Tons of Off-Air SD! Taping Notes: Dolph, Fans Ejected, More

Thanks to NY Sports Red for sending this in:

– When we went to our seats we had to go to the ticket service window (line had tons of people on it) as the section was tarped off. in fact one whole side and half the other side were tarped off. The guy at the window was telling another customer “we are sorry. they tarp off the non camera side to look full on tv. we only sold 9,000 tickets.” 9,000 tickets in an arena that holds 17,000 for wrestling. We actually ended up getting much better seats then we originally had. But a far cry when the place was packed. My friend actually was on the non camera side down low and they moved him and his brother to the camera side. I guess to look full for the camera’s.

– Saxton during NXT started coming out right behind Masters. from the side I was on I could see a stage hand yelling at him to “go back, go back.” the stage hand looked p*ssed and saxton looked very confused.

– Another miscue. after ziggler lost in the main event he started throwing a tantrum in the ring. as he started, a camera man banged on the mat and told him to look at the screen (titantron). the camera wasn’t on him. he sat there on his hands and knees, watched the screen and waited til the smackdown logo was on the tron and started his tantrum again.

– Some fans got ejected after del rio parked the car with the top down and went to the ring some fans threw trash in to the car, but I couldn’t see what it was.

– Another production screw up before kane beat chavo to go to the elimination chamber match they showed the graphic for the the men that qualified and kane and barrett’s picture were already up. this was also 20 mins before barrett beat big show to qualify himself.

-Edge and Mysterio stayed after shaking hands and signing fan posters. edge I noticed posed for a lot of pics, but he moved on before the picture was taken. 2 fans kept following him to re-take the pics, but he never did.

– Dunno if it was legit but layla seemed to hurt her ankle. a ref and production crew member checked on her, the ref put up an “X” sign but mccool ended up carrying her up the ramp after smackdown was off the air.

– Again with ziggler. as he was outside the ring laying there watching Vickie fire kelly kelly the production guys had him slide from one side of the guard rail to the other 3 times depending on where the camera was. he was getting mad and had a “whatever” attitude with them.

– The crowd was as dead as I have ever seen it. Vickie really got the only heat of the night and Kofi Kingston and Mysterio tied for the biggest pop. Even Edge didn’t get more than a decent ovation.