Triple H Talks About Seth Rollins Turning On The Shield, Batista Quitting, Reigns & Ambrose

– Check out Michael Cole’s latest sitdown interview with Triple H. Below are some highlights:

* Triple H says he’s great and has had an awesome week. Regarding Batista, Triple H says that’s what he does is quit things and this probably won’t be the last time. Triple H says he hopes Hollywood works out because he knows Batista well enough to know that he doesn’t have a plan B.

* Triple H says he said the feud would be over when The Shield is no more and he won, he always wins.

* Triple H says Seth Rollins was always the brains of The Shield. He says Rollins was the architect from day one. Cole thought Rollins might be here for the interview. Triple H says he doesn’t control Rollins but says he will be on Friday’s SmackDown to open the show and explain why he did what he did.

* Cole asked if he’s concerned about Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Triple H isn’t worried and says he knows what The Shield can do but The Shield doesn’t exist anymore. He says Seth Rollins adapted and The Shield perished.

  • Bryan

    This is kind of coming off as a set up. As in the the shield have conspired this incident. Maybe i’m wrong.

    • FlawlessRKO

      Dean Ambrose’s face should tell everyone that it’s not a set up/ruse.

      • jmull

        That might work if wrestling was real life.

    • jmull

      I was kinda thinking the same thing. At the very least the Shield should be getting a new member. They can’t just leave things like they are. Either way, it should be good stuff.

      • Bryan

        If seth is really finished then they should split. Seth is replaceable though.

        • jmull

          But that’s the question. Is he a double agent? If he really is done with the Shield then the fun part is seeing who they replace him with, and the Shield/Evolution feud gets to continue for a while (which I love). If he turns on HHH that is good TV too. I hope they find a good spot for Flair.

    • Kayla Kapahu

      no i’m thinking the samething

  • Dave Macleod

    If this is all a set up by The Shield, bravo to them. If not, then it does have the potential to either give each man their chance to go solo, or call up someone from NXT to replace Rollins. I wouldn’t mind seeing Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, or Baron Corbin as potential replacements; if only just to squeeze a little more merchandise sales out of the shirts and masks. Ultimately though, it may just be best to call it a day on the Shield.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I hope Rollins hasn’t aligned himself with Triple H, that would mean we get the same, cheesy, ‘betrayal’ themed storyline we always get and that’s just too overused for me to enjoy anymore.
    Instead, I’m hoping that Rollins is working as a double agent and has not betrayed the Shield, there would be no logic behind it whatsoever. If he has indeed been working as a double agent, this would not only make the storyline more interesting but it would further legitimise how AWESOME the Shield is as a faction. Considering how there really is no more competition for the 3-man unit, I can still see them breaking up very soon.
    However, the way they break up shouldn’t be your typical ‘jealousy/betrayal/hatred/cant-take-it-anymore’ storyline, they should each be seen backstage in the locker room in a tense atmosphere, when Reigns would break it to everyone, that they should try out for singles competition but still have each others backs. Rollins would be upset but understandable, Ambrose however will be annoyed by this decision, yet will have a sinister grin, he will accept the break up. The Shield should break up like this, not like every other typical faction.
    A storyline might occur where, Ambrose turns to Rollins and talks about how he knows he was pretending to be a double agent and all, but he didn’t have to destroy a chair by smashing it on his back, he would then accuse Rollins of getting pleasure out of it, Rollins would deny it and say he’s losing it, they would go back and forth and Ambrose would unleash his true psychopathic nature and feud with Rollins, a fully-fledged babyface (after setting up HHH all along – he is the brains of the Shield after all)
    Ambrose would turn heel.
    Rollins would remain face.
    Reigns would remain face.