Triple H Comments On Firing Cody Rhodes, Cody’s Profile Moved To Alumni, WWE Raw

– WWE executive Triple H tweeted the following on Tuesday morning explaining his decision to “fire” Cody Rhodes on RAW:

Cody Rhodes’ Superstar profile has since been moved to the alumni section of the WWE website.

– The Des Moines Register has an article up looking at Monday night’s WWE RAW, the first time WWE held a show in Des Moines since 2010.

  • Faulty Wiring

    what’s best for everyone is a cop out….ratings will keep dropping people don’t like the bullying storylines and the same endings on raw week after week

    • manny

      Your right i agree the rateings will drop. Big time

    • ray

      You are correct! The what’s best for everyone is a cop out and the ending of raw are getting stale.

    • Jordan Burns

      Are you kidding me? The heels are actually getting heat and not being cheered for once! The massive underdog in Daniel Bryan really does get the chance to prove himself as the face of the WWE. I’ve enjoyed Raw with this new angle, it seems like a new era has begun, like the PG Era is over. Raw has the unpredictability that it used to have, and that’s what the fans want.

      What you obviously don’t seem to grasp is the fact that every time they beatdown Daniel Bryan, he gets more sympathy and becomes more over with the crowd, which in the end is good for business, no pun intended.

      • GaShane14

        This^ I can’t believe any1 isn’t digging Raw ! The best it’s been in YEARS!!!!!!

      • Geoff

        The storylines will only remain fresh if the babyfaces come back strong and come out on top in between episodes, which is not happening right now. This isn’t 2003 where the booking was strong enough to keep the bullying story going so it is starting to get stale and the ratings will tell it.

  • Jonathan Baylor

    Since Triple H began the COO he has become a power hungry. Do whats right for business I dont think so. He is a sellout.

    • jay day

      you know its fake right

  • gavin

    triple h should make a wwe no dq match