Triple H Hypes Paige vs. Emma At WWE NXT Arrival, The Ross Report Update, JBL & Cole

– Triple H revealed another poster for NXT Arrival, this one featuring Women’s Champion Paige and #1 contender Emma. He tweeted:

– Next week’s guest on Jim Ross’ The Ross Report will be Steve Austin for part 2 of their interview. Ross noted that after Austin, his guests will be Canadian sports announcer and commentator Mauro Ranallo, Trish Stratus and Mick Foley.

– The latest JBL & Michael Cole radio show is now online at this link. In this episode they discuss global warming, Derek Jeter, Congress, Comcast and more.

  • 315fedowl

    WWE would be better off is HHH took a behind-the-scenes role. Every time he sticks his big nose and arrogant smirk into the light, people recoil in horror. He has some good ideas, but he should NEVER be seen in public again, including the web. The sight of HHH drives people away.

  • George Solorio

    I love how all you unemployed WWE wannabe bookers just trash talk WWE for every single thing. shut your mouth & enjoy

    • Bryan Thomas

      Well you’re trash talking the trash talkers which doesn’t make you seem any better. Plus these people have the right to call it like they see it. And if it sucks, then it sucks. And yea i know, i know “well if it sucks, then why do they continue to watch” because when you love something that you’re discontent with,there’s alway that hope that it might get better.

      • George Solorio

        Of course I trash talk.. that’s what the internet is for. I just can’t comprehend people who see one little ass thing that they don’t like and they Immediately say WWE never does anything right… that’s a stupid thing to say.

        • Bryan Thomas

          I wouldn’t necessarily say that they NEVER do anything right. They’re finally pushing someone who is super skilled in cesaro, and everyone can’t be at the top, but with the exception of daniel bryan and cesaro, there are other guys who need an opportunity to to either sink or swim. In my opinion i don’t think any up and coming wrestler should be forced down our thoats, they each should get the same sink or swim push that titus o’neil is getting. Just at separate times.

          • George Solorio

            Those guys all have to push themselves. every successful guy went out and got himself over (IE) Brian, Punk, Austin, Cena, Bret, Shawn, HHH

            I assume its like any other place, you might be the hardest worker ever but the boss will give the promotion to whoever gets in their ear. Just the way it works all the time.

            The boss is gonna like one or two guys and he will want to hand them the keys cause he wants to believe in them.

            Thats when other employees will have to fight, crawl, etc to get to the boss and say ME! ME!

            …..I don’t know why im explaining it lol I assumed everyone knew.

          • Bryan Thomas

            That’s why i said a sink or swim push. Give the wrestler the opporunity to control his destiny, if he can get himself over with the fans then he deserves it. If not then he sinks. This is what titus o’neil is getting right now. A chance to put himself over. But whether he suceeds or fails is in his own hands.

    • Bryan Thomas

      I do usually agree with everything you say because i know you’re not some bonehead fan.

  • James Humwood

    They better have Paige win not saying emma is bad but Paige is a better wrestler and in my opinion hotter lol. I don’t watch nxt much who has the better mic skills?

  • Nick Mancuso

    Just got a massive boner looking at that poster…… For the wrestling…. I swear… Ok for Paige and Emma…. but for the wrestling too