Top 5 Factions in Raw History

Top 5 Factions in Raw History

Hey guys, Dave Scott here with my usual Monday night blabbering. I mentioned last week that I’m going to be going with the theme towards the 1000th episode of Raw and that is exactly what I am going to be doing!

This week I’m going to be discussing the top five factions in Raw history, well in my opinion anyway. There have been loads of factions throughout the years but these five are the five which I believe to be the cream of the crop in WWE history.

5. Nexus

I was unsure whether to put these guys into the mix, but then I remembered the impact they made on the WWE when they came in. You had nine fresh young guys coming in and dismantling The Straight Edge Society, John Cena and everything and everyone around them! No wrestling fan in the world was expecting it to happen at all. I was surprising, it was fresh and it was great to watch.

The nexus took over both Raw and Smackdown, interrupting matches whenever and however they wanted. This was great viewing when they first game on the scene because you literally had no idea what this rogue group were going to be doing next. Within their time they managed to have John Cena within their group as a member through Wade Barrett defeating him in a match and even being able to capture the tag team titles on three separate occasions.

Unfortunately due to injuries and other reasons The Nexus lost several members and eventually was diluted down to a smaller group which CM Punk took over and exiling the leader Wade Barrett to Smackdown. When this happened CM Punk’s New Nexus was just a watered down version of the original and didn’t even nearly reach the heights that was expected from the group.

The Nexus weren’t around for a great length of time and the storyline didn’t perhaps go as well as it should have. But the impact his group made within its first few months is more than enough reason for them to make it into my top five.

4. Evolution

Evolution are exactly what a faction is all about in wrestling, Domination! The best thing about the group was the fact that it was taking two seasoned veterans in Ric Flair and Triple H and putting them together with two prospects in Randy Orton and Batista.

These guys literally dominated Raw for the best part of two years where they held every title that was on Raw within that time. They feuded with some of the biggest stars in the business throughout their tenure. Evolution were going through guys like Mick Foley, The Rock, Goldberg, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and of course the future hall of famer… Eugene. These guys are the definition of what a faction should be doing in the WWE and in any wrestling promotion.

While you had Triple H on top they were slowly building Randy Orton and Batista to be future stars. I’m sure both of those guys could easily admit that Evolution was the thing that began their push to being superstars. They may have began Orton’s babyface push a bit prematurely but they definitely were onto something with Orton, who as we all know is one of the most successful stars in WWE at the moment but Batista’s push to the World Heavyweight championship at the time felt perfect, it was done at the right time and you had a feud where the guy at the top didn’t want to move aside for his prospect and then Batista went onto winning the title and became a huge star.

Evolution done exactly what they were needed to do, they jump started the career of two guys and WWE should look back on this as a way to build some future stars.

3. The Ministry of Darkness

The Ministry of Darkness scared the hell out of me when I was younger. I would have been around eleven when these guys came about and I can remember just thinking that I didn’t want them to turn all my favourite stars into members of theirs. Fortunately they only got a hold of Dennis Knight and Mabel, phew!

When they first started you had Farooq and Bradshaw kidnap Dennis Knight, this led to a quite disturbing (for an eleven year old anyway) scene where you got to see Dennis Knight chained up and eventually thrown into some sort of dungeon. This led to him coming back and running about mental talking about someone coming back. This led to The Undertaker’s return and he told us that Dennis Knight was now Mideon. Next on their list was Mabel who they all took out and returned as Viscera. Shortly after this you had the members of The Brood joining The Ministry which then made them a large force within the WWE.

The Ministry of Darkness were something new on the scene at the time and something very dark. As a young child watching it I was genuinely scared that my favourite stars were going to fall victim of them and become The Undertaker’s slaves.

The downfall of The Ministry came when they joined forces with The Corporation, which took a lot of the dark side of The Ministry away and it just showed that they were a bunch of guys working for the McMahon’s. However for the fear these guys put in me when they first came about that is exactly why they have made it into the top five.

2. D-Generation X

Now on DX, where do you begin with this lot!? DX have went through quite a few forms over the almost fifteen years since they first formed. The original DX were a heel group who were used to go against The Hart Foundation. Bret and Shawn’s real life feud was pretty much pushed to the max throughout this feud. During this time you had Shawn Michaels becoming the second ever European champion by defeating The Hart Foundations British Bulldog, this then led on to possibly the most famous match of all time in the Montreal screwjob.

The screwjob did nothing but help DX be pushed towards being exactly what they needed to be, the guys who are willing to do anything required to win and not care what anyone else thinks. This version of DX quickly came to an end when Shawn Michaels severely injured himself and had to leave WWE after losing the title at Wrestlemania to Stone Cold. This is where a lesser group would have ended, however DX got stronger on that night. The night after Wrestlemania we had the return of Sean Waltman who was now known as X-Pac and they were joined by the team of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, who were just off of a huge win at Wrestlemania.

In this form DX went on to rule the roost in the WWE. They were supposed to be the guys that you hated but everyone loved them this eventually ended up in them being made fan favourites. Throughout this time they pretty much held every single title in the WWE and were one of the most talked about groups in history.

Later on in life DX returned through a Triple H and Shawn Michaels reunion which WWE were teasing for ages. This however I don’t feel was the best formation of the group so I’m not going to go into that too much.

DX may have been an New World Order rip off, but they took the ball which the WCW group invented and ran further with it and will always be one of the most talked about groups in WWE history.

1. The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation for me were the perfect group. You had Bret Hart who I believe to be the best wrestler of all time along with his family members Owen, Bulldog and The Anvil. To top this off you had the brilliant Brian Pillman as part of the group.

These guys were all great wrestlers and they began the first and only ever feud where in America they were all hated but in another other country in the world they were heroes. This was a great time to be a wrestling fan. These guys weren’t necessarily bad guys as they weren’t happy with the way that the WWE was turning with guys like Stone Cold and DX becoming the focal point of the company. Bret Hart came from a time in wrestling where heroes were the good guys and not the beer drinking guy who gives the finger and swears and he was fighting for what he felt was right.

Throughout this time The Hart Foundation held every single title within the WWE, almost all at the same time. However unfortunately the group was cut short with the whole Bret going to WCW which was unfortunate as the group didn’t reach the point where the could have internal feuds which could have been great. Also the death of Brian Pillman happened nearing the end of the faction. However all of these guys will always be legends in the wrestling world and it is a shame that the majority of them have passed away now. However the memories will always be there.

So that is me this week for the top five factions in Raw history!

Hopefully you guys all enjoyed it and I’ll be back next week with more Raw related chitter chatter.

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Hope you all enjoy another week of wrestling.

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