Tommy Dreamer Suffers Swelling After The Shield Attack, Posts Photos From Emergency Room

Tommy Dreamer was forced to make a trip to a local emergency room on Wednesday after he says he suffered swelling and complications from The Shield beatdown angle on Monday’s RAW. Dreamer made the following tweets and photos:

“Didnt plan on a trip to the ER today Had complications from @theshieldWWE beat down. Head swelling plus stitches. Im frigging pissed off”

“2nd graphic pic of ER visit @theshieldwwe Guys I got a lot of friends in this bizness & I’m pissed off at u”

“3rd graphic pic from my attack by @theshieldwwe insane dangerous levels of swelling of myhead”

“4th very graphic pic 18 stiches for a puncture wound a bolt went into my head causing swelling”

“Last very graphic pic of the night b4 stiches @theshieldwwe & @wwe better pick up the ER bill I’m F*cking mad”

“Hard to sleep w/ this swelling @theshieldwwe I will remeber u spoiling a great night 4 me & wrestling fans”

  • Nick

    Dreamer has no reason to be legitimately angry if the tweets aren’t kayfabe… Dreamer obviously knew he was going to be “attacked” by The Shield, and the injury was unintentional, of course, and come with the territory. Dreamer of all people should know that sometimes freak injuries happen.