Tough Enough News: Contestants Revealed, Yoga Used, More

With the debut of WWE Tough Enough just a few weeks away (the night after WrestleMania), we’ve got some new details on the men and women who will be competing on the show.

WWE held a ‘media day’ at the Tough Enough house, with reporters from newspapers, magazines and other media outlets present. IGN’s Matt Fowler noted on Twitter that yoga was being used in the Tough Enough warm up sessions, which is likely inspired by trainer Trish Stratus, who has her own yoga studio in Toronto.

WWE issued a press release a few weeks ago announcing that there would be 12 contestants, but recent commercials on the USA Network say that there will be 14.

Here are the first 9 confirmed contestants:

Rima Fakih: Current Miss USA and a longtime WWE fan who hosted RAW last year.

Matt Cross: Known on the independents as M-Dogg 20 and has worked for years on the independents for Ring of Honor and others. Debuted in 2001 and worked a tag team match against Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins on a 2010 episode of WWE Superstars.

Christina Crawford: Former FCW Diva and sister of RAW Diva Alicia Fox.

Bobby Robinson: Known on the Maine independent scene as Golden Boy. Word is that he can be seen in the Tough Enough commercial saying he will do whatever it takes to get the contract.

Erik Watts: A California independent wrestler with the nickname Big Nasty.

Juliet The Huntress: 22-year-old independent wrestler based out of Chicago. She’s Puerto Rican and made her pro wrestling debut back in 2005.

Ryan Howe: Known as “The Rock ‘n Rebel” Diamond Steel – He is the guy with long blonde in the Tough Enough promo commercial who Steve Austin says he doesn’t like his hair.

Andy Levine: 23-year-old former lineman for Florida International University and priority agent with the Miami Dolphins. Has wrestled on the independent scene.

Mickael Zaki: 26-year-old from New Jersey (now living in Tampa) with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a degree in criminal justice. He has spent the past two years competing on the independent wrestling circuit.