Traditional Championship Wrestling Report – September 23, 2013

Welcome to my first official report for PWMania on the indy circuit promotion, Traditional Championship Wrestling. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

This week’s episode was hosted by Matt Rhodes as he recapped the top feuds and angles that are happening in TCW.

1. Titan vs. Alan Steel (I could be wrong, as I’m only recently learning some of the names)

2. Kincaid vs. John Saxon

3. Genetic Perfection vs. The Hounds from Hell

4. Americos vs. The Empire

5. Tim Storm’s heel turn

Each feud/angle was recapped nicely, with each video lasting about seven or eight minutes. We also had some promos with the likes of Tim Storm, Scott Phoenix and The Hounds from Hell that were all well delivered.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much else to mention this time out, so I’ll take this chance to give you my overall opinion of TCW. I like TCW, but feel that the promotion is trying too hard to be a major name, when it should just focus on being a good wrestling promotion. TCW is one of many companies that attempt to walk the fine line between “sports-entertainment” and pro wrestling and it just doesn’t work. Look upon TNA’s failings and take heed, because if you try to cater to a crowd that doesn’t have an interest in anything but WWE, then you won’t gain an audience. The only way for any wrestling company to move forward is to embrace the “rasslin” attitude that Vince McMahon has shunned. If you want to be the torch-bearer for all of professional wrestling, then be about wrestling. To make such a pledge means that you must abandon the soap opera mentality that everyone else has adopted because they feel it’s the quick and easy dollar. If you take the less traveled road, then you’ll ultimately get to where you need to go in no time, because almost no one is on that road with you.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have you back, next time.