TNA Wrestler Reacts To Criticism Of Tito Ortiz In TNA

Gunner posted the following on his Twitter account (@TNA_Gunner) but quickly deleted it:

“For all who are bashing our company for mixing MMA and pro wrestling, keep watching cause apparently u are! Folks where released for reason! Bashing the company does nothing for the business in general! Don’t be a clown! Enjoy the show! DON’T BURN BRIDGES CAUSE U WOULD TAKE A JOB IN A MINUTE”

  • Average Fagman

    Company man.

  • Peter Nicolaides

    He’s right,the fact that top MMA names are joining wrestling is a victory for pro-wrestling. UFC is dominating wrestling,Floyd Mayweather out sells any wrestler in PPV buyrates, this is whats needed

    • Smarten Up Dixie

      totally dominating

      ufc on fox 8 viewership last saturday night, 2.04 million, 6,000 tickets sold in 18,000 seat arena in seattle, wwe smackdown viewership on syfy a day earlier 2.65 million, sold out house of 17,000 in houston

      tito ortiz was a top name in mma more a decade ago, is more beat up than the undertaker and hasn’t even trained one day to be a wrestler