TNA’s Backstage Moral, Dixie’s HOF Announcement, WWE .vs TNA

– The feeling backstage after last night’s live Impact Wrestling was a positive one. Some of the wrestlers felt more excited about TNA after the live show than they had in a long time. Morale was up last night.

– During the Gucheck segment last night with Joey Ryan, the entire locker room popped when Ryan challenged Taz and some were shocked at how well Taz handled it, considering his temper. The backstage Gutcheck segments seen throughout the night with Taz, Al snow and Bruce Prichard were filmed earlier on Thursday.

– Brooke Hogan got along well with everyone backstage but always has in her previous visits. Brooke’s new role in TNA was Dixie Carter’s idea, not something created by Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan.

– The TNA vs. WWE lawsuit was a hot topic at Impact last night. A lot of the wrestlers are angry with Brian Wittenstein for passing on their information to WWE.

– Former WWE star Cliff “Domino” Compton won the dark match before last night’s show, losing to Crimson.

– Dixie Carter’s announcement about the TNA Hall of Fame was a surprise to everyone as they did not tell the wrestlers ahead of time.

– Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen were not backstage, for those wondering. Tara and Mickie James were backstage but not used. ODB vs. Angelina Love was taped for Xplosion.

(Source: PWInsider)