Triple H Talks About Next Monday’s WWE Raw Main Event, Kane Attacking Daniel Bryan & More has published their latest interview between Triple H and Michael Cole. Triple H called the John Cena vs. Randy Orton match set for Monday’s RAW an “epic main event.” He added that big things are expected for the match.

Regarding why Kane attacked Daniel Bryan on RAW, Triple H said Kane was just defending himself. He says there will be an internal investigation to determine if Kane made a mistake in his job.

Triple H praised Bryan’s performance on RAW and said he expected Orton to have a better performance.

  • Bryan Thomas

    If that’s suppose to be an epic main event, and this is suppose to put an epic year, then i’m real worried

    • Mario Cardone

      right? and I understand it’s storyline… but for HHH to say kane was defending himself, seriously this is like watching a childs show. They treat their viewers like a bunch of kids, but then again….. /smh

      • Bryan Thomas

        One thing that i find insulting and……it’s rather small….. but when they show us how to download the app every single week lol even kids know how to work smart phones

        • smark

          are you dumb, they are just advertising the app. Get over it, no matter how much you whine about it , cole wont stop. So why bother

          • Bryan Thomas

            If you seen the lol in my comment then you should be smart enough to realize that i’m not serious. You’re dismissed

  • Hosep

    how is that an epic main event? We have seen it 49583745987345 times…

  • Raihan Khan

    since he said epic i cant wait to see cz something big gonna happen like the wyatts screw cena