TNA Suspends Gut Check Challenge Voting

TNA suspended it’s Gut Check Challenge voting following a controversial flaw that allowed fans to vote multiple times. Here is a press released that TNA issued.

In January, we launched the Gut Check Challenge as an online competition to give many independent wrestling stars a chance to showcase their talents and potentially earn a spot on the IMPACT WRESTLING roster.

However, due to a number of issues with the voting – and in fairness to all the competitors – we have decided to suspend the Gut Check Challenge.

We will be re-launching the contest in the near future with a new voting system that will eliminate the voting issues. Stay tuned to our website for updates – and thank you for your continued support of TNA and IMPACT WRESTLING!

  • PourlaHausse

    this is starting to get really stupid. They started this thing because they wanted the fans to decided who will be the next to get a chance at a TNA contract. The result doesn’t make them happy so suddenly they’re a flaw with the voting system, which could have been really easy to manifactured. So then knowing that, they decided to let it be and to give everybody the chance to vote has many times as they want hoping that this way they can get the peoples that they wanted to advance. But after 2 days of this strategy, they realise that it didn’t work and the peoples that they wanted to advance were losing even with this unfair advantage so what do they do, they decide to suspend the challenge. I’m really starting to get the feeling that this thing was rig since the beginning and they suspend it just so they could find a way that it doesn’t seem obvious that it’s rig.