Anderson squirms away. They grapple with Anderson being taken into the corner. Joe delivers multiple blows until Earl Hebner forces him off. Joe delivers a backsplash, enziguri kick combo that takes Anderson down. The cover gets two. The pair once again trade blows, this time with Anderson getting the majority. Anderson tries an attack but Joe takes him down with a shoulder block. Joe kicks Anderson in the face. Snapmare takedown is followed up with a chop to the back. Anderson dodgers a kick and replies with a quick rollup for two.

Anderson knocks Joe down with a swinging neckbreaker and that gets a two. He mounts Joe and punches him. Joe gets on the turnbuckle and Anderson tries for a fireman’s carry. Joe squirms out and tires a rear naked choke that Anderson counters into a jawbreaker. Anderson tries his finisher again but Joe holds on for a pin. Two count. The two men are up where Joe nails a headbutt. Anderson answers back with a clothesline. Anderson measures Samoa Joe for the mic check but Joe elbows out. Anderson rolls Joe but Joe reverses into the rear naked choke.

Anderson almost gets out but Joe transitions onto Anderson’s back and keeps the hold on. Anderson nearly reaches the ropes but Joe keeps the arm from touching. Joe returns the two to the middle of the ring as Anderson begins to fade away. The ref raises his arm and it falls to the mat. Anderson has passed out.

Winner and NEW Television Champion, Samoa Joe

– Taz asks if Anderson is okay because the hold was applied for a while (it was). Tenay tells us Samoa Joe has become a Grand Slam Champion by winning the World, X Division, Tag and Television Championships.

– A video package for the Aces and Eights is played. Shaquille O’Neal makes a cameo in it too. It ends with a replay of the hammershot of Joseph Park. Now we’re with Sting and Hogan. A female stagehand says Bruce Pritchard has papers for them to sign. They start reading when the lady sprays the two in the face with pepperspray. They’re attacked by the Aces and Eights. The masked men place hoods over Sting and Hogan and throw them into the back of a van. The A&8s show a camera and say they’ll take plenty of pictures for us. How pleasant. Commercial break.

– We return with a recap of the abduction of Hogan and Sting. Tenay says they’re going to do their damndest to stay on top of the story.

– The Gutcheck Challenge is up next. The judges are in the center of the ring with Jeremy Borash. Evan Markopolus joins us as Borash reminds us of his age. Markopolus tries to get the fans to clap as he walks down the ramp and he’s semi-successful. Borash asks Markopolus if he put forth his best effort. Markopolus says no because he lost.

Taz says Markopolus has big upside as the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Taz says he has ton to learn and he would like to see him learn that under the Impact brand. Taz says yes. Pritchard is up next. He says he respects Evan Markopolus because not enough people want it like he does. Despite that, Pritchard says no. He needs more time.

Evan Markopolus gets his chance to kick out. Markopolus recalls the year 1994. Snow was trying to get into SMW and ECW and was not yet 18. Markopolus says he’ll be back and get his ass kicked if they let him. If Snow says yes, Markopolus promises to take the ball to the end zone. Snow says Markopolus is the epitome of the Gutcheck. It’s about finding kids with passion and heart. Snow has seen people with all the hype and all the charisma but lacked the passion. Markopolus has that passion. Having said that, Markopolus is only 18, not ready so Snow answers no.

Markopolus shakes the hands of the three judges and leaves the ring. That brings us to Mike Tenay awkwardly tossing us to a sneak peek of some Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. Evan Markopolus might watch that. Hulk Hogan and Sting may have just died and we get NINJA TURTLES HYPE.

– Speaking of Hogan and Sting, Tenay throws us to footage from the Aces and Eights clubhouse. A mystery man removes the hoods from the legends and says the bossman is on his way. Commercials.

– Magnus is on deck with his Bound for Glory memory. He recalls his tag team title win with Douglas Williams at Bound For Glory 2009. BFG is October 14th.

– The Aces and Eights conveniently broke up their video for commercials because we’re back to their clubhouse. The leader apologizes for the unorthodox form of transportation. The leader says the gang was having so much fun until Hogan decided to lock them out of the building. One of the men has a machete or something. The leader says they’ve learned to like the Impact roster. Tehey’ve been spending time with Joseph Park too. He’s brought out tied up on face up on a board. Hogan demands for them to let Park go. The leader says they will. The leader says at Bound for Glory, he proposes a two for two match between two of Hogan’s guys versus two of the Aces and Eights. Hogan and Sting volunteer themselves and the A&8 leader says that’s not going to work. Hogan has to watch two of his guys fight and know they’re getting beat up because of Hogan. If the Aces and Eights win, they get full action into the Impact Zone.

Sting and Hogan once again declare their readiness and the Aces and Eights throw water on the captured legends. The leader says it has to be two Impact wrestlers and Hogan finally agrees. Hogan says they have to let Park go and the leader says they will after the Bound for Glory match. Hogan says nobody better hurt Joseph Park and the leader says we have his word.

– Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy are walking backstage for their tag team match. A graphic for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle show once again leads us to an advertisement break.

– The host for MMA Uncensored Live appears for a commercial. He asks if Kurt Angle (who will be appearing on the show) is thinking of making an MMA match appearance. Oh boy!

– Taz and Tenay put on their serious voices as we get a recap of what just went down between the Aces and Eights and Hogan and Sting. I missed a line from the A&8s where they say nothing will happen between now and BFG between the two warring factions.

– The commentators run down the card for the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

– James Storm is talking about Hogan’s Special Enforcer for his match with Bobby Roode. He says it’s about time and calls King Mo “one of the greatest fighters in MMA history.” I’ve never heard of him but MMA isn’t exactly my forte. Storm says all he needs Mo to do is to raise his hand after he defeats Roode.

– Speaking of which, Roode is out for the next match. Taz and Tenay recap his feud with the Cowboy. Bully Ray is out next. The champ gets the last entrance as Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts Ray’s posturing.

Robert Roode and Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries

Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy start us off. Ray pounds Hardy to the mat. Hardy is cornered where Ray continues the assault and includes an elbow to the head. Hardy counters a Ray attack into a headscissors takedown. Armdrag by Hardy. Aries gets brought into the match. Not sure if the camera missed Aries tagging himself in. Aries and Ray talk some trash but Ray brings in Roode before they can brawl. The pair grapple with Aries latching on a headlock. Aries with an armdrag. Another one. Ray tries to come in but Aries takes him down with a drop toehold. Aries lays down on the top ropes as Jeff Hardy comes in with a double clothesline to Ray and Roode. The faces taunt atop the turnbuckles as we get a commercial break.

We return with Hardy flying off the turnbuckle with a splash to Robert Roode. We’re immediately sent to our last commercial break.

Hardy and Ray welcome us back from the adbreak. Hardy uppercuts Ray and climbs the turnbuckle. Roode enters the fray and throws Hardy off the top. Ray slams Hardy’s right leg into the mat as we get a replay of Hardy’s fall. Back in real time, Ray pounds the head of Hardy. He throws an elbow drop and stays on for a two count. He tags in Bobby Roode. Roode with a kneedrop that gets another two count.

Hardy punches his way out of Roode’s grasp and stuns him with a jawbreaker. He follows that up with a Twist of Faith but can’t make the pin. Both men are down as the commentators cite the importance of tagging in Austin Aries. Ray is tagged in. Aries is as well. Aries with multiple forearms shot to the Bully. Roode distracts Aries, allowing Ray to boot Aries out of the ring. Ray knocks Hardy off the apron and is left alone in the ring. On the outside, Roode sends Austin Aries backfirst into the steel steps. Roode rolls Aries back inside the ring. Ray screams at him “I DESERVE TO BE THE WORLD CHAMPION.” He boots Aries in the head and once again clubs Aries across the face. Ray tags in Roode while holding the left leg. Roode grabs the right leg and the split Aries in half. Roode kicks Aries in the back. He follows that up with a knee. Aries is cornered but fights his way out. Roode immediately stops his momentum and tags in Ray. He holds onto Aries as Ray comes flying off the turnbuckle with an ax handle. Splash from Ray gets a two count.

Ray latches on a bearhug. Hardy tries to pump up the crowd by slapping the top turnbuckle. Aries fights his way out of the bearhug by boxing the ears of Ray. He bites Ray’s forehead and delivers a lower dropkick to the Bully. Aries gets to his feet and looks at Hardy. Meanwhile, Roode gets the tag. Aries boots Roode and climbs the turnbuckle. He comes flying with a diving clothesline. Aries gets on the apron but comes back in and applies the Last Chancery as Taz notes Hardy is upset by not being in the match. Ray breaks up the submission. Hardy tries to even the numbers but Ray boots him in the face. Aries dodges a clothesline that nails Roode. Roode gets a corner dropkick from Aries. Ray gets a corner dropkick from the champ. Suicide dive from Aries to Roode on the outside. Aries climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with a missile dropkick ont othe Bully. Aries once against stares down with Hardy. This time Roode attacks from behind. Aries counters a fisherman suplex into a brainbuster. Hardy tags himself into the match and climbs the trunbuckle. He flies off with the Swanton for the win.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries

– Aries returns into the ring, visibly upset. Taz says “Hardy got the glory spot.” Aries screams at Hardy and points at his own chest. Tenay says Bound for Glory is going to be epic.

– The show isn’t over though as the Aces and Eights return Sting and Hogan to the Impact Zone. Hogan and Sting tease an attack but the A&8s say they will burn Joseph Park. Sting says he’s coming and bringing someone with him.

  • Michael Grooms

    Apparently the TNA writers didn’t know that George and Stacy broke up weeks ago.