Triple H Explains Why His Family Doesn’t Appear On WWE TV, Alicia Fox & Lilian Garcia

– While there have been numerous instances of family members of WWE wrestlers being involved in storylines over the years, those related to Triple H—aside from the McMahons—have never been spotlighted. According to the executive and part-time wrestler, he plans to keep it that way.

Speaking to WWE Magazine, Triple H revealed that his family is completely off-limits from appearing on television. He said, “One thing about me: I don’t put my family in anything, I feel like there’s a line that you have to draw. There is a lot of personal exposure, and that exposure can be harmful. So when you open that door, you can’t be upset when someone comes in. You just have to be careful how much you open the door.”

– On behalf of WWE and Susan G. Komen’s Partnership to end breast cancer, Alicia Fox and Lilian Garcia are appearing today at the Super Bi-Lo at Verdae Village in Greenville, South Carolina, by mobile mammograms units.

  • Shortstack

    I really don’t nor could I care less about what HHH has to say I do not appreciate him and his wonderful wife Stephanie ruining and running wwe into the ground with the way they are both running the show Vince Mc Mahon will not be so proud he will just be broken hearted

    • ppl like u are very mental

      You do know it’s just a storyline right?