Triple H On Bruno Sammartino’s Induction, SmackDown Viewership, The Rock, Be A STAR

– WWE published an article about Bruno Sammartino being inducted in this year’s Hall of Fame class. Triple H commented on Bruno’s induction and stated that he loves the history of the business.

“To look back on the history of WWE, one of the most important figures in the long story of where this all came from wasn’t recognized. And that was Bruno.”

– Last Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown averaged 2.973 million viewers. The previous week’s show scored a 2.08 cable rating and averaged 3.029 million viewers.

– Stephanie McMahon, Kofi Kingston, Layla and Hornswoggle took part in a Be A STAR Rally earlier today at Hope-Hill Elementary School in Atlanta, GA.

– You can vote for The Rock’s “Got Milk?” Super Bowl commercial at The Wall Street Journal at this link.