Top NJPW Stable Bullet Club Coming To ROH; Will Leader Prince Devitt Be Featured?

– are reporting Karl Anderson and The Young Bucks will be at ROH and NJPW’s May shows and will be representing top Japanese stable Bullet Club. Many are asking what the status of Prince Devitt is and as of this writing he still isn’t announced and hasn’t made a comment on the event, but this could be because he’s Irish so New Japan would have to work out his work VISA through the Irish embassy which they’d want confirmed before they announce him for the event.

Devitt commented in a recent interview with that he refuses to travel without a work VISA as he doesn’t want to be black balled from the United States just to work some dates.

It is rumored that Prince Devitt has been offered a WWE contract and is considering his options.

(Source: F4WOnline)

  • Domenico Lane

    I was wondering why the bucks were coming back were coming back with no fan fare. And I’m happy to see them bring karl anderson back.

    • Steve Ringhold

      What do you mean coming back with no fan fare? They been appearing for ROH for the past six months and they’ll be appearing on two shows in March. This is just a report saying they’ll be repping Bullet Club for the cross over shows and Anderson is coming with them.

      • Domenico Lane

        I was referring to how they have been on and off for roh the last 2 years. And how they came back at manhattan mayhem over the summer and disappeared. Then just a little announcement on tv they were coming back in march. But this return will be bigger than their return after tna.

        • Mordecai

          Yeah, I’m expecting this to be hyped huge. One thing about the Buck’s is that they also work a lot with DGUSA. There’s issues between Gabe (old ROH owner, now owns DGUSA) and the Sinclair guys that now run ROH. I think both are kinda reluctant when it comes to sharing talent.

          • Domenico Lane

            I agree completely. There’s too much backstage politics when it comes to best tag team in the world. Like after the bravados got back from japan roh releasedd them. Then after the bucks started working with dragon gate again roh stopped. And then they came back, but were used sparingly. Not to mention after they won the iwgp jr hw titles, dragon gate made them drop the tag belts to the bravados. Its so weird and stupid bs. Atvleast pwg still lets them be them kike njpw.

        • Steve Ringhold

          They didn’t disappear. They were at Final Battle less than two months ago, which is ROH’s biggest show of the year. They appeared between MM and Final Battle too.