TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 6, 2012

The “Previously on Impact” video concludes and we’re met with a shot of the Impact Zone. Tenay says we’re going to fill out the rest of the BFG final four tonight. A video package lets us know we’re going to find out who joins James Storm in the final four. It highlights Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray and Rob Van Dam. A very good video.

The camera highlights Christy Hemme who introduces Jeff Hardy for the opening bout. Samoa Joe joins him shortly after. We’re reminded the first place finisher gets to pick his opponent for this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

The fans are clearly in Jeff Hardy’s corner as the two circle the ring. Tenay and Taz compare the BFG series to sports playoffs. Joe wrenches the wrist of Jeff Hardy until Hardy finds the ropes. They grapple with Hardy applying a headlock. “Let’s go Hardy, Let’s go Joe chants.” Joe whips Hardy into the ropes and brings him down with a shoulder block. Hardy rolls to the outside.

Hardy returns back inside and meets Joe with another grapple. Joe takes Hardy into the corner as we are given a split screen with James Storm watching backstage. Punches from Joe to Hardy take Hardy to the mat. The ref forces Samoa Joe off. Joe tosses Hardy to the outside and joins him. Joe delivers a knee to the chest and follows that up by sending Hardy’s face into the steps. Hardy blocks and sends Joe into the steps. Hardy asks the fans to move back and he leaps off the steps and onto Joe with a leg to the face knocking both men down. Commercial break.

We’re back from commercial with Joe smashing Hardy in the face with an elbow. He drops down for a pin but Hardy is up after two. More split chants from the fans. Headbutt by the Samoan. Joe tosses Hardy into the corner and begins working him over with shots to the face. He whips Hardy into the opposite corner and meets him with a back splash-enziguri combo. Pin by Joe gets two. Joe lifts Hardy by his hair and the two trade shots. Hardy delivers a series of punches but his offense is halted by a Joe powerslam. Another two count. Headbutt by Joe but Hardy fires back with a clothesline. Another clothesline. Atomic drop by Hardy is followed up with a legdrop. Hardy goes for the cover and gets a two count.

Jawbreaker by Hardy. He climbs the turnbuckle but Joe is up quickly. Hardy tries a Twist of Faith but Joe locks in a chokehold. Hardy breaks out and nails Joe with the Whisper in the Wind. Twist of Faith but Joe is on his feet. Hardy takes down Samoa Joe and locks in a side headlock. Joe taps out giving Jeff Hardy the ten points. Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe via Submission

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– An Aces and Eights video plays. Austin Aries is in the back with Hulk Hogan. Hogan lets Aries knows the “little guy” that flap jacked Aries last week will be here tonight. The Hulkster gives Aries permission to break his legs and Aries is pleased with the development.

– Christy Hemme tries to interview Samoa Joe but he’s interrupted by Brutus Magnus. Magnus brings up their tag team days and blames Joe for the break up. He claims to be over it and wishes Joe “all the best.” Magnus walks away allowing Joe to turn his attention back to Christy but Magnus comes back and nails Joe from behind.

– Hogan is back with the TNA midcard. Chavo, the Robbies E and T and Hernandez are amongst the wrestlers. Hogan asks the guys to plead their case for a tag team title shot. Robbie calls Chavo a has-been but Hogan defends him. Hogan asks Kid Kash and Gunner to talk but don’t really say much. Chavo tries to talk but AJ Styles walks in and asks for an opportunity. Hogan says the first elimination is an easy one and eliminates AJ Styles from the room.

– Brooke Hogan is with Tara now. She gives Tara a Knockouts Title match against Brooke Tessmacher this Sunday. She talks about Taryn Terrell but Gail Kim walks into the room. Hogan makes a match between Kim and Tara and the two bicker.

– On October 14, Spike is going to air a Countdown to Bound for Glory special before the PPV. So mark your calendars.

– Taryn Terrell is in the ring and we’re set for the Gail Kim/Tara bout.

Tara vs. Gail Kim

Kim takes down Tara with a takedown. Tara gets to her feet but Kim takes her out with a dropkick. Armdrag from Tara. Kim gets whipped into the results and Tara flips her on the rebound. Flying armbar from Gail Kim. Kim sends Tara into the ropes and rushes into her with an splash to the stomach. She goes for a pin attempt but it gets a two count. Kim chokes Tara with her boot but Terrell takes her off. Kim gets caught off guard with a roll up by Tara. Kim nails her in the head and goes for another pinfall, two count.

Tara gets the advantage with a flurry of punches. She takes her down with a boot and lifts Kim for a vertical suplex. She covers and gets a two count. Tara tries to follow up but Kim trips her into the second rope. Kim climbs the turnbuckle but is stopped by Tara. Tara retrieves Kim and drives her to the mat with the Widow’s Peak for the win.

Winner: Tara

– We get a Joey Ryan video package. It highlights Ryan’s Gutcheck Challenge from a few months ago. Taz and Pritchard think Ryan was too loose but Pritchard says it was a job well done. The video flashbacks to the Gutcheck results show and we see the rejections from Taz and Pritchard. The video then focuses on Ryan’s clashes with Al Snow. Up next after the commercial break, Al Snow in the ring.

– We’re back with Snow in the center of the ring. He calls Joey Ryan a jackass that has done nothing but disrupt Impact Wrestling. Snow says he’s giving Joey Ryan another chance and asks him to the ring. He says Ryan has been crying and complaining but is interrupted by a siren. It’s Joey Ryan with a megaphone. He hops the railing and enters the ring.

Snow gets Joey Ryan a mic. “Oh what a difference a day makes.” Ryan tries to say he’s bringing sleazy back but Snow tells him to stop pandering. Snow says he’ll give Ryan another shot at Gutcheck but with no judges. All Ryan needs to do is win. Ryan says it’s a nice offer but he and the 87% have already spoken for him. Ryan says he’s giving Snow and co. a chance to right their wrong but Snow says he has to earn it by going through Gutcheck.

Ryan says he has the confidence, ability and 87% and accepts Snow’s challenge. Snow lets him know Joey Ryan’s opponent for Gutcheck is himself. Joey says it’s not the nineties anymore and Snow says he’ll kick his ass in jeans. Ryan gets slapped and rolls out of the ring. He screams at Snow, letting him know that he can’t be touched because he doesn’t work there. He threatens to sue. He hops the rails and leaves to a chorus of boos from the Impact faithful.

– Everyone’s favorite lawyer Joseph Park is in the back on the phone when he’s interrupted by Bully Ray. Ray says he comes in peace and the two of them have the same concern. Rays asks for an update on the Aces and Eights but Park brings up Attorney-Client privilege. Rays tells Park to watch out because he knows people like that.

– One of the members of the Aces and Eights is brought to a room by TNA security. Austin Aries enters the rings and says he has some questions for the guy. He says he better start talking or Aries is going to have “fun.” A graphic for the upcoming Rob van Dam-Bully Ray match leads the show to a commercial break.

– We’re back in the back with the tag teams and Hogan. Chavo says he and Hernandez have already beaten Gunner and Kash. The Robbies says Hernandez and Chavo have only been a tag team for three weeks. The Robbies have been tagging for a year and a half. Hogan eliminates Gunner and Kid Kash from the competition.

– Tenay says James Storm has clinched the right to pick his opponent for No Surrender. Tenay says Storm will be out after the match to make his decision.

Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and RVD taunts for the fans. Ray mocks the taunt and shows off his calves. RVD punches Ray. He tries to follow it up with a kick but RVD is caught. They reset. Ray delivers a kick to the middle and follows that up with multiple punches. RVD latches on a headlock. Ray takes RVD down and begins kicking him. He punches the back of RVD’s head but RVD takes him down with a quick rollup. Not even a one count.

They lock up with RVD getting the advantage with a headlock. Ray counters with a bear hug but RVD keeps the hold on. Ray tries to carry RVD but RVD stands his ground. Ray sends RVD into the ropes but RVD is back with a kick to the chest. Ray tries a hiptoss but RVD lands on his feet. RVD kicks Ray and covers for a two count. Ray rolls out. Ray tries to re-enter but RVD is there with a baseball slide dropkick. Flip dive from RVD to Ray. RVD sends Ray back inside and ascends the turnbuckle. Ray knocks him down with the ropes and hangs him by the knee. Ray pounds the knee until Hebner pulls him off. Ray immediately goes back to the knee until RVD falls to the mat.

Ray slams the knee to the mat. He stands on it, once again forcing a count from the referee. He drops an elbow onto the knee and applies a lock. RVD tries an armbar but Ray holds onto the knee. He punches the knee and relinquishes hold of RVD. RVD gets up in the corner but Ray is there to knock him down with some punches. Ray tries to mount some offense but RVD stops him with a kick. RVD delivers a series of punches and clotheslines that knock Ray down. Ray tries a big boot but RVD catches and nails him with a dragon whip. Rolling thunder. He goes for the cover and gets two.

Monkey flip from RVD. Springboard moonsault from RVD into the cover gets a two count. RVD tries a springboard side kick but Ray sidesteps it. He takes RVD out with a boot to the head and gets a two from the ref. Bully tries a middle rope splash but RVD rolls out of the way. RVD tries a splash of his own but Ray rolls out. RVD lands with a springboard sidekick and climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps off for the frogsplash but Bully is there with the Bubba Cutter for the three!

Winner: Bully Ray

– We’re back with Aries and the mystery Aces and Eights member. We learn his name is Mike and he’s from New York. Aries says the Aces and Eights don’t care about Mike and they’re only there for the TNA World Heavyweight title. He gives Mike an ultimatum: he can talk to him or resort to violence. He slaps Mike and says no one is going to save him. Aries clamps Mike’s tongue with pliers but Hulk Hogan enters the ring. Hogan stops Aries but slaps Mike in the face. Hogan is about to continue the assault but he gets a phone call from someone named VP. Aries wants the guy that broke his hand, the mystery phone caller wants Mike back.

Hogan and the caller make a deal. They’ll trade Mike for the guy who broke Aries’ arm. If the Aces and Eights are to get Mike back, Aries and the arm-breaker will fight at No Surrender. Hogan walks away and tells Aries to “let him live until the end of the show.” Commercial break.

– James Storm’s music greets Impact Wrestling back from commercial. The fans chant “Cowboy” as he makes his way down the aisle. He grabs a mic and says he’s been on a roller coaster ride. He starts recapping his year and says Lockdown made him doubt himself. He went home to spend time with his family and they all told him something was missing. Storm realized he WAS missing something and that was him missing the crowd going crazy. He mentions ending Crimson’s streak at Slammiversary (where’d that guy go) and says that as the names have gotten bigger, he’s gotten better. Storm asks the other final four members out and out come Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe.

Storm goes over the accomplishments of Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe and decides on picking Bully Ray for No Surrender. He tells Ray to come down to the ring and Ray obliges. Storm says Ray ended his chance at glory last year and he will end Ray’s chances this year. He says he knows exactly who Bully Ray is and this Sunday, Ray will find out who James Storm is.

– The camera pans to Mike in the back and Tenay wonders if the Aces and Eights will accept Hogan’s trade. It then shows Kazarian and Daniels preparing for their match with the mystery tag team. Commercial break.

– Christy Hemme is backstage with Rob Van Dam. The interview is once again broken up by Magnus. Magnus runs down the opportunity RVD lost by losing to Bully Ray. Magnus says the old RVD would not have fallen at the final hurdle. Magnus calls him an innovator who set the bar high. Maybe too high. Magnus wonders if RVD is the man he once was. This prompts a punch from RVD. The two brawl until they’re separated by Al Snow and other backstage hands.

– The tag team championship match is up next! Out first are Kazarian and Daniels. Hogan is with the Robbies and Chavo and Hernandez. He says he’s thought about it and gives the tag team match to Chavo and Hernandez. The Robbies are not pleased.

Kazarian and Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez

The two challengers rush into the ring and clear it of the challengers. Hernandez and Chavo leave the ring with Hernandez pairing with Daniels and Chavo with Kaz. Hernandez sends Daniels back in and the match starts. Body slam from Hernandez to Daniels. He tags in Chavo who flies in with a splash. Uppercut from Chavo. Another tag is made by the faces. Hernandez latches on a bear hug and turns it into an overhead release suplex. Chavo gets tagged in and nails Daniels with a dropkick. Two count.

Chavo beats on Daniels in his corner. The ref pulls him off. Chavo applies an abdominal stretch and tags in Hernandez. Chop from Hernandez. Hernandez twists the head of Daniels and once again tags in Chavo. Hernandez body slams Daniels. He then body slams Chavo onto Daniels and Chavo stays on for a two count. Daniels knees Chavo and tags in Kazarian. Chavo meets him with a hiptoss. He slams Kaz and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez sends Kaz’s head into the top turnbuckle. He repeats the manuever before tagging in Chavo. Double elbow smash from the challengers. Kaz gets a knee to Chavo’s abdominal area and tags in Daniels. Chavo takes Daniels down with a headscissors and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez tries a body slam but Daniels escapes and tags in Kazarian. Hernandez with a backbreaker. SuperMex lifts Kaz over his head for a stalling vertical suplex. Daniels tries to come in but Chavo takes him out with the Three Amigos. Chavo finishes and then Hernandez finally brings Kaz down. This exchange take us to a commercial.

We’re back with Chavo chopping Daniels in a neutral corner. Guerrero tries an irish whip but Daniels reverses it. Daniels runs into a Chavo boot but Kazarian helps Daniels gain the advantage with a distraction. Daniels mounts chavo and punches him in the face. He nails a slingshot elbow drop and tags in Kaz who comes in with a slingshot legdrop. Chavo is brought up by Kaz who tags in Daniels. They double whip team Chavo with a punch-neckbreaker combo. Daniels sends Chavo to the outside and distracts the ref while Kaz punches Chavo. Chavo is sent back in and Daniels connects with a neckbreaker. Two count.

Kaz is back into the match and Daniels hiptosses Kaz into a legdrop on Chavo. Two count. Kazarian with a double underhook to Chavo. Chavo escapes but is stopped with an elbow and a knee. Kaz tries to mount some offense but Chavo tags in Hernandez. Hernandez flies in with a splash. Hernandez cleans the room but Kazarian lands a big boot on Hernandez. Kazarian leaps off for a crossbody but Hernandez catches him and turns it into a sitout powerbomb. He covers but Kaz breaks it up at two. They double team Hernandez into the corner but Hernandez kicks Daniels out of the ring. Hernandez climbs the tunrnbuckle but is joined by Kaz. Chavo stops Kazarian and Hurricanranas Hernandez onto Kazarian. He goes for the cover and gets a two count before Daniels breaks it up. Chavo delivers a springboard splash to the outside to Kazarian. He knocks Hernandez down with a punch. Kaz holds Chavo for the BME onto the outside but Chavo gets out of the way. Hernandez chimes in with a flying shoulderblock to the outside that takes out both champs. Hernandez sends Kaz back in and Chavo whips him. Hernandez with a Stinger Splash. Daniels brings the belt into the ring and sends Chavo to the outside. Hernandez lifts Kaz for the Border Toss but Daniels nails Hernandez with the belt. Kazarian rolls up Hernandez and the champs retain.

Winners: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

– The champs celebrate but are interrupted by Hulk Hogan. Hogan congratulates them and says AJ Styles is in the back. He makes a match between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle and the tag team champions for No Surrender.

– Tenay lets us know that RVD and Magnus will also be fighting at No Surrender. Zema Ion is going to be defending his X Division title against Sonjay Dutt. They run down the card including the two BFG Series semi-final matches. Aries and Mike, the mystery Aces and Eights member, are making their way to the ring and we get our last commercial break.

– Aries is out with Mike. We get a good shot of his face but I’m not sure who he is. He’s handcuffed though. Aries calls the Aces and Eights out. He wants the armbreaker and they want “Mike from New York.” Aries reminds everyone that the Aces and Eights called TNA, not the other way around. Aries says he’ll leave Mike alone in exchange for the Armbreaker. He says it’s time for them to hold up their end of the bargain.

Time passes and Aries says he’s tired of being “railroaded from behind.” His patience is wearing thin and he’s about to call the deal off. He talks down to Mike and threatens to beat him up. He takes Mike in the corner and slaps him. Mike says he’ll talk. Mike is taken out of the ring by a large member of the Aces and Eights. The mystery man nails Mike in the head with a hammer. Aries flies out of the ring and begins brawling with the Armbreaker. Armbreaker tries to get back in the ring but Aries catches him with a kick. The two men brawl with and trade punches. Tenay and Taz says (despite confirmation) that Aries is going to face the big guy, the Armbreaker at No Surrender and the show ends.