Top TNA Star Suffers Broken Leg At Friday’s Live Event

One-half of the TNA Tag Team Champions Davey Richards reportedly suffered a broken leg at Friday’s TNA live event in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Richards was taken away from The Wolves vs. Devon and Mr. Anderson and replaced by Abyss early in the match.

Richards was rushed to a local hospital and determined to have a broken fibula.

There’s no word yet on how long he will be out of action.

Richards tweeted:

(Source: PWInsider)

  • codys moustache

    He’s pretty cool about it.
    Why didn’t wwe snap this guy up (excuse the pun)

    • Justin

      Supposedly he doesn’t want to work for WWE, TNA allows him to wrestle on a larger stage, while still letting him keep his day job as an EMT, which he still loves doing.

      • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

        He may like his day job, but he doesn’t work for WWE because he was not offered a deal. Correctly, or incorrectly, WWE felt that he was good, but they already had several people on their roster that could do the same thing. Personally, I think they were right to pass on him and let him continue working for someone eles. If he’s ever turns out to be a big deal they will still be able to sign him

  • Justin

    Danm, tough break