TNA Reportedly Interested In Making Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Champion

Officials from TNA attempted to contact Alberto Del Rio immediately after WWE announced his release due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee on Thursday.

If Del Rio joins the company, he will reportedly be immediately crowned World Heavyweight Champion.

Del Rio likely has a 90 day no-compete clause, ruling out a move to TNA in the near future.


  • Big_Heat_34

    If TNA is still operating when ADR’s 90-day no-compete is up, I’ll be shocked.

  • Sir William McCormick

    So, let me get this straight. Del Rio has an attitude problem, so to lure him to the shitbox that is TNA, they want to just give him the title on day one? Wouldn’t that radically piss you off if you were anyone in the TNA locker room?

    • VARiiATION

      Yes, but it would piss me off if my company went out of business and I was left unemployed. TNA is a business, and what’s “best for business” is to have a fairly popular wrestler who just came fro your top competitor’s business as champion.

  • Dr.Jon Kou

    Im sorry but if im the owner of a company I wouldnt hire someone who got fired from another company for unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.

  • Marck-WWEDivas

    Well Deserve that treatment for one of the best wrestlers of my native land Mexico. VIVA DEL RIOOOOO

    • codys moustache

      Hey bro I’m gonna need you to come clean my dishes.

  • Justin Hinkle

    Jesus Christ TNA is pathetic, offering to give him the world title on day one just so he’ll sign with them. How desperate can you make yourselves look? I mean honestly.

    Soon as TNA gets word WWE has released someone they run to the nearest phone and beg them to sign with them. “Come to our company, we’ll make you champion on day one will that get you to sign with us?? huh? will it? Please we’ll pay you twice what we pay our current roster”.

    TNA would sign the fucking doughnut guy in the crowd if he got fired from WWE.

  • codys moustache

    If I ran a televised wrestling company I’d snap this guy up right away and put a title on him. I don’t blame TNA.

  • B-Dazzle

    OLD NEWS! Like I’ve said a very long time ago (Where people said I was stupid & dumb) To lure anyone to TNA they give them a title instantly. They did that with Sting everytime he returned to TNA & they did that with Gail too. Instantly champion. They also did that with the Wolves, Chavo & everyone else just to to make them go to TNA. RVD,