TNA Star Lashes Out At Internet Fans, Homicide At No Surrender

— Gunner lashed out at the Internet wrestling community on Twitter following last night’s No Surrender pay-per-view, writing, “Amazing job from all Impact talent tonite! No Surrender was a success! SUCK IT DIRT SHEETS AND FAT COMPUTER MARKS AT HOME.”

He responded to criticism over his remarks this afternoon, writing, “So apparently the message boards are calling me an “egomaniac”! Ahhhh u guys are silly!! FAT COMPUTER MARKS…oooppss I did it again.”

The ten-year veteran continued, “Good thing the so called message boards don’t really mean crap to me! My true fans are the ones who know we all bust our tails to entertain u all.”

He then added, “We need to get FATCOMPUTERMARKS trending!”

— Former X Division Champion Homicide was backstage visiting former colleagues last night at No Surrender. He parted ways with TNA in August 2010 after requesting his release from the organization.

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