Top 10 WrestleMania Championship Changes (Video), Jerry Lawler Museum, GI Joe 2 Latest

The Undertaker

– Jerry Lawler spoke with WREG News 3 in Memphis about the grand opening of the wrestling musuem in Memphis, TN.

“This is just the spot where some people can come and relieve some of the memories,” Lawler said of the museum. “We have classic matches going on the TV here all the time and will see a lot of things that will bring back a lot of memories to them.”

You can watch Lawler discussing the museum with WREG in the video below.

– “G.I. Joe 2” starring The Rock has drawn an estimated $25 million at the box office following Friday. This number includes very limited release on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, an early release on Thursday, and the official first day in theaters on Friday. The film is expected to fall between $40 and $50 million on opening weekend.

– The Marine 3: Homefront is at #35 on the iTunes movie download chart this week.

– WWE posted a video looking at the top 10 WrestleMania title changes. You can check it out embedded in the video below.

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