TNA Knockout Posts Update On Father’s Health, Former TNA Announcer Speaks On TNA’s Use Of Finishes

– PWMania previously reported that TNA Knockout Brittany was asking for thoughts and prayers for her father. Brittany posted the following update on Twitter regarding her father’s health.

– Former TNA Announcer Todd Keneley recently spoke to The Shoot podcast about a variety of topics. Concerning TNA’s use of finishers for world title matches, he had the following to say:

“On PPV in a world title match people deserve a clean finish especially when you look at recent history. You went through an entire reign of Aces & Eights with Bully Ray as a world champion. There you know you’re going to have interference, you know you’re going to have screwy finishes. Then AJ wins the title but now you’ve got Dixie hellbent on getting rid of AJ, so you’re going to throw absolutely everything but the kitchen sink at AJ to get the title off of him and on to Magnus. Now you’ve got this handpicked company champion doing Dixie’s bidding so you know during that run it’s going to be squirrely.”

“But i’m hoping that it’s going to play into the whole MVP storyline and getting back to pure wrestling that he will make make Magnus put his money where his mouth is and defend the title on a regular basis and do it the right way. If it plays off that way then it makes MVP’s position and role that much more important because we’ve been through this for so long. Now if it doesn’t and this continues then yeah i’d say at some point you’ve gotta jump off that train. But we’ll see.”