Traditional Championship Wrestling Report – January 11, 2014

The Empire took Col. Parker to task to start us out, claiming that his plans were, essentially, futile. This was an intense promo to set up the major main event for the evening, where the company is on the line. If only all business transactions worked out that way, then maybe the corporate world would interest the public.

Americos vs. Kincaid w/ Boyd Bradford – TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

This was another good match between these two that featured a more traditional move set throughout, for both men. This bout didn’t have the same fire that their previous efforts were notable for, but the action on display was aptly-performed. The psychology was sound enough, but wasn’t strong enough to truly engage the viewer, as the former matches in their series have been able to do. That all said, they were able to pick up the pace by the end to finish this bout on a high note… with a new champion!

Winner: Kincaid- AND NEW TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion

Genetic Perfection w/ Rich Rude vs. The Hounds From Hell w/Boyd Bradford –TCW Tag Team Championships Match

This was a solid back and forth match-up, with a proper pace that let everyone get their spots in. What we had all throughout here was a brawl, pure and simple. No attempt was made to mimic the tag team worlds more boundless duos and no apologies were made for the kind of action on display. It was refreshing to see this kind of tag team match and it should be said that, at least in the context of the modern wrestling world, this kind of match is quite the bold decision. I didn’t feel like I was watching a match-up produced on an assembly line, nor was anything that lay before me revolutionary; it was simply a brutal slobber- knocker. This one ended by what appeared to be referee stoppage, as Boyd being slammed through a table put the exclamation point on the match-up dissolving into “uncharted territory”, if you catch my meaning.

Winner: ???

Col. Parker tried to rally his troops, with Shane Williams, Scott Phoenix and Americos all saying what TCW means to them. Then, TOMMY DREAMER gave an impassioned promo, claiming that it’s time for these guys to stand up for wrestling and to stand up to power-hungry promoters like Paul Heyman, Dixie Carter and Triple H. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to say that about all three, but it certainly does have some truth to it, to say the least.

Main Event: Team TCW (Tommy Dreamer, Shane Williams, Americos, Scott Phoenix) vs. The Empire (Tim Storm, Steve Anthony, Greg Anthony, Matt Riviera– Elimination Tag Team Match for the control of TCW

This was an enjoyable bout that kept the action moving along nicely and the excitement just as much. The action was crisp in many places and the top prospects for TCW’s future really came through here to drive home the importance of this main event. As the match reached its final moments, the action focused on Dreamer, who, even at 42, is still capable of captivating a crowd of any size. Every wrestler should watch Tommy and learn from someone who has made the most out of so little for 25 years. If you can engage people the way he does, then wrestling is indeed a career you can make a living on. As Tommy got everyone, from fan to employee alike, to beat down Greg Anthony, the lights went out and a mystery man appeared and took out Tommy, allowing Riviera to pin the wrestling legend. Our mystery attacker was none other than LANCE HOYT, who helped secure The Empire’s corporate takeover.

Winners: The Empire – AND NEW Owners of TCW

Like with my Championship Wrestling from Hollywood report a few days ago, this broadcast is one of the best I’ve seen since I began these reviews. I’m interested to see if they can make this new phase of The Empire’s storyline intriguing or not and certainly hope that they do, as wrestling doesn’t need another bad version of this angle.

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon with more from TCW.