Triple H Talks Physical Hall Of Fame Building, Ric Flair’s Ex-Wife Turns Herself Into Police


- WWE Superstar Triple H spoke to the Orlando Business Journal about WWE thinking beyond a physical Hall of Fame building to more of a “big attraction” that includes a Hall of Fame. Hunter said:

“I don’t want a Hall of Fame or some other attraction to just be something where people see some guy’s shorts. We are the WWE and we are big, so whatever we do needs to be the same. If I were to say what it could be, think of it as something that has shows or live interactive things for fans. For example, something like a 4-D experience where the fan would come face-to-face with a 3-D Andre the Giant – something along that scale.”

– Ric Flair’s ex-wife, Jacqueline Beems, turned herself into police earlier today at the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office today, reports. As reported, Beems was issued an arrest warrant which claimed she harassed Flair’s current girlfriend, Wendy Barlow Kidder (aka “Fifi The Maid”) in October of 2012. Beems was wanted on a misdemeanor charge for allegedly making harassing telephone calls to Kidder. At the time, Flair and Beems were married. is a subscription free website and relies on advertising and donations from people like you. If everyone reading this donates a few dollars, we can be fully funded for another year. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays! - Team =)