TNA Spoils Major Angle Set For Next Week’s Taped Episode Of Impact Wrestling From NYC

As seen at the very end of last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, TNA spoiled that Dixie Carter will finally be put through a table on next week’s episode. They have since announced it on their website and posted the following video:

  • cj

    Kudos to Dixie for going through with it . Is it crazy I’ve been waiting for the Dudley’s to put another woman through a table for years ? Lol . Attitude Era & ECW Nostalgia

  • Sharon

    I dont think the video spoiled it. Makes you want to tune it to see it actually happen.

  • Benjamin Mason
  • James Tebrucio Luna

    lol saw this last month… that’s what happens when you tape 1 month in advance… so in a way TNA already spoiled it a month ago