Top TNA Wrestler Finishes Up With The Company, Already Taking Independent Bookings previously reported how AJ Styles could be done with TNA soon and word is that both sides are still far apart on money. Styles’ contract extension with TNA expires on December 16th. As of December 17th, Styles is a free agent and has already begun taking independent bookings through Bill Behrens at

Unless something changes in the next few days, Styles will not be back in TNA. He officially finished up with TNA at last week’s Impact Wrestling tapings for episodes that will air in 2014. Word is that it’s a situation where TNA just couldn’t offer Styles what he had been earning and he wouldn’t agree to a lesser deal feeling that he has been a major part of the heart and soul of TNA.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • John Knopick

    Hopefully if he does decide to try the WWE Waters, they won’t completely bury him on the mid-card. He’s bringing tons of skills to the table, and there could be some interesting feuds if he’s packaged correctly. Only time will tell.

  • Nick Mancuso

    I would buy any PPV with Punk vs Styles or Bryan vs Styles…. even if the main event was Cena vs Michael Cole