TNA Wrestling Up For Sale; Are The WWE Interested In Buying The Company?

It has been reported that TNA Wrestling is up for sale, and that the Carter family wants to throw the towel in and sell the company to the highest bidder. Some of the rumored names interested in purchasing TNA are Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Viacom and possibly the WWE.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer revealed the news Sunday on his radio show, and noted that the Carter family have been wanting to get out of the wrestling business for several months now. Their decision comes after they have done all they could with the company, and have not gotten the results they wanted.

“There’s a lot of moves, there’s a lot of moves that are being done behind the scenes,” Meltzer said. “No matter what anyone is going to say right now, there’s big things going on behind the scenes as far as the future ownership of the company, and at that point, god only knows where it goes.

“There’s people looking to get in, and I think the Carters are looking to get out. They’ve lost enough money and all that, and you know as far as what that means, who knows. But they’ve been looking to get out for a while. Now everyone is going to scream at me, but that’s 100%. That’s the stuff that they don’t want you know. They’ve been looking to get out when they didn’t want to fund them anymore.”

Meltzer also mention that he wouldn’t be surprised if Eric Bischoff was a candidate to buy the company.

“I’m sure that he’s probably looking at something,” Meltzer said of Bischoff. “I don’t know that he’s got backing… I don’t know if anyone does. I would think that Eric would be looking for something or someone to back him to get it. I don’t know that he’s got that backing though.”

  • saulewright

    that didn’t take long

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    it was only a matter of time

  • Ben Fuller

    Wwe would be inly viable opyion to get to the big stage however if the company is ok to stay way it is jarret would probs be best. But if wwe do enter fray I doubt anyone will out bid them

  • cj

    If WWE buys, I just don’t want another “invasion” storyline.

  • Ben Fuller

    @cj agreed invasion angkes so last decade. I wonder if wwe brought it woukd it add as a new brand ir dismantle the company keeping the talent

  • Marc Kerns

    Considering it was them who ruined it in the first place, gee, I wonder! Good freakin’ riddence. Damn Carters. Don’t think I would mind if Bischoff bought it. Would make up for him missing out on buying WCW. If WWE buys it, it’s game over and I will strictly watch the Indy circuits. WWE’s product is too predictable and boring to me, especially after the BS they did with dropping the straps to Cena and Orton. WWE just can’t get over that just like WCW used to. They give the belts to the same people and don’t promote their younger talent with major titles.

    • Atl The Sports Town

      Bischoff would probably run it into the ground too. He and Hogan should stay away from each other

  • Tamala Hale

    If WWE decides to buy it, it will be like WCW, a graveyard!

  • Total Wafflez

    LOL! Wow WrestlingJesus was right! RIP TNA


  • Albert T

    If this is indeed true, then Viacom is the most likely party to actually win the bid, as they have the “inside track” as its usually put.

  • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

    Wwe ain’t interested in buying tna! Cuz it’s a wrestling business not entertainment!

  • bengalsmarvel

    I hope WWE doesnt buy them, I dont have a problem with WWE but they will just put TNA under and we will never see it again. I hope someone buys them that actually cares to help get them on track

  • Devon

    I’ll buy it for $10, $15 if she’s lucky.

  • Clinton Joseph Parmer

    i hope JJ buys it and runs it like he used to and gives it back its 6 sided ring

  • Brettdavies1984

    maybe chris Jericho. He did say himself back in the day that if he had known how much WCW was going for he would have bought it. could he do it for TNA. A lot of the younger lighter talent would get more pushes that way too.

    • Alex

      I doubt he was ever serious about that. It seemed like something he threw in there to give everyone an idea about how low the price was.

  • charovnica

    Hopefully WWE won’t buy TNA…I don’t want the competition to end since it actually makes both company improve at certain weaker parts of their products.

  • ‘TheBestOfBritish’

    I wouldn’t mind WWE buying it however my main concern is that WWE will not have any competition.
    P.S If WWE do buy TNA please save the X divison and create a Impact brand

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I would love to see Velvet Sky on WWE.

  • Arun

    Randy orton on TNA

  • Arun

    Magnus on WWE?