Updated: WWE Total Divas Star Cameron Involved In Twitter Beef With A Fake Sid Vicious

A fake “Sycho” Sid Vicious account got into it with WWE Total Divas co-star Cameron. PWMania.com can confirmed and update that the Sid Vicious account that tweeted Cameron is a fake.

The Troll acting as Sid noted that he hasn’t seen the show, but “doesn’t watch shows involving Divas discussing their poor feminine hygiene.” He then tagged Cameron in one of his tweets, insisting that she won’t go far in the business. He tweeted:

Cameron responded to the fake Sid with several of her catchphrases, but deleted those tweets, “and you are..? Lol #boybye.” This made fans think that it was an official Sid Vicious Twitter account.

The fake Sid continued and responded:

Cameron later posted:

With the fake Sid continuing:

As far as PWMania are aware, all accounts on Twitter claiming to be Sid are fake.