Triple H Q&A Highlights: Who Would He Face From NXT?, Tyler Breeze, Adrian Neville, More

Here are some highlights from Triple H’s Twitter Q&A this afternoon to promote WWE NXT Arrival:

Would you consider Arrival the WrestleMania of NXT? everyone here has been saying it feels just like a WrestleMania. So, I would say yes.

If you could face anyone from NXT, who would it be? good question. I would have to say Neville and Zayn. Both awesome. Future of #WWE.

Can we expect to see some talent move up to the main roster soon after tonight? it’s all about timing and making sure it’s the right moment to succeed.

What do you think of Tyler Breeze? always had the talent. Finally found the formula. I see big things in his future.

Would you encourage your daughters to go into the wrestling business? I would support anything they wanted to do. If it’s WWE, then absolutely!

Do you train any of the rookies or have any favorites? work with them as much as I can when I’m here. No favorites. Want them all the succeed.

Why isn’t Adrian Neville on RAW? when he has the most chance to succeed, he will be.

What is the most innovating and compelling aspect of the WWE Performance Center? from a learning and safety stance, the crash pad ring will add years to careers!

What do you think is most important to have first – the look, the mic skills or in-ring ability? I would take charisma over anything. It is the one thing you can’t teach.

Can we get a Best of NXT DVD? once we have enough to fill one. BTW it’s called @WWENetwork

Is NXT the only platform WWE will look at talent or will you still keep an eye on the indies? we look for talent any place, any time, any where!

  • Bryan Thomas

    I could’ve sworn i read something recently that pretty stated that there’s some ppl pushing for chris hero to come back

    • Mordecai

      Maybe, but to be honest, Hero is better off in the indy’s. Any show he does, he’ll be at the top of card. Plus, I expect a great year from ROH. He’s a huge asset there.

  • James Humwood

    Lol he just had to push the network but am glad he is giving these guys a chance I hate HHH but he’s doing good with development way better than vince that’s for sure vince only cares about size

    • Mordecai

      NXT has become Hunter’s little sand box where he’s able to pick out his favorite toys before hand to show off to the rest of the world. From now on, everyone brought up will only be those he likes and who has a gimmick he created.

      But to be fair, he did a great job with Shield and Wyatt’s. I think he has a great mind for the business. I just hope he doesn’t have tunnel vision like Vince. And his on air character gets old fast. Or maybe I’m just tired of the bad guy boss gimmick.

  • Mordecai

    No NXT: arrival play by play tonight??

  • James Humwood

    the question should of been if you could bury anyone on nxt who would it be? xD