Triple H Takes Shot At CM Punk, Negative Crowd Reaction At WWE Raw, SummerSlam Latest

– It was noted at Monday night’s RAW that there was no footage of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker in the video package that Paul Heyman presented, showing Taker’s recent WrestleMania matches against people Brock Lesnar has dominated. It was also said that Triple H’s line to Daniel Bryan about “not taking your ball and going home” was a shot at Punk.

– Before Monday night’s RAW in San Antonio began, WWE made a mistake and got a big negative reaction from the crowd when they aired the Miami Heat video of LeBron James giving his teammates WWE Title replicas. San Antonio is home to Heat rivals the Spurs and this didn’t go over well with the crowd.

– WWE’s 2014 SummerSlam pay-per-view is almost sold out. As of Monday, only single tickets were available.

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  • cj

    HHH is obviously still bothered by the fact that Punk doesn’t consider facing him at WM is a main event type of deal. I understand that Punk did walk out on everybody, but HHH & Stephanie are coming off as obsessed with taking shots at Punk, who probably isn’t watching anyway, as well as trolling his fans. The Punk situation got old quick imo.

  • Bryan Thomas

    They’re obviously more heart broken than they’re letting on if they’re still taking shots at him. He could blast them all over social media if he wanted. But he’e not. Punk is the bigger man

  • Ellsworth Allah

    punk should look at d bryan n say that could have been me

    • PeytonPetrelli

      imo the Yes movement wouldn’t have been as big if punk hadn’t walked out. I also think punk doesn’t mind that at least Bryan got something out of it

  • TheUndertaker21

    Don’t Cry Babe

  • Monty605

    Yeah because Punk is the 1st one to ever take his ball and go home. Fucking get over it IWC. Boohoo so one wrestler went and left because he felt he was bigger than what was planned. Bollocks to him and focus on what is left. don’t like it? Fuck off and go watch something else then. You won’t be missed!!!

    • Mr Slippyfist

      Stone Cold walked out. JR actually used the phrase..”took his ball and went home”when it happened.

      I will say, RAW is boring with Punk gone. imo.