TNA Personality Denies Writing Harsh Message To Fan

A fan from the United Kingdom is claiming that TNA Wrestling personality Jeremy Borash sent a harsh private message to him yesterday on Twitter after responding to a public tweet he sent out.

Hyping a TNA Wrestling promotional event in the UK, Borash wrote yesterday morning, “United Kingdom TNA fans … HUGE news coming in the next 24hrs. Stay tuned.”

The fan, Ian Gregory, replied minutes later, “hope your put the UK fans out of their misery and take this **** off the air over here @TNADixie.”

Approximately an hour later, Gregory received a private message from Borash’s account that read “I hope your whole family dies.”

The message upset Gregory because his parents are already dead.

A *PHOTO* of Randy Savage taken on Saturday -> was posted on YouTube to prove that it is not a photoshop.

Borash addressed the situation this morning on Twitter, denying the accusations.

“For the record, the many of you that know me online know I would never wish harm on anyone or anyone’s family,” he wrote. “Twitter has been contacted.”

Independent women’s wrestler Lizzy Valentine (who has worked for TNA in the past), a friend of Gregory, doesn’t believe Borash. She relayed his accusations on her Facebook and Twitter accounts and said he wouldn’t lie.

“No he’s not a liar, he’s one of my best buds!” she wrote. “Borash denying it isn’t proof of anything.”

*PHOTO* of Randy Savage taken on Saturday ->