Triple H Talks About Shawn Merriman Possibly Joining WWE, John Cena, Batista & Seth Rollins

– reported last week that Triple H mentioned in his NXT Takeover conference call that WWE had been talking to former NFL star Shawne Merriman and that they would love to have him on their team. The Miami Herald features an article up with Triple H’s comments on Merriman. Here’s what Triple H said:

“Shawne has done some analyst work for us, done some stuff for the [WWE] Network. We are having conversations with Shawne, and it’s really going to come down to time and what he wants to do. Shawne expressed to me he had two dreams growing up. One was to be an NFL superstar, and he did that, and the other was to be a WWE superstar. He’s done one, and now he’s heavily contemplating the other. We’re in discussions. So we’ll see what happens, see where it goes. He’s a great guy, an amazing athlete, very smart, and we’d love to have him.”

– John Cena met 18 year old Katie before Sunday’s WWE Payback pay-per-view in Chicago, thanks to Make-A-Wish. WWE’s Community website has photos of their meeting at this link.

– WWE’s website has a new poll up asking fans what was more shocking on RAW – Batista leaving Evolution or Seth Rollins turning on The Shield. With over 21,000 votes, 89% have voted for Rollins turning.