Top WWE Superstar Possibly Injured On Monday’s WWE Raw

As seen during Monday’s RAW main event, Money In the Bank winner Seth Rollins was clotheslined to the floor by Roman Reigns and landed bad on his knee. Rollins clutched his knee and wasn’t shown on camera after that.

A fan in attendance send word that the referee threw up the sign for an injury and WWE medics were checking on Rollins. The fan noted that Rollins looked to be in a lot of pain. We will keep you updated on his condition.

  • Rae

    No, he landed wrong in the ring when he went to dive on Roman from the top rope and Roman sidestepped him. Watch it again, you see him land badly, instantly hop in pain and book it out of the ring. He couldn’t even make it halfway up the ramp before collapsing by the barricade.

  • FlawlessRKO

    Looks like the Ambrose-Rollins match is out.

    • Crystal Sonntag

      I doubt it. These two will battle through it

      • FlawlessRKO

        Dean attack/injury was part just of the story; Seth’s injury wasn’t. Their match is up in the air and in danger of being cancelled.

  • Crystal Sonntag

    Ok so Dean is hurt and now Seth is too…Battleground is going to be interesting with neither of them at 100%.

    • FlawlessRKO

      Dean wasn’t injured he just got beat up in storyline and we would’ve seen him at the end of Raw had Seth not legitimately injured his knee.

  • thatpj

    Seems legit since that finish was hella awkward

  • Jesse Reid

    Aaaannndd there goes the most exciting match at Battleground

    • Jared Mosher

      Still have y2j and wyatt

      • Jesse Reid


  • Paul Petit-Frere

    Ambrose-Rollins Battle Ground match is up in the air, shit !

  • Laurence

    Real shame as Ambrose vs Rollins is the only attractive match and feud right now. If Rollins is out maybe they can put Ambrose in the four way for the title.