Too Many Legends Around In WWE?

WWE has made it common business practice to bring in retired superstars and put them in front of television cameras. They’ve done it for a long time and I’m sure will continue doing it…forever. I, like so many others, have fond memories of virtually anyone they bring in. Either from someone I grew up idolizing as a child (Hogan, HBK, Bret Hart) or someone that’s just nice to see again after all these years (The Rock, Stone Cold, New Age Outlaws). Either way, WWE relies on these tickles of nostalgia to help boost their product. How much is too much, though?

On the August 25th 2014 Monday Night Raw, WWE kicked off the show with their “Hall of Fame” panel of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. This was mainly done to draw in audience viewers from the other main Hall of Fame show, The Primetime Emmy Awards. At first, this particular wrestling fan was so happy to see these guys in one ring. How quickly this admiration of seeing these legends again turned to an eye-rolling headache.

WrestleMania XXX started off with The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring. It was a natural segment and largely unscripted. It was one of the most amazing starts to WrestleMania in a while. This segment on Raw, however, garnered the opposite effect. This segment had the three men giving their opinions on the John Cena/Brock Lesnar rematch in a few weeks. What they gave were terribly scripted lines that made them look like bumbling fools.

I can understand and appreciate what WWE was trying to accomplish here. Give weathered veterans a moment to voice their opinions on a huge rematch. It makes sense. But, once it came off as too scripted to be entertaining, it made me question how much WWE should really utilize legends.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan have been the two legends who have been just “hanging” around lately. Hogan kicked off SummerSlam by plugging WWE Network and barely remembering those lines. Ric Flair doesn’t even do that. He just interrupts backstage promos, WOO’s and reminds people he knows how to style and profile. I love both men dearly, so I’m not trying to attack them or downplay their amazing careers. However, this is too much. It is time for these legends to disappear. Heck, send ‘em to Legends’ House!

WWE is bastardizing their careers and squeezing every drop out of their names just to get them into the frame of the camera. There is no reasonable cause for ANY legends to be involved right now in any of the existing storylines/angles. WWE is full of enough talent that are exploding their ways to the top to not have any interference from legends to help pad the show and add “quality” to it. Legends are better when utilized seldom. It makes their appearance all the more amazing and talk worthy when it’s unexpected or been a while. Jamming them down our throat makes us resent seeing them.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Wrestling_fan

    Agreed! Too much of it kinda dilutes the effect.
    The shows have gone downhill lately with lazy writing, same finishes to a match ,building up a gimmick & then dropping it etc.
    Also, they need to give a lil bit liberty in the promos and not have it totally scripted. It doesn’t look natural at all. :/

  • The_MCuevas


  • SomeCretin

    If you’re going to use them, you have to actually use them. If you’re only bringing them in for a cameo and not actually making them part of a storyline/match (like, as a manager or something) then who the hell cares? Why the hell were these guys showing up to talk about Cena vs. Lesnar? I mean, it would have been one thing if they played it off as real, where like Ric Flair talked about knowing John Cena personally and going out partying with him back before Flair retired or Shawn Michaels talking about his own attempt to beat the Undertaker’s streak and knowing what it means to be up against the guy who actually beat Taker. Instead, we got three legends giving acting performances almost as bad as the Bella twins.

    • sam

      dont be so harsh on the bella twins :)….i think nikki bella gave a good heel promo on raw

  • Jonathan

    I think Hogan, Undertaker or “legend(s)” will provide interference at the Night of Champions event to see the title change belts to justify Brock’s departure. We also have become accustomed to a working champion. In early WWF history champions wrestled at live shows and rarely worked a TV show. Overtime we got to see champions wrestle every week. I doubt they will allow Brock to wrestle a few matches, leave and then return for PPV events.

  • Sean Janusonis

    I thought people like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair came back because they need money and wrestling is the only thing they did right in their lives.

    • Matt

      Well, haha, I didn’t want to be THAT rude when making my initial post. I’m 99% convinced that Flair is only back because he’s broke. Hence why he hasn’t added to the show the entire time he’s been back. It’s really sad, actually.

  • Kurama91

    I am living outside USA, can someone please tell me how the audience level will affect WWE ? I mean if WWE has 5,000,000 audiences in one week, how wwe could benefit from that ? I know that those people must be subscribed either to WWE Network ( just 9.99!!!) or should be subscribed to a Network that broadcasts that show. I hope someone explain it if possible.

  • Kurama91

    that’s really really right, I think the cause of that is lack of Great Scenario, HHH is just a ROOKIE in putting Scenarios and the Geezer aka Vince is too crazy to put nice Scenarios as in Attitude Era, also let’s not forget about the TERRIBLE Writer’s team backstage, I think that Only One Person can put WWE Back to WWE of 90s with huge success and Excitement, and that person is

  • jmull

    Maybe, but Hogan, Flair, and HBK are far more interesting that most of what WWE is putting out there right now.