TNA President Dixie Carter Takes Shot At Jim Ross

TNA President Dixie Carter took a shot at WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on Twitter earlier today when a Jim Ross parody account asked who she and John Gaburick will screw over next now that Chris Sabin is gone.

The TNA President responded:


  • Yoyo

    hahahahahahahahaahah fantastic!
    JR has forgotten more about Wrestling than Dixie will ever know.

  • nsuviolin

    If Dixie knew even a 5th of what JR knows about wrestling, TNA probably wouldn’t be sinking down the toilet.

    • Milt Joseph Bourgeois III

      totally agree. what I have heard her daddy bought her TNA because she wanted to be a wrestling promoter but not be serious about it. you have to invest more and more money in your product instead of letting it go to crap.

    • Sammy Lane

      tNa is not sinking,inorder to sink that would mean you’d have to be at the top and tNa was NEVER there at all.I mean Universal Studios pretty much just gave away their former impact zone area to WWE as a possible location for the actual WWE HALL OF FAME.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    Nice comeback Dixie.

  • Jeremy

    Dixie wishes she knew as much as JR.

  • Dan Shotwell


  • Zack

    Wow Dixie even replying to a comment from a parody account shows how unprofessional she is and how desperate TNA is for any kind of relevancy