Triple H Talks About Why He Was Given WWE COO Responsibilities

Triple H spoke with Michael Cole during a storyline interview about why he was given the responsibilities as WWE COO.

“Why am I the person that was chose to do that?” Triple H asked, in regards to being appointed COO. “Ask Vince McMahon. Was it because I was the best candidate? Because I have the best mind for the business? Whatever that reason is… it doesn’t change the fact that I’m the COO of this company and I am charged with making those decisions.”

Triple H also discussed his feud with Daniel Bryan and noted that what he was doing was best for the company.

  • Ozil is a Boss

    Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because you are smashing the boss’ daughter?

  • Alessandra

    GOSH, this story line is getting old. It was good the first 2 episodes now it is getting ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The last six episodes of WWE has ended with Randy Orton standing over Daniel Bryan. GEEZ! Reason why ratings are dropping? FYI- Daniel Bryan is a better wrestler then Randy Orton. YES YES YES YES!!

    • GaShane14

      4 the love of alll things rasslin STOP WATCHING THEN

  • Geoff

    Triple H’s got two catchphrases.
    2003 – I’m that damn good.
    2013 – Best for business